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  1. August Maturo/Auggie Matthews #4: Because he was very perceptive for his age.
  2. Jack Hunter/Matthew Lawrence #4: Because seeing his smile brings us joy.
  3. Stuart/Farkle [Minkus Men] #3: Because we can't help picturing them getting super competitive playing a game of chess!
  4. Lucas & Farkle #4: "Whatever Farkle's dealing with, he shouldn't have to go through it alone." - Lucas
  5. Topanga & Riley #3: Riley was only trying to beat Topanga because she wanted her to be proud of her.
  6. Girl Meets World [Introduction|Board Guide] #4: ♫ "Life is crazy, but I know I can work it out, 'cause I got you to live it with me." ♫
  7. Farkle & Riley #11: "I'm always here for you." ~ Farkle
  8. Eric/Jack/Rachel Appreciation #3: Because Santa, Mrs. C, and Elf-boy gave the little darlings from St. Mary's a little love and attention.
  9. Jonathan Turner & Shawn Hunter #3 - Because their reunion was worth the wait.
  10. [Eric | Feeny] #5: "If I'm really, really quiet, will you stay?"
  11. Cory/Mr.Feeny Appreciation #4: "Goodbye, Mr. Feeny. I love you very much." / "I'm sure you'll be fine, Cory."
  12. The Magnificent Seven #2: “You don’t have to be blood to be family.”
  13. ♔ Kings & Queens ♕ [Cory & Shawn + Riley & Maya] #3: Because they can all be pretty weird sometimes.
  14. Cory/Topanga/Shawn Appreciation #5: Topanga packed a bag for Shawn because she knew Cory and Shawn couldn't be separated.
  15. Stuart Minkus/Lee Norris Appreciation #4: Because it was always "Minkus! Was it achieved by Minkus? Does it go to Minkus? Minkus, right?"
  16. Honey & Peaches (Riley & Maya) #6: Because their safe place is each other.
  17. BMW/GMW Three Words #5: Beautiful winter scene!
  18. Lucas ♥ Maya {#29}: Because they had a spark from day one!
  19. Father/Daughter [Cory & Riley] #5: Because Riley learned from the best.
  20. Riley/Farkle/Maya #2: Because Riley and Maya are Farkle's dumb-dumbs.
  21. Maya & Katy Hart #3: Because Katy came in and made it Alaska, and Maya wasn't scared at all
  22. Seashell Poets (Shawn/Angela) #7: Because Angela is Shawn's kryptonite.
  23. Besides Girl Meets World, what are you watching? #6
  24. [Boom Boom & Pooh Bear] Amy/Alan Appreciation #3: Because it was never the music. It was the whole package.
  25. Zay and Smackle #2 - "Your voice is my favorite thing about you." -- Zay to Smackle
  26. Topanga/Angela Appreciation Thread #2: Because they always protected each other.
  27. [Plays With Squirrels] Eric Matthews/Will Friedle #8: Because we never knew what he would do from one moment to the next, and that was half the fun.
  28. BMW/GMW Anti-ABC's #16: Vile, Worthless, eXtremely ugly
  29. Angela Moore/Trina McGee #2: Because nobody was going to out-scream Angela!
  30. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2020
  31. Farkle, Lucas & Zay {#3}: Because they're always going to be finding trouble one way or another. They just can't help themselves.
  32. Morgan Matthews {Lily Nicksay & Lindsay Ridgeway} #4: Because she said brutally honest things in a pretty sweet way.
  33. The Girl [Riley Matthews☼Rowan Blanchard] #7: Because she wanted her nun name to be Sister Riley of Perpetual Bleh.
  34. Cory Matthews/Ben Savage #6: "How can I learn so much every week and still be so stupid?"
  35. Topanga Matthews/Danielle Fishel #6: Because she was a damsel, but not the distressed kind.
  36. Ava Morgenstern {Ava Kolker} #2 -- Sometimes she is sweet like Glenda, and sometimes she's evil like The Wicked Witch, but we love her anyway.
  37. Eric/Cory Appreciation #4: Because they definitely have that 'no can make fun of my brother except me' vibe
  38. Brother & Sister {Riley & Auggie} #3: "Whatever happens, don't hurt my sister!" - Auggie
  39. Farkle Minkus / Corey Fogelmanis #5: TPTB took Stuart, added that extra little spark, and we ended up with Farkle.
  40. Katy Hart (Cheryl Texiera) #2 - Every time we see her, we feel a warmth wash over us. She's like the sun.
  41. Husband | Wife {Cory ღ Topanga} #24: Because she found him vibrationally acceptable
  42. The Core Six #3: You are home with me right where you belong.
  43. Besides Girl Meets World, what are you watching? #5
  44. BMW/GMW Three Words #4: Keeping things light
  45. Girl Meets World - Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended
  46. BMW/GMW - The Person Above Me #9: TPAM wants another installment of the Boy/Girl Meets World universe.
  47. Girl Meets World Cast Appreciation #2: Because we hope to see them all together again one day.
  48. Shawn & Jack Appreciation #3: Because wrestling was how they communicated.
  49. BMW/GMW - The Person Below Me #11: TPBM likes warm hugs?
  50. Shawn & Topanga #2: Because "Use a mirror, babe."