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01x00 • Unaired Pilot

General Discussion
Season One Marathon
{01x01 • Pilot 24-Sep-07} {01x02 • The Big Bran Hypothesis 01-Oct-07} {01x03 • The Fuzzy Boots Corollary 08-Oct-07}
{01x04 • The Luminous Fish Effect 15-Oct-07} {01x05 • The Hamburger Postulate 22-Oct-07}
{01x06 • The Middle Earth Paradigm 29-Oct-07} {01x07 • The Dumpling Paradox 05-Nov-07}
{01x08 • The Grasshopper Experiment 12-Nov-07} {01x09 • The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization 17-Mar-08}
{01x10 • The Loobenfeld Decay 24-Mar-08} {01x11 • The Pancake Batter Anomaly 31-Mar-08}
{01x12 • The Jerusalem Duality 14-Apr-08} {01x13 • The Bat Jar Conjecture 21-Apr-08}
{01x14 • The Nerdvana Annihilation 28-Apr-08} {01x15 • The Pork Chop Indeterminancy 05-May-08}
{01x16 • The Peanut Reaction 12-May-08} {01x17 • The Tangerine Factor 19-May-08}

General Discussion
{02x01 • The Bad Fish Paradigm 22-Sep-08} {02x02 • The Codpiece Topology 29-Sep-08}
{02x03 • The Barbarian Sublimation 06-Oct-08} {02x04 • The Griffin Equivalency 13-Oct-08}
{02x05 • The Euclid Alternative 20-Oct-08} {02x06 • The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem 03-Nov-08}
{02x07 • The Panty Piñata Polarization 10-Nov-08} {02x14 • The Financial Permeability 02-Feb-09}
{02x15 • The Maternal Capacitance 09-Feb-09} {02x16 • The Cushion Saturation 02-Mar-09}
{02x17 • The Terminator Decoupling 09-Mar-09} {02x18 • The Work Song Nanocluster 16-Mar-09}
{02x19 • The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition 30-Mar-09} {02x20 • The Hofstadter Isotope 13-Apr-09}
{02x21 • The Vegas Renormalization 27-Apr-09} {02x22 • The Classified Materials Turbulence 04-May-09}
{02x23 • The Monopolar Expedition 11-May-09}

{03x01 • The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation 21-Sep-09} {03x02 • The Jiminy Conjecture 28-Sep-09}
{03x03 • The Gothowitz Deviation 05-Oct-09} {03x04 • The Pirate Solution 12-Oct-09}
{03x05 • The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary 19-Oct-09} {03x06 • The Cornhusker Vortex 02-Nov-09}
{03x07 • The Guitarist Amplification 09-Nov-09} {03x08 • The Adhesive Duck Deficiency 16-Nov-09}
{03x09 • The Vengeance Formulation 23-Nov-09} {03x10 • The Gorilla Experiment 07-Dec-09}
{03x11 • The Maternal Congruence 14-Dec-09} {03x12 • The Psychic Vortex 11-Jan-10}
{03x13 • The Bozeman Reaction 18-Jan-10} {03x14 • The Einstein Approximation 01-Feb-10}
{03x15 • The Large Hadron Collision 08-Feb-10} {03x16 • The Excelsior Acquisition 01-Mar-10}
{03x17 • The Precious Fragmentation 08-Mar-10} {03x18 • The Pants Alternative 22-Mar-10}
{03x19 • The Wheaton Recurrence 12-Apr-10} {03x20 • The Spaghetti Catalyst 03-May-10}
{03x21 • The Plimpton Simulation 10-May-10} {03x22 • The Staircase Implementation 17-May-10}
{03x23 • The Lunar Excitation 24-May-10}

