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  3. 6x04: "THE PAWNBROKERS" Episode Discussion Thread (01/18/2019 @ 9PM)
  4. Sisters [Liz&Jennifer | Megan&Fiona] #1: "We have a plan, and if we stick to it, it's gonna work, but I can't do this without you."
  5. 6x03: "THE PHARMACIST" Episode Discussion Thread (01/11/2019 @ 9PM)
  6. The Blacklist Post Counts #21: Our 2019 posting goals are set!
  7. [Jennifer Reddington | Fiona Dourif] #1: "I'm your daughter. The one you abandoned 28 years ago on Christmas Eve."
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  9. 6x01: "DR. HANS KOEHLER" Episode Discussion Thread (01/03/2019 @ 10PM)
  10. The Blacklist Countdown Thread #4: Countdown to Season 6 - Thursday January 3rd, 10PM
  11. The Mole [Meera Malik | Parminder Nagra] #4: "You're here to kill me because I'm the mole."
  12. The Criminal & The Bodyguard [Red&Dembe|James&Hisham] #9: "Dembe is more than an associate to me."
  13. Season Five General Discussion #3: This season had an outcome that none of us ever expected! Except for Marilyn...
  14. The Blacklist Survivor #13: Season 5 Episode Survivor (Round 4)
  15. 2018 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: The Blacklist
  16. The Secretive Operative [Tom Keen|Ryan Eggold] #10: "I’m tired of hurting people. I want to start pulling people up, instead of holding them down."
  17. The Blacklist "List" Thread #10: "It's a simple ultimatum. I get Ross or the Blacklist ends."
  18. Criminal & Profiler [R&L|J&M] #17: "I know that this man is an imposter. Why he came into my life... I'm gonna figure all that out."
  19. Main cast thread #7: "You shouldn't insult people who are bigger than you."
  20. Season Six General Discussion #1: Two can play the game...
  21. The Tech [Aram Mojtabai|Amir Arison] #8: "Which part, getting beaten or screaming our safe word like a baby who needs his diaper changed?"
  22. The Blacklist Anti-ABCs #18: Crude - Dull - Eavesdropping
  23. The Post-Office [Off-Topic] #20: Because It's Thanksgiving Week And All of Us Would Like to Celebrate It at Least Once in Our Lives.
  24. The Blacklist Fan Art|Icons #9: Because Fan Art Shows Peoples Talents with Pictures, Colors and Fonts.
  25. The Keens [Tom&Liz&Agnes | Ryan&Megan] #9: "You are so beautiful. You're the most beautiful. Liz. My Liz."
  26. The Cavalry [Liz&Aram|Megan&Amir] #7: "A birthday card and 31 red velvet cupcakes. Ah well 30 I couldn't resist."
  27. The Blacklist Wishlist #8: "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."
  28. The Bodyguard [D| H] #8: "He was left to die chained to a standpipe in the basement of a squalid brothel in Nairobi. Branded. Burned. Barely alive."
  29. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
  30. The Double Agent [Samar Navabi | Mozhan Marnò] #7: "This isn't where your story should end."
  31. The Blacklist ABC's #20: Mother - Nice - Open minded
  32. The Criminal [Raymond Reddington | James Spader] #13: "The truth is I am not.."
  33. The Boy Scout & The Criminal [Ressler&Red|Diego&James] #9: "I never thanked you for what you did after Audrey died."
  34. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  35. The Blacklist News, Media and Spoilers #13: Where is the news???
  36. The Profiler [Elizabeth Keen | Megan Boone] #10: "My profile? Widow. Mom. Cop. That's all there is."
  37. Besides The Blacklist, What Are You Watching #12: What will be some of our favorite new shows?
  38. The Blacklist Post Counts #20: Because we promise that we'll do everything possible to increase our post count.
  39. Minor Characters|Guest Stars Appreciation Thread #8: "She is gone because of the choices you made for both of them. First Katarina, then Masha."
  40. The Assistant Director [Harold Cooper | Harry Lennix] #8: "But after what I did today, the truth is, I don't recognize myself."
  41. The Blacklist Favorite Quotes #8: "The truth always comes out. I'm talking about your truth. It was bound to surface."
  42. The Blacklist This or That #8: Luli or Grey?
  43. Mrs. Reddington [Naomi Hyland | Mary-Louise Parker] #3: "I kept my end of the bargain. Didn't say anything about you or Elizabeth."
  44. 300 Word Story #9: A Story in 300 Words... Not the Easiest Task with The Blacklist.
  45. The Boy Scout & The Profiler [Ressler&Liz | Diego&Megan] #11: "I owe you, Keen. You saved my life back at that convoy now let me return the favour."
  46. TPAM #10: TPAM is looking forward to season 6.
  47. The Blacklist Word Association #18: Low - Middle - Ground
  48. The Blacklist - Last Letter Game #19: DangeR - ReaL - LifE
  49. The Boy Scout [Donald Ressler|Diego Klattenhoff] #9: "I'm in the darkness, and doing the right thing is the only way I'll ever feel the light again."
  50. The Blacklist TPBM #8: TPBM thinks Red will be redeemed at series end?