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We have decided to not allow anti threads on this board.
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Episode Discussion;
Season 1
Pilot (1x01) / Showmance (1x02) / Acafellas (1x03) / Preggers (1x04)
The Rhodes Not Taken (1x05) / Vitamin D (1x06) / Throwdown (1x07)
Mash-Up (1x08) / Wheels (1x09) / Ballads (1x10) / Hairography (1x11)
Hairography (1x11) #2 / Mattress (1x12) / Sectionals (1x13) / Hell-O (1x14)
The Power of Madonna (1x15) / Home (1x16) / Bad Reputation (1x17)
Laryngitis (1x18) / Dream On (1x19) / Theatricality (1x20) / Funk (1x21)
Journey (1x22)

Season 2
Auditions (2x01) / Britney/Brittany (2x02) / Grilled Cheesus (2x03)
Duets (2x04) / The Rocky Horror Glee Show (2x05)
Never Been Kissed (2x06) / The Substitute (2x07) / Furt (2x08)
Special Education (2x09) / A Very Glee Christmas (2x10)
The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle (2x11) / Silly Love Songs (2x12)
Comeback (2x13) / Blame It On The Alcohol (2x14) / Sexy (2x15)
Original Song (2x16) / A Night of Neglect (2x17) / Born This Way (2x18)
Rumours (2x19) / Prom Queen (2x20) / Funeral (2x21) / New York (2x22)

Season 3
The Purple Piano Project (3x01) / I am Unicorn (3x02) / Asian F (3x03)
Pot O' Gold (3x04) / The First Time (3x05) / Mash-Off (3x06) / I Kissed A Girl (3x07)
Hold On To Sixteen (3x08) / Extraordinary Merry Christmas (3x09) / Yes/No (3x10)
Michael (3x11) / The Spanish Teacher (3x12) / Heart (3x13) / On My Way (3x14)
Big Brother (3x15) / Saturday Night Glee-ver (3x16) / Dance with Somebody (3x17)
Choke (3x18) / Prom-asaurus (3x19) 2 / Props/Nationals (3x20/3x21) /
Goodbye (3x22)

Season 4
The New Rachel (4x01) / Britney 2.0 (4x02) / Makeover (4x03) / The Break Up (4x04)
The Role You Were Born to Play (4x05) / Glease (4x06) / Dynamic Duets (4x07)
Thanksgiving (4x08) / Swan Song (4x09) / Glee, Actually (4x10) / Sadie Hawkins (4x11) /
Naked (4x12) / Diva (4x13) / I Do (4x14) / Girls (And Boys) On Film (4x15) / Feud (4x16)
Guilty Pleasures (4x17) / Shooting Star (4x18) / Sweet Dreams (4x19)
Lights Out (4x20) / Wonder-Ful (4x21) / All or Nothing (4x22)

Season 5
Love, Love, Love (5x01)

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison)
Rachel Berry (Lea Michele)
Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith)
Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron)
Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley)
Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer)
Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale)
Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz)
Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling)
Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays)
Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)
Terri Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig)
Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr)
Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera)
Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris)
Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet)
Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff)
Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss)
Rory Flanagan (Damian McGinty)
Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin)
Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist)
Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist)
Kitty Wilde (Becca Tobin)
Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies)
Ryder Lynn (Blake Jenner)

Glee Cast and Crew
Dalton Academy Warblers
Carmel High Vocal Adrenaline
Guest Stars

General Friendships
Unconventional & Random Couples

Artie & Brittany
Artie & Tina
Brody & Rachel
Finn & Quinn
Finn & Rachel + Cory & Lea
Jake & Marley
Jesse & Rachel
Kurt & Blaine
Mike & Tina
Puck & Lauren
Puck & Quinn
Puck & Rachel
Ryder & Marley
Sam & Mercedes
Sam & Quinn
Sam & Santana
Santana & Brittany
Santana & Dani
Santana & Quinn
Will & Emma
Will & Terri

Blaine & Tina
Finn & Blaine
Finn & Puck
Finn & Will
Kitty & Ryder
Kurt & Karofsky
Kurt & Mercedes
Kurt & Rachel
Mike & Brittany
Quinn & Santana & Brittany
Rachel & Mercedes
Rachel & Quinn
Rachel & Santana
Sam & Blaine
Sam & Rachel
Will & Sue