General Discussion #2
{04x01 • The Robotic Manipulation 23-Sep-10} {04x02 • The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification 30-Sep-10}
{04x03 • The Zazzy Substitution 07-Oct-10} {04x04 • The Hot Troll Deviation 14-Oct-10}
{04x05 • The Desperation Emanation 21-Oct-10} {04x06 • The Irish Pub Formulation 28-Oct-10}
{04x07 • The Apology Insufficiency 04-Nov-10} {04x08 • The 21-Second Excitation 11-Nov-10}
{04x09 • The Boyfriend Complexity 18-Nov-10} {04x10 • The Alien Parasite Hypothesis 09-Dec-10}
{04x11 • The Justice League Recombination 16-Dec-10} {04x12 • The Bus Pants Utilization 06-Jan-11}
{04x13 • The Love Car Displacement 20-Jan-11} {04x14 • The Thespian Catalyst 03-Feb-11}
{04x15 • The Benefactor Factor 10-Feb-11} {04x16 • The Cohabitation Formulation 17-Feb-11}
{04x17 • The Toast Derivation 24-Feb-11} {04x18 • The Prestidigitation Approximation 10-Mar-11}
{04x19 • The Zarnecki Incursion 31-Mar-11} {04x20 • The Herb Garden Germination 07-Apr-11}
{04x21 • The Agreement Dissection 28-Apr-11} {04x22 • The Wildebeest Implementation 05-May-11}
{04x23 • The Engagement Reaction 12-May-11} {04x24 • The Roommate Transmogrification 19-May-11}

General Discussion #2
{05x01 • The Skank Reflex Analysis 22-Sep-11} {05x02 • The Infestation Hypothesis 22-Sep-11}
{05x03 • The Pulled Groin Extrapolation 29-Sep-11} {05x04 • The Wiggly Finger Catalyst 06-Oct-11}
{05x05 • The Russian Rocket Reaction 13-Oct-11} {05x06 • The Rhinitis Revelation 20-Oct-11}
{05x07 • The Good Guy Fluctuation 27-Oct-11} {05x08 • The Isolation Permutation 03-Nov-11}
{05x09 • The Ornithophobia Diffusion 10-Nov-11} {05x10 • The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition 17-Nov-11}
{05x11 • The Speckerman Recurrence 08-Dec-11} {05x12 • The Shiny Trinket Maneuver 12-Jan-12}
{05x13 • The Recombination Hypothesis 19-Jan-12} {05x14 • The Beta Test Initiation 26-Jan-12}
{05x15 • The Friendship Contraction 02-Feb-12} {05x16 • The Vacation Solution 09-Feb-12}
{05x17 • The Rothman Disintegration 16-Feb-12} {05x18 • The Werewolf Transformation 23-Feb-12}
{05x19 • The Weekend Vortex 08-Mar-12} {05x20 • The Transporter Malfunction 29-Mar-12}
{05x21 • The Hawking Excitation 05-Apr-12} {05x22 • The Stag Convergence 26-Apr-12}
{05x23 • The Launch Acceleration 03-May-12} {05x24 • The Countdown Reflection 10-May-12}

General Discussion
{06x01 • The Date Night Variable 27-Sep-12} {06x02 • The Decoupling Fluctuation 04-Oct-12}
{06x03 • The Higgs Boson Observation 11-Oct-12} {06x04 • The Re-Entry Minimization 18-Oct-12}
{06x05 • The Holographic Excitation 25-Oct-12} {06x06 • The Extract Obliteration 01-Nov-12}
{06x07 • The Habitation Configuration 08-Nov-12} {06x08 • The 43 Peculiarity 15-Nov-12}
{06x09 • The Parking Spot Escalation 29-Nov-12} {06x10 • The Fish Guts Displacement 06-Dec-12}
{06x11 • The Santa Simulation 13-Dec-12} {06x12 • The Egg Salad Equivalency 03-Jan-13}
{06x13 • The Bakersfield Expedition 10-Jan-13} {06x14 • The Cooper/Kripke Inversion 31-Jan-13}
{06x15 • The Spoiler Alert Segmentation 07-Feb-13} {06x16 • The Tangible Affection Proof 14-Feb-13}
{06x17 • The Monster Isolation 21-Feb-13} {06x18 • The Contractual Obligation Implementation 07-Mar-13}
{06x19 • The Closet Reconfiguration 14-Mar-13} {06x20 • The Tenure Turbulence 04-Apr-13}
{06x21 • The Closure Alternative 25-Apr-13} {06x22 • The Proton Resurgence 02-May-13}
{06x23 • The Love Spell Potential 16-May-13} {06x24 • The Bon Voyage Reaction 16-May-13}

