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  14. The Profiler [Elizabeth Keen | Megan Boone] #13: "Anyone who is in her way is in my way. That includes you. And that includes Reddington."
  15. 300 Word Story #12: Because right now it's our only chance to write our own storyline.
  16. Besides The Blacklist, What Are You Watching #20: Because the new tv season is right if front of us.
  17. The Criminal [Raymond Reddington|James