Hudson & Hummels: Burt, Kurt, Finn, Carole

Music Videos

Game Threads;
The Hot Seat
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Glee Survivor Thread
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(1) lydia_lovebug {Lydia; California}
(2) SNonFire {Kate}
(4) coutureadore {Mitra; Minnesota}
(6) chasing starlight {Meghan; St Paul, MN}; devexation {Claudia; Canada}; ~*blackXS*~ {Sally; Australia}
(7) Poupa {Sally; Cairo}
(8) BabyJ {Jen; Atlanta}
(12) CarterT {Carter; Cary, NC}; Naya Rivera
(13) Majora's Mask {Court; Australia}
(14) Grant Gustin; Anique {Anique; Holland}
(15) *MaryMgo* {Maria; Milan}
(16) ipickquinn {Joie; Minneapolis}; *kaat* {Kaat; Belguim}
(17) noxinsox {Grace; UK}; brattynemz {nem; Philippines}; dtng4ever {Jessica; Birmingham, Alabama}
(18) Becca Tobin; WoahItsAims {Amy; Scotland}; beebee {Beebee; Australia}
(19) Immortal_Cookie {Laura; Germany}; Maité {Mai; Parana, Argentina}
(20) joesღlovebug {Chelsea; GA}
(21) angelface211 {Natasha; California}
(22) ladybugjess {Jessica; Canada}; sort of beautiful {Terri; York, UK}
(23) Mindhunter {Ana; Brazil}; cbluv {Onyeka; Nigeria}; catkirk7 {Christine; Chicago}; BrucasForever<3 {Sarah; Russell, Kentucky}
(24) -Beth- {Beth; new Jersey}; GooGooGaGa {Elena; Italia}; zerostress {Elena; Italy}
(27) Eveline2525 {Eveline; Brazil}
(28) CookieMonster {Cee; Columbus, OH}
(29) Karma Police {Paula; Poland}; secretlife_lover123 {Mariah; USA}

(1) Heather Morris
(4) Brittmyster {Brittany; NC}
(5) Darren Criss; LG rocks my socks {Shannon; Texas}; gambit78 {Ros; Texas}
(10) Nitsan96 {Nitsan; Israel}
(11) *PassionateJ* {Jess; Florida}; Blondezilla90 {Kathy; Cologne}; hlgreenie {Helen} gLeek91 {Angela; Italy}
(13) Karol {Carol; Brazil}
(15) Amber Riley
(17) Chord Overstreet; endless forms {Amelia; California}
(18) ice_ice_baby {Julie; Seattle}
(19) bluewhiteheart {Hannah; Gothenburg, Sweden}
(25) sparksfly {Rachel; Canada}
(27) _falling_fast_ {Shan; Boston}

(1) Alessia20 {Nikki; Germany}; MissQteeone {Jenny; US}
(2) whenimwithyou {Caro; Buenos Aires, Argentina} breathe you in (Meltem;Netherlands)
(3) Sacred86 {Yasmin; Norway}
(4) Natih_Fate {Nat; Brazil}Peyt4Luke4eva {Kate;UK}
(5) only dreaming {Mel; Australia}; BrittyKay247 {Brittany; Orlando, Florida}
(6) darensgirll {Vanessa}
(7) Peyton Scott {Myra; NYC}; kfrancis08 {Kaitlyn;California}; hollowmeadow {Meadow; Sydney, Australia}
(9) Baby-Firecracker {Jayden; Glasgow, Scotland}
(10) CallinMeBlondie {Chrissy; New York}
(11) Magpiez {Magie; Minnesota}
(12) starslightup {Caitlyn; California}; ♥SweetBettyRose♥ {Shari; new York}
(15) SilentMuse_x {Jessica; Philippines}
(21) breakingdawn_ {Audrey; Manitoba}; blueangelrei {Jenica; Philippines}
(23) sit_spin {Brittany; Raleigh, NC}
(24) cass-xo {Cassidy;Canada}
(26) Jonathan Groff
(27) Serena Grey-Mars {Stephanie; California}, so·lil·o·quy {Candice; France}
(28) pookiepookie {Nihad}
(30) blarchie23 {Melissa; Massachusetts} Cookie {Rachel;Norway}
(31) zuisa {Jacki; Boston, MA}