General Discussion #2
{07x01 • The Hofstadter Insufficiency 26-Sep-13} {07x02 • The Deception Verification 26-Sep-13}
{07x03 • The Scavenger Vortex 03-Oct-13} {07x04 • The Raiders Minimization 10-Oct-13}
{07x05 • The Workplace Proximity 17-Oct-13} {07x06 • The Romance Resonance 24-Oct-13}
{07x07 • The Proton Displacement 07-Nov-13} {07x08 • The Itchy Brain Simulation 14-Nov-13}
{07x09 • The Thanksgiving Decoupling 21-Nov-13} {07x10 • The Discovery Dissipation 05-Dec-13}
{07x11 • The Cooper Extraction 12-Dec-13} {07x12 • The Hesitation Ramification 02-Jan-14}
{07x13 • The Occupation Recalibration 09-Jan-14} {07x14 • The Convention Conundrum 30-Jan-14}
{07x15 • The Locomotive Manipulation 07-Feb-14} {07x16 • The Table Polarization 27-Feb-14}
{07x17 • The Friendship Turbulence 06-Mar-14} {07x18 • The Mommy Observation 13-Mar-14}
{07x19 • The Indecision Amalgamation 03-Apr-14} {07x20 • The Relationship Diremption 10-Apr-14}
{07x21 • The Anything Can Happen Recurrence 24-Apr-14} {07x22 • The Proton Transmogrification 01-May-14}
{07x23 • The Gorilla Dissolution 08-May-14} {07x24 • The Status Quo Combustion 15-May-14}

General Discussion
{08x01 • The Locomotion Interruption 22-Sep-14} {08x02 • The Junior Professor Solution 22-Sep-14}
{08x03 • The First Pitch Insufficiency 29-Sep-14} {08x04 • The Hook-Up Reverbation 06-Oct-14}
{08x05 • The Focus Attenuation 13-Oct-14} {08x06 • The Expedition Simulation 20-Oct-14}
{08x07 • The Misinterpretation Agitation 30-Oct-14} {08x08 • The Prom Equivalency 06-Nov-14}
{08x09 • The Septum Deviation 13-Nov-14} {08x10 • The Champagne Reflection 20-Nov-14}
{08x11 • The Clean Room Infiltration 11-DEC-14} {08x12 • The Space Probe Disintegration 08-Jan-15}
{08x13 • The Anxiety Optimization 29-Jan-15} {08x14 • The Troll Manifestation 05-Feb-15}
{08x15 • The Comic Book Store Regeneration 19-Feb-15} {08x16 • The Intimacy Acceleration 26-Feb-15}
{08x17 • The Colonization Application 05-Mar-15} {08x18 • The Leftover Thermalization 12-Mar-15}
{08x19 • The Skywalker Incursion 02-Apr-15} {08x20 • The Fortification Implementation 09-Apr-15}
{08x21 • The Communication Deteriorization 16-Apr-15} {08x22 • The Graduation Transmission 23-Apr-15}
{08x23 • The Maternal Combustion 30-Apr-15} {08x24 • The Commitment Determination 07-May-15}

General Discussion
{09x01 • The Matrimonial Momentum 21-Sep-15 } {09x02 • The Separation Oscillation 28-Sep-15 }
{09x03 • The Bachelor Party Corrosion 05-Oct-15 } {09x04 • The 2003 Approximation 12-Oct-15 }
{09x05 • The Perspiration Implementation 19-Oct-15 } {09x06 • The Helium Insufficiency 26-Oct-15 }
{09x07 • The Spock Resonance 05-Nov-15 } {09x08 • The Mystery Date Observation 12-Nov-15 }
{09x09 • The Platonic Permutation 19-Nov-15 } {09x10 • The Earworm Reverberation 10-Dec-15 }
{09x11 • The Opening Night Excitation 17-Dec-15 } {09x12 • The Sales Call Sublimation 07-Jan-16 }
{09x13 • The Empathy Optimization 14-Jan-16 } {09x14 • The Meemaw Materialization 04-Feb-16 }
{09x15 • The Valentino Submergence" 11-Feb-16 } {09x16 • The Positive Negative Reaction 18-Feb-16 }
{09x17 • The Celebration Experimentation (♥ 200th Episode ♥) 25-Feb-16 } {09x18 • The Application Deterioration 10-Mar-16 }
{09x19 • The Solder Excursion Diversion 31-Mar-16 } {09x20 • The Big Bear Precipitation 07-Apr-16 }
{09x21 • The Viewing Party Combustion 21-Apr-16 } {09x22 • The Fermentation Bifurcation 28-Apr-16 }
{09x23 • The Line Substitution Solution 05-May-16 } {09x24 • The Convergence Convergence 12-May-16 }

