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  1. Standard Avatars 2018
  2. The Criminal & The Bodyguard [Red&Dembe|J&H] #8: "Dembe didn't stay with me because he saw me as his savior. He saw me for the man I really was."
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  4. The Post-Office [Off-Topic] #19: Good news is what we love to hear, but we'll be there in bad times, too.
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  6. The Blacklist "List" Thread #9: "There You Are. I've Got a Case."
  7. Season Five General Discussion #2: The death of Tom set things in motion that we could never have predicted.
  8. The Criminal [Raymond Reddington | James Spader] #12: "Some people are truly alone in this world."
  9. 5x17: "ANNA-GRACIA DUERTE" Episode Discussion Thread (04/04/2018 @ 8PM)
  10. The Cleaner [Mr. Kaplan | Susan Blommaert] #9: "I'm not going to prison, Raymond. Pull the trigger. Release the truth."
  11. The Criminal & The Profiler [Red&Liz|James&Megan] #15: "I couldn't keep my promise. Can you forgive me?" "Yes. Will you be able to forgive yourself?"
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  15. The Blacklist Fan Art|Icons #8: Let's get back on making pretties of our favourite show
  16. The Tech & The Double Agent [Aram&Samar|Amir&Mozhan] #6: "Aw, I know, I know, isn't he adorable?"
  17. The Secretive Operative [Tom Keen|Christopher Hargrave | Ryan Eggold] #9""This whole father-in-law hates his son-in-law thing is cliche."
  18. The Blacklist Wishlist #7: More concrete wishes for the win!
  19. The Tech [Aram Mojtabai|Amir Arison] #7: "Mr. Cooper, Sir, I'd like to request to be operationally trained, Sir."
  20. The Boy Scout & The Criminal [Ressler&Red|Diego&James] #8: "Forgiveness doesn't mean accepting what you've done, Donald..."
  21. The Blacklist Hangman #10: S--d --e --y -o --e s-i--r
  22. The Blacklist - Last Letter Game #18: LoverS - SpenD - DelightfuL
  23. The Profiler [Elizabeth Keen | Megan Boone] #9: "You're not okay because my name's not Grace. It's Elizabeth."
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  25. The Blacklist Ratings Thread #7: With our ratings being constant for now, we're hoping for another season!
  26. TPAM #9: TPAM is speculating about the shows mythology.
  27. 5x12: "THE COOK" Episode Discussion Thread (01/31/2018 @ 8PM)
  28. The Blacklist Word Association #17: Tv - Show - Actor
  29. The Bodyguard [Dembe Zuma | Hisham Tawfiq] #7: "I know what it feels like to be seen as less than human, a thing transported for money."
  30. The Blacklist News, Media and Spoilers #12: After this 100th episode, the news will be floating.
  31. The Keens [Tom&Liz&Agnes | Ryan&Megan] #8: "You're gonna make it. Please, you have to make it. I can't live without you."
  32. 5x11: "ABRAHAM STERN" Episode Discussion and 100th Episode Celebration Thread (01/17/2018 @ 8PM)
  33. The Blacklist Anti-ABCs #16: Ew - Foolish - Gulp
  34. The Double Agent [Samar Navabi | Mozhan Marnò] #6: "Where I come from, fear is the only deterrent.”
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  36. The Blacklist Redemption Season One General Discussion #2: At least we got some closure... But the mystery remains.
  37. The Blacklist 100th Episode Party Preparation Thread | Deadline to send submissions in: Jan. 15th
  38. The Blacklist Favorite Quotes #7: "Secrets put people in harm's way."
  39. Besides The Blacklist, What Are You Watching #10: Midseason brings so many new shows and still we stick with our favorite ones.
  40. The Cavalry [Liz&Aram|Megan&Amir] #6: "Hang on Liz. Come on, you have to. Come on, a little longer."
  41. Minor Characters|Guest Stars Appreciation Thread #7: "Raymond, you did save me. Through her."
  42. 5x09: "RUIN" Episode Discussion Thread (01/03/2018 @ 8PM)
  43. The Blacklist Post Counts #18: Can we reach our posting goals before the end of the year? No matter what, we'll set new ones for 2018!
  44. The Boy Scout & The Profiler [Ressler&Liz | Diego&Megan] #10: "I can't let her go."
  45. The Blacklist Mythology Thread #8: "You're not as smart as Reddington says. My friend is always so obsessed with you. I'm not sure why."
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  48. 300 Word Story #8: The code word is 'Fantasy'.
  49. Main cast thread #6: Although we don't get many pictures of them together, we know they are family!
  50. The AD [HC|HL] #7: "The ones that let anger & emotion, prejudice & carelessness affect their behavior are every good cop's worst nightmare."