(1) Peacock {Samantha; Florida/Wisconsin}
(2) falling is like this {Jess; Denver}
(6) Santana Lopez {Ellie; UK}
(8) -FoolInTheRain- {Shelly; Canada}; FlipDown12 {Courtney, West Virginia}
(9) Mylla Evans {Kamylla; Brazil}; silver lining {Kat; London}
(11) halo_paramore {Roselle}; QTPie41184 {Jen; Belleville, MI, USA} ; Chareey (Charlotte; England}
(15) walkin' with a ghost {Rita; Cambridge} classictvfan91 {Jennifer; California}
(16) JesseP_Break_Me {Anji; USA}; tara is music {Tara; Farmingdale, NJ};ღAwake And Aliveღ {Anna; Nish, Serbia}
(17) dzny17 {Lauren; California}; lisegurl {Lise; New Zealand}; herecomesARIANE {Ariane; Canada}; BrokenxDoll {Mimi; Holland}
(18) Crystaline {Crystal; new York}
(22) ♥ Laura ♥ {Laura, Wales, UK}; buffyandspike4ever {Nikki; California}; Aruma {Ari; Mexico}; Videl-Chan {Aurélie; Belgium}; coinoperated_girl {Deb; California}
(23) HaleyJamesFan {Chrissy; Canada}, ♥Araminta♥ {Shabi; Iran}
(24) the_aprilpie {Pelin; Izmir, Turkey}
(25) StarrySkies {Jen; Alabama}; Pixie B {Bru; Brazil}; maiarj {Cassia; Brazil}
(27) *Aurore* {Aurore; France}
(28) Jenna Ushkowitz; Harry Shum Jr; caroline103 {Caroline; Philadelphia}
(29) Creativity {Jennifer; Wisconsin}
(30) sp. {Sara; Portugal}; Dianna Agron; forever young {Cass; Indiana}

(1) SugarTown {Kerry; England}; Beatriz {Madrid, Spain}
(2) Sweet_Carolina {Stephanie; Pittsburgh}; simply because {Kristy}; Eratko {Natalia; Poland}; human like you {Mel; Belgium}
(3) frenchgleek {Clemence; France}
(6) d3wberry {Kay; Vancouver}; FinnHudsonLuvr {Jessie; Myrtle Beach}
(7) Adie010 {Adie; California}; Gleek4shizzle {Bruno;Brazil}
(9) Can't Regret♥{Vette; Wisconsin, USA}; littlemissclumsy {Rebecca, Scotland}
(10) lkwreader {Lauren; Montgomery, NJ} Deel? {Hadeel ; Toronto}
(11) Cory Monteith
(13) tjtangles {Tania; Australia}
(15) valeposh {Valentina}
(16) broken|smile {Sheida; Iran}
(17) LoVeToday90 {Evi; Holland}
(18) mrsheetsnthings {Ashley; Illinois} twoacross {Megan,Texas}
(20) murphyboy11 {Jordan; Canada}
(21) daritah {Adara; Brazil}; BBDrizzle {Ema; Portugal}
(22) ~♥~CrazyInLove~♥~ {Ju; Brazil}; raincarlove {Emily; Ohio}
(23) Enigma {Mel; Houston}; catchxfireflies {Geneva; New York}
(25) LouBeth {Beth; Ireland} Queen J & The Dark Prince {Pia; Ohio}
(26)JuliesCupcake {Julie;Denmark}
(27) baileycat {Amy; Ontario}; Heartattack&Vine {Evan; Michigan}; nikki009 {Nikki; California}; Chris Colfer; xmidway {Sarah; Brazil}
(28) *Stacy* {Stacy; Arizona}
(30) Dricks {Dricks; Brazil}; Metaphors_Are_Important {Kylie; USA}