General Discussion
{10x01 • SEASON 10 PREMIERE - 10.01: The Conjugal Conjecture 19-Sep-16} {10x02 • 10.02: The Military Miniaturization 26-Sep-16 }
{10x03 • The Dependence Transcendence 03-Oct-16 } {10x04 • The Cohabitation Experimentation 10-Oct-16 }
{10x05 • The Hot Tub Contamination 17-Oct-16 } {10x06 • The Fetal Kick Catalyst 27-Oct-16 }
{10x07 • The Veracity Elasticity 03-Nov-16 } {10x08 • The Brain Bowl Incubation 10-Nov-16 }
{10x09 • The Geology Elevation 17-Nov-16 } {10x10 •??-???-16 }
{10x11 •??-???-16 } {10x12 •??-???-16 }
{10x13 •??-???-17 } {10x14 •??-???-17 }
{10x15 •??-???-17 } {10x16 •??-???-17 }
{10x17 •??-???-17 } {10x18 •??-???-17 }
{10x19 •??-???-17 } {10x20 •??-???-17 }
{10x21 •??-???-17 } {10x22 •??-???-17 }
{10x23 •??-???-17 } {10x24 •??-???-17 }

Cast Appreciation
Jim Parsons / Sheldon Cooper
Johnny Galecki / Leonard Hofstadter
Penny Hofstadter / Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
Simon Helberg / Howard Wolowitz
Rajesh Koothrappali / Kunal Nayyar
Melissa Rauch / Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz
Academic Actress - Mayim Bialik / Amy Farrah Fowler
Wil Wheaton
Kevin Sussman / Stuart Bloom
John Ross Bowie / Barry Kripke
Brian Thomas Smith / Zack Johnson
Dave Gibbs/Stephen Merchant
Favorite or Dream Guest Stars
The Newbies - Mayim & Melissa
Cooper Family
Penny's Family
Wolowitz Family
Moms Appreciation
Jim / Mayim
Jim / Kaley
Johnny / Kaley
Penny & Her Career
Cinnamon (Raj's Dog)
The 'Malfred' (Mary Cooper/Alfred Hofstadter) Appreciation Thread
Penny's Family Appreciation

General Ship Discussion
Next Generation - TBBT Children
Snowflake Snugglers - Leonard & Penny
Howard & Bernadette
Shamy - Sheldon & Amy
Raj & Emily
Raj & Lucy
Raj's Endgame - Raj & Who?
Leonard & Leslie
Friendly Fire - Howard & Leslie
Paradox - Sheldon & Penny
Penny & Zack Appreciation - Friendship / Crackship
Leonard & Sheldon
Underdogs - Howard & Raj
Polar Opposites - Penny & Sheldon Friendship
Penny & Bernadette
Besties - Penny & Amy
Amy & Bernadette Friendship
Howard & Amy
Leonard & Amy
Rajesh & Amy
Coffee & Cream - Raj & Stuart
Stuart and Debbie (Mrs. Wolowitz)
Sheldon Cooper & Wil Wheaton
Sheldon & Kripke
Sheldon & Howard
Raj & Sheldon
Penny & Raj
Howard & Penny
Raj & Bernadette
Leonard & Bernadette
Bernadette & Sheldon
Sheldon & Leslie
Sheldon & James Earl Jones
The Girls - Penny/Amy/Bernadette
The Main Five - Leonard/Sheldon/Penny/Howard/Raj
The 3 Musketeers - Leonard/Sheldon/Penny
Fantastic Four - Sheldon/Leonard/Raj/Howard

TBBT Survivor Game Thread
Last Letter Game
Word Association
The Person Above Me
The Person Below Me
TBBT This or That
Anything Z-A (Reverse ABC's)
Word Association with a Twist
Quiz - How Well Do You Know TBBT?
20 Questions
Guess the Episode (Picture)
Wrong Answer
300 Word Story
Hot Seat
Time Game
100 Word Drabble Challenge
Hypothetical Scenarios
Easter Egg Hunt
Next Line Game
What Episode Did You Watch Today
Summer Hiatus 2011
2011 Summer Hiatus - Scavenger Hunt
Season 2 Episode Elimination Game
TBBT Character Elimination Game
Season 2 Episode Survivor
Season 1 Episode Survivor
Summer Hiatus 2014 Icon Challenge - Round 1Round 2

From 6/21/11, Amber's post.

