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  1. The Blacklist Word Association #16: Happy - Smile - Laugh
  2. The Blacklist - TPAM #8: TPAM is super excited about the show being back for season five a week earlier!
  3. Besides The Blacklist, What Are You Watching #9: Our way to learn about new shows.
  4. The Blacklist Anti-ABCs #15: Bitter - Cheating - Dense
  5. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  6. The Blacklist Fan Videos #5: High quality fan videos are getting rare but those we get are exceptional!
  7. The Blacklist News, Media and Spoilers #11: "It's the scenarios you can't imagine that bite you in the ass."
  8. The Blacklist BTS Photo Thread #6: "Today I will be spider man giving you some behind the scene shots." - Hisham Tawfiq
  9. The Criminal & The Profiler [R&L|J&M] #13: "But anger, fear and a certain amount of hatred are all normal in a family. And that's what we are."
  10. The Blacklist ABC's #17: Diego - Endless - Fearless
  11. The Tech & The Double Agent [Aram&Samar|Amir&Mozhan] #5: "I don't deserve a friend like you." "Maybe not. But you have one."
  12. The Boy Scout & The Criminal [Ressler&Red|Diego&James] #7: "Do you want a bullet in Alexander Kirk's or one in mine. What's it gonna be, Donald?
  13. The Blacklist Music Thread #5: "And everyone thinks I dodged a bullet but I think I shot the gun."
  14. The Blacklist Mythology Thread #7: "I remember. I remember everything."
  15. The Cleaner [Mr. Kaplan | Susan Blommaert] #8: "I didn't betray you. I did what I've always done. Protected you."
  16. The Profiler [Elizabeth Keen | Megan Boone] #8: "I'm walking in a park with my husband. In between us is our little girl."
  17. The Blacklist Survivor #10: Best Fight Survivor (Round 30 - NEW)
  18. The Blacklist Wishlist #6: Although we barely get granted any of our wishes, we don't shy away from voicing them again.
  19. Season Four General Discussion #3: The season about one of the closest friends turning into the worst enemy.
  20. The Post-Office [Off-Topic] #17: Everyone Is Talking About Their Plans For The Summer!!
  21. The Keens [Tom&Liz&Agnes | Ryan&Megan] #7: "You made me feel, for a moment, like I had a life. I had somebody who cared."
  22. The Blacklist Fan Art|Icons #7: Because every day we discover a new art that's even more beautiful than all the others before.
  23. The Secretive Operative [Tom Keen|Christopher Hargrave | Ryan Eggold] #8: "I delivered on my word. So when are you gonna deliver on yours?"
  24. The Blacklist Favorite Quotes #6: "Revenge isn't a passion. It's a disease that eats at your mind and poisons your soul."
  25. The Blacklist Hangman #9: S--d --e --y -o --e s-i--r
  26. The Blacklist Ratings Thread #6: We got a fifth season, and right now that's all we need!
  27. The Blacklist - Last Letter Game #16: RyaN - NumbeR - RounD
  28. 4x22: "MR. KAPLAN: CONCLUSION" Episode Discussion Thread (05/18/2017 @ 10PM)
  29. 4x21: "MR. KAPLAN" Episode Discussion Thread (05/18/2017 @ 9PM)
  30. The Blacklist Post Counts #16: We Do Well Every Week Because We Love The Show!!
  31. The Tech [Aram Mojtabai|Amir Arison] #6: "Mr. Reddington at my door. Kinda weird although truth to be told we do sort of have a special relationship."
  32. Renewed !!!!
  33. 4x20: "THE DEBT COLLECTOR" Episode Discussion Thread (05/11/2017 @ 10PM)
  34. The Boy Scout & The Profiler [Ressler&Liz | Diego&Megan] #9: "Donald Ressler represents what's best about this country. He is loyal and honest."
  35. The Bodyguard [Dembe Zuma | Hisham Tawfiq] #6: "I have three people in my life. My daughter, my granddaughter, and Raymond."
  36. 4x19: "DR. BOGDAN KRILOV" Episode Discussion Thread (05/04/2017 @ 10PM)
  37. The Criminal [Raymond Reddington | James Spader] #10: "My dark forces had a name, a person I entrusted with the most heinous offenses of my life."
  38. 4x18: "PHILOMENA" Episode Discussion Thread (04/27/2017 @ 10PM)
  39. 300 Word Story #7: Let's Let Our Imagination Run Wild!
  40. The Blacklist Word Association #15: Gift - Wrap - Paper
  41. The Blacklist FanFiction #5: The stories the writers refuse to tell!
  42. 4x17: "REQUIEM" Episode Discussion Thread (04/20/2017 @ 10PM)
  43. 4x16: "DEMBE ZUMA" Episode Discussion Thread (04/20/2017 @ 9PM)
  44. The Hot Seat #6: We like to know all there is about each other.
  45. The Blacklist Countdown Thread #3: Countdown to Season 5 - Wednesday September 27th, 8PM
  46. Besides The Blacklist, What Are You Watching #8: Because we're into such a variety of shows!
  47. 1x08: "WHITEHALL: CONCLUSION" [The Blacklist: Redemption] Episode Discussion Thread (04/13/2017 @ 10PM)
  48. The Blacklist Anti-ABCs #14: Kill - Leave - Mean
  49. The Post-Office [Off-Topic] #16: Stalking or Lurking... Same Thing On Facebook!!
  50. The Assistant Director [Harold Cooper|Harry Lennix] #6: "You've become more of a liability than an asset."