(1) finn-berry {Taylor; Florida}
(2) ElectricHearts {Jasmine; Vancouver}; lasha4god {Delise; Assonet, Ma}; ~Cassie... {Cassie, Ohio}
(3) ale-la-pazza1 {Alessia; Italy} in.rainbows {Valentina; Italy}
(4) music_junkierules {Steph; Los Angeles}; slowly fading {Sheils; California}; Amy {Amy; England}
(6) victoriafrances {Victoria; Manchester}; TessShipper {Steffi; Germany}; Jean0524 {Megan; San Francisco, California}; ||michelle|| {Michelle; Hamilton, ON Canada}
(9) xlennie {Heleen; Holland}; Shye_Shine {Shye; Cleveland, OH}
(10) fides10 {Fides; Philippines}
(11) my pretty dancer {Jessica, USA}; BreanBamonFan {Quin; New York} ; karevluvsstevens85 {Nikki; New Jersey}
(12) frodobaggins07 {Lisa; Minnesota}; *~*Rach*~* {Rach; York, England}; TV fan xx {Amber; Ohio}
(13) Puck's Girl {Jenna; Poland}
(14) Kevin McHale ; DUHsoTK {Teresa; Australia}; Dingbat {Amy; Canada}; Cindy {Cindy; Michigan}; ChinaTequilia {Ashton}
(15) lalatina15 {Joa; new York City}; Miss Vienna Jones {Laura; Germany}
(16) liv3inlov3 {Alexia; Manila, PI} gabster {Gabby; Marlton, New Jersey}
(17) ~Phoenix~ {Emma; England}; BL.Arinna_1982 {Arinna, Bulgaria}
(18) Krissaay {Krissy; Germany}
(19) WeaselToTheFace {Bethany; Burnsville, Minnesota} firefliesCB {Leticia; Brazil}
(20) wag1000 {Bernadette; Australia}
(21) catch0621 {Catch; Philippines}; missingOTH {Rachel; Canada}; todayistheday {Kristen; USA}
(22) sevendaysmile {Lauren; Rhode Island}; munalamis {Muna; California}; Ice_Whisper {Crissy; Boston}
(23) hann {Hannah; Florida}; Arquellania {Cass; new York}
(25) neonbliss {Kat; Canada}; revolution. {Vicki; Michigan}; Dani. {Danni; Argentine}; xslayagex {Neringa; Lithuania}
(26) shippercrazy {Emma; England} *OldHollywoodStarlet* {Tara;USA}
(28) pattywack {Pat; Australia}
(29) eiluvial {Emily; Toronto}; carly-hope {Carly; Bratislava, Slovakia (Central Europe)}; lennylove {Maria; Seinäjoki , Finland}; smarter {Kim; California}
(30) _mila_ {Camila; Brazil}

(1) emzandnaomifan {Sam; London} fallinrain {Kim; Washington}
(2) Hogglebee {Holly; England}; Im_A_Wheelie {Jennifer; Georgia}
(3) corsettes {Pamela; Austria} ; kristy_spb {Kristina; Russia}
(4) Tugi {Ana; Portugal}
(5) SpiSpi {Sara; Ireland}; secrets.{Cassie; Italy}
(6) taysgurl {Connie; SC}
(8) gingerellixx {Gina; Mexico City}; DefineDelicate {Tiff;USA}
(9) Daydreamer09 {Anne; Netherlands}
(10) Mei Zhuo {Fla; Philippines}; aroha_glee {Aroha; Spain}; Mister Corazon {Marcus; Boston, Mass.}; sethamgal {Petra; Melbourne, Australia}
(12) sweetxmisery {Jaje; Philadelphia}
(14) Slytherin Queen {Vanessa; Canada}; Jane Lynch
(15) secretfan222 {Valerie; Brooklyn} MelanieErdelyi {Mel; Vermont}
(16) ashkashbgash {Ashton; California}; Jayma Mays
(19) littlelexipedia {Vicky; UK}
(21) Vanessa Lengies; smile4me06 {Hilary; Texas}
(22) worththeriskx {Samantha;Michigan}
(23) Bre723 {Bre; Portland, OH}
(24) heavenonearth24 {Artur; Portugal}; Umgirl {Hannah; Michigan}
(26) BlueBabyDoll {Kaitlyn; Massachusetts}; marikela_s {Mari; Tbilisi,Georgia}; watchingmewatchingyou {Bex; Enköping, Sweden}
(28) Gotapenname {Keirsten; Scarbrough}; martha(brucas&jeyton) {Martha; Ohio} ; FinchelFan728 {Simone; Ohio}
(29) Callalily {Calla, Atlanta, GA}
(30) L&P.Scott {Deanna; Australia}
(31) lana86 {Viviane; Switzerland}