Declaration of the Board's Philosophy and What That Entails

This post is to address the current, potential, and speculated issues on the board. More may be posted at any point in the future as the need arises.

This board works under two main principles:
1. Everyone is Welcome
2. Appreciation

Specifically, this board operates in the region where those two principles overlap. Everyone who appreciates the show is welcome.

Take a look around the board and note the thread titles and opening posts. You'll see one word pop up again and again. Appreciation. This entire board was campaigned for and voted into existence by fans that wanted to appreciate and honor the television show The Big Bang Theory. If you are not a fan of the show, you are at the wrong board.

'Appreciation' is the underlying factor that keeps this board running smoothly. We strive to keep the atmosphere positive, upbeat, and cheerful. This should be a fun and enjoyable place for fans to come together and celebrate their show. Obviously not every comment will be complimentary, but any negative discussions that arise should be kept courteous, respectful and exactly that, discussions. Please do not come into a thread, post a long string of complaints and then get offended when several people reply back with comments that disagree with yours. For every person who does not like something, there is at least one other person who does like it. Understand and accept this.

If you ever feel uncomfortable because of the moderators, other posters, or just the general attitude of a thread, do not hesitate to PM Roxanne or Nicole. There are two mods on this board for a reason. If you do not feel comfortable talking to one, you can message the other. If you don't feel comfortable talking to either of us, you may message someone in moderator management (links can be found at the end of the FanForum Rules and Guidelines). Roxanne and Nicole will do their best to resolve the issue(s). We want this to be a safe place for everyone to post.

We understand this appreciation attitude begins with the moderators, and Roxanne and I will strive to set the example. But each of you hold the power to be a leader too. If you see a thread spinning off into a negative rant, feel free to step in and start a new discussion topic. This is especially relevant to the shipper threads. Too much complaining not enough ship discussion? Jump in and ask for everyone's favorite scenes or hypothetical date scenarios. You may get ignored. I'm sorry but that does happen. But at least the post is out there for others to see, and maybe it will inspire some of the quieter members or lurkers to post something. The mods will make sure that no question posts go unanswered even if no other members respond.

Friendshippers are more than welcome to post in a shipper thread, but please understand and respect that it is a shipper thread first. They can contribute to discussions on the pairing's dynamic or scenes but should remember that the other fans will take it further romantically. In cases where a friendshipper disagrees with a shipper over a romantic topic, the moderators recommend that the friendshipper simply let the issue go. This recommendation is not meant to limit anyone's right to post. It is not a requirement. This recommendation is meant to uphold and promote the 'appreciation' attitude that we'd like to see in all of the board's members.

Shippers are allowed to discuss other pairings in the shipper threads, but they must do so in a way that is comparing/contrasting with the on-topic pairing. Please keep such comments along the line of ''I think Person A has better banter with Person B than Person C does and that's why I prefer to ship A/B together'. Please refrain from making comments like 'A and B together are boring' or 'A is so annoying. B and C are way better together'. If you want to discuss another pairing in a shipper thread, you should have a concrete reason for doing so.

If you read this, please respond with a comment (a simple 'read' or 'noted' will do). Other comments, concerns, or questions can also be left below. If you don't want to comment publicly, send a PM. Roxanne and I will respond as soon as we can.

Thank you for your time! You can now return to your previously scheduled fan activities

Feel free to post new threads here so a mod can update the OP.
An episode thread may be opened once a promo is up on CBS's website or on YouTube. Thanks!

Sheldon/Amy ღ Mulder/Scully ღ Peter/Olivia ღ Mac/Harm ღ Toby/Happy ღ Walter/Paige ღ Wylie/Vega
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TFTNT Heidi and for the updates
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TFTNT Heidi!
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Thanks Heidi!

new game thread
The Big Bang Theory - TBBT Last Letter Game #34 - Fan Forum
Sheldon/Amy "We can find out together"

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New Snugglers thread.
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Episode Thread
Sheldon/Amy "We can find out together"

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BBT Word Association #40: Coffee - Milk - Soy
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News Thread
Fan Forum - TV, TV Shows, Music, Movies, Celebrities, & Other Entertainment Forums

and the new Shamy Thread
Sheldon/Amy "We can find out together"

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New OT thread
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Episode Thread
Sheldon/Amy "We can find out together"

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