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  4. The Boy Scout & The Criminal [Ressler&Red|Diego&James] #11:"cause sometimes you're supposed to look the other way. It was a pretty thick file though."
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  6. The Assistant Director [Harold Cooper | Harry Lennix] #10: "Reddington is not the person you think he is. He's a much better person than you thought."
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  10. The Blacklist "List" Thread #12: "Thanks to Reddington's blacklist, this Bureau has killed or captured over 100 high-value targets."
  11. The Blacklist BTS Photo Thread #9: Hopefully the the photos we'll get the next couple of weeks won't be the last...
  12. The Post-Office [Off-Topic] #22: Cause Kris didn't want to open the new thead, Miranda did.
  13. The Blacklist News, Media and Spoilers #15: We're hoping our show won't end with a cliffhanger.
  14. Criminal & Profiler [R&L|J&M] #19: "I'm sorry my questions caused all this... But someday I'm going to insist on answers."
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  16. Reddington's Files #7 (Introductions | Board Guide)
  17. The Criminal [Raymond Reddington|James Spader] #15: "Whoever I once was, I am now and will continue to be Raymond Reddington."
  18. The Blacklist Favorite Quotes #10: "Haters gonna hate. That's what they do."
  19. The Tech & The Double Agent [Aram&Samar|Amir&Mozhan] #9: "I won't forget you. I may forget everything else but I won't forget you."
  20. The Blacklist - Last Letter Game #23: EntertainmenT - TinY - YoU
  21. The Boy Scout [Donald Ressler|Diego Klattenhoff] #11: "You know what I've always wanted to say? This is going to be a gas!"
  22. The Profiler [Elizabeth Keen | Megan Boone] #12: "The truth always comes out, and someone always gets hurt."
  23. The Cleaner [Mr. Kaplan | Susan Blommaert] #11: "I swore an oath to your mother I would protect you with my life. I fear I failed you."
  24. The Blacklist Word Association #21: Home - Cozy - Pajamas
  25. Minor Characters|Guest Stars #10: "Everyone here has a past. Whatever your story is, it's your story alone."
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  27. 300 Word Story #11: At the moment our stories will bring us some joy in comparison to the show.
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  29. The Blacklist Mythology #11: "I can't figure it out. Maybe she can. Maybe she can find out everything you are trying to hide from me."
  30. The Boy Scout & The Profiler [Ressler&Liz|Diego&Megan] #13: "I know you're worried about me, and I appreciate it."
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  41. [Jennifer Reddington | Fiona Dourif] #2: "I know what it is like to have somebody love me so much, they would rather cut ties than see me hurt."
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  50. The Double Agent [Samar Navabi | Mozhan MarnĂ²] #8: "I can't go back to my old life. I can't go back to the FBI. My only chance is to disappear."