(1) meatwood {Kyra; Oslo, Norway}
(3) BlairBass23 {Maddie; Oklahoma} Candy_Van (Vanessa;Brazil}
(4) tushtush {Tushara; England}
(5) NattyPatty {Natalie; Canberra, Australia} CosmicLove {Brooke,Oklahoma} }
(6) AAVaria {Nila; Australia}; starzscarme {Beth; Michigan}; SunnyHunny123456789 {Lisa; England}; Soledad91 {Erica; Montreal, Canada}
(7) stellalovesLP {Stella; Spain}
(8) own worst enemy {Ken; new York}; xelanoops {Ana; Australia}; Gabriela; ~Amanda~ {Amanda; Ontario, Canada}; stopthenrewind {Steph; Philippines}
(9) silver screens {Tar; Sao Paulo, Brazil}; nemapasara {Nala; Toronto, Canada}
(10) onlywicked_rest {Lauri; California}; InTheClouds {Megan; Ottawa}
(11) lil stew {Coleen; Philippines}
(13) -Louise- {Louise; England}; ExOhErin {Erin; Missouri}; shehasnotime {PJ; Toronto}
(14) CClar832 {Caroline; Cape Cod, MA}; myys_PL {Mary; Poland}; blue sky blues {Jory, Detroit, Michigan}; Piper~ {Kaleigh; Omaha, Nebraska}
(15)GemTheEnglishRose {Gemma;England}
(16) ღmaybe this time {Casey; new Hampshire}
(17) Mark Salling ; queenbellevue {Sammie; Vietnam}
(18) Dancing-Monkey18 {Sumerra; Los Angeles}
(19) Mushkah {Megan; Canada}; Rinslet {Hannah; Vancouver}
(20) jules! {Jules; Australia}; Only_meee {Jenita; Ireland}
(21) foreveralways21 {Leyla; Canada}
(22) mysticgirl916 {Stephanie, Canada}
(23) _alexandragrace {Alexandra; England, UK}
(24) PyschoM {MaryEllen; new York}; Sheebs {Courtney; Minneapolis}
(25) Branwyn_Ruby {Branwyn; UK}
(26) _virgo_ {Aroa; Spain}
(27) Blake Jenner; imaginary light {Grace; Virginia}
(28) Samuel Larsen
(29) Lea Michele ; eleonor {Laura}
(30) jules!{jules;Australia}
(31) romance novel {Kelsea; USA}; PQpwn {Georgia; Iraklio}; dulcebeat {Mari; Texas}

(1) lovatojonas {Lauren; England} natural_disaster {Amy;Oregon}
(2) Kyls {Kylie; Australia}
(3) purplemonkey_love {Becca; California}
(4) Moon-River {Kristen; California}
(5) maja_m&m {Maja; Croatia}
(6) {Jenna; UK}; csi_spy {Gabrielle; Philippines}
(7) madelen {Mad; Finland}
(8) _masquerade_ {Becky; KY}
(9) Ashes0909 {Ashley; Miami, FL}; - bad romance - {Cat; Scotland}; rach_brown {Rachel; England}
(10) Brucas4life {Vicky; UK}
(12) ordinaryday {Jen; Texas}
(14) crazycait714 {Caitlin; Mississippi}
(15) perfectlyscrewed {Ashley; Missouri}
(17) AngelicMouseGirl {Heather; Seattle, WA}
(18) ilaria89 {Ilaria; Italy}; Nessa233 {Vanessa; Germany}; cutie_s18 {Minnie; Philippines} augmented reality. {Rian; Canada}
(19) Squeegee_Beckeinhiem {Sam; Minnesota}; in a daydream {noelle}
(20) McSexie {Sophia; Florida}; *CopperBoom* {Tara; new York City}; niniebou {Aurélie; Helecine, Belgium}; missviolet (Jyoti; England}; juju_b {Julie; Boston}; BrainySmurfette {Orietta; Miami}; Red&Black {Cássia; Portugal}
(22)HopeNeverEnds {Amber;England} ; sailthesky {Rebecca; Bryan}
(23) LP_Symmetry {Jas; GU}; LisaP {Lisa; North Carolina}
(24) caseylovescappie87 {Nicole; Rochester}; ElleGossip {Elle; British Columbia} ; CalamityJ {Michelle; Las Vegas}
(25) Dragonfly {Laurie; Argentina}; klovesnaley {Kristen; Missouri}; Jemistry {Maria; Spain}ImmortallyUsed {Emma;Australia}
(27) DaWsonSReaLJoEy {Mel; Baltimore, MD}
(28) jimeni {Jime; Argentina} Mysteria {Crystal; New York}
(29) Toxic Kisses {Paige; new Jersey}; xXEmmaXx {Emma; US}; hoechlins {Rella; The netherlands}; falling slowly 09 {Alyssa}
(30) Titch22 {Fay; Milton Keynes}

(1) let it be {Jenn; Ontario}; spacegirl23 {Trixie; Southeast Asia}; lipsticklullabies {Charlotte; Canada}
(2) ale_tapia {Ale; Chile}
(4) Melissa Benoist
(5) aprilof06 {Gizem; Austria}
(6) iLoveChair {Nat; Macedonia}; gotiffyourself {Tiffany; NYC}
(8) Elenwyn {Ellie; England} ktwzoe {Zoe; HK}
(9) Mono_man1993 {Sam; NSW, Australia}
(10) Daisykd {Katie; United States}
(11) Amberness {Amber; Philippines}
(12) Libra {Sandy; Australia}; fmjl11 {Katie; IL, USA} caliles213 {Rae}
(14) MissBroadwayGleek {Steph; New Jersey}
(15) Creative Christy {Christy ; Chicago}
(16) Ali Marie {Ali; Palm Bay}
(17) Jacob Artist; pixierock88 {Kimberly}
(20) .just a dream. {Maddie; Florida}; Bookworm3 {Samantha; NY}
(23) Guinevere {Jen; Australia}
(24) Vikkislife {Vikki; United Kingdom}
(25) irulan {Tish; Italy}; Broody23Cheery {Nikki; Canada}ChariceCentral {Danny;Mayaguez,Puerto Rico}
(26) glittergunshot {Sarah; England}
(28) Wynter {Sadia; Edinburgh}
(29) salvatorelover {Sydney;Mississippi}
(30) Matthew Morrison

(1) scabbyabby {Abby; Leeds}; ThankGravity {Sandy}
(2) Caliina {Karin; Sweden}; othgirl32223 {Lauren; Ma}; icygrrl02 {Lyddie; new Jersey}
(3) Lauren Helen Graham {Kristina; Germany}; sweet_christie03 {Christie; Australia} tsforever {Lizy;New Jersey}
(5) Fany93 {Tiffany; California}
(6) Blackened Sky {Weronika; Poland}
(7) Emღ {Emelie; Sweden} Nayalicious {Mimi; Bulgaria}
(8) Answer_the_pepperoni {Jess; Minnesota}
(10) rosysummy {Rosy; Italy}
(11) Ellie Cameron {Kasey; USA}
(12) Team_J/A {Brittany; new York}
(13) MTG11687 {Sandy; new York}; Courtneyx6 {Courtney; USA}
(14) colourtunes {Renata; Brazil}
(16) Welcome Home {Becca; California}
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(21)Demonic Angel Clone {Emy;NYC}; ladybug11 {Tabby; USA}
(22) girlyshorty85 {Stephanie; NYC}
(23) stellicidio {Chiara; Netherlands}
(24) Meaning of Life {Jonathan; England/US}
(25) Motoko Ayoama {Lisa; Paris, France}
(26) Finn+Rachel=GleeSoulmates {Maria; Ga}
(26) allybubba {Ally; Toronto}; gizziefan {Carmine; Norway}; Bijou {Luci; Brooklyn, NY}; Adorkable*DuetsBand*Geeks {Maria, Georgia}
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(29) xLook.A.Pandax {Claire; Orlando, Florida}
(30) Anny86 {Anna; Italy}; LalaLuna {Luna; New York} Jessalyn Gilsig

(1) alicelattey {Alice; UK} Manda8706 {Amanda; California}
(2) -Beautiful Disaster- {Sam; Canada} house_stacy {Eugenia; Argentina}
(3) hellojojo123 {Jojo; Hong Kong}; Mischief Managed {Megan; Ontario}
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(28) ~lipstick {Andrea; Brazil}
(30) SLAT92 {Cassandra; Florida}
(31) Kyleigh {Kyleigh: US}

@Louis_Tomlinson: and remember if it’s by one direction and it’s a banger i probably wrote on it

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back with a bang, baby!
@Louis_Tomlinson: and remember if it’s by one direction and it’s a banger i probably wrote on it
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missed you
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YAY welcome back Mel
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Thanks babes
@Louis_Tomlinson: and remember if it’s by one direction and it’s a banger i probably wrote on it
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ABC's of Glee #15
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thanks bb
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I just realized I haven't updated the threads from last thread.
@Louis_Tomlinson: and remember if it’s by one direction and it’s a banger i probably wrote on it
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we'll go through it this weekend no worries
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@Louis_Tomlinson: and remember if it’s by one direction and it’s a banger i probably wrote on it
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so stressful
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i found love where it wasn't supposed to be,
Right in front of me, talk some sense to me.
destined to be together; adam & cassie
Sara | Tumblr | rewatching the l word
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Thank you!
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thanks sara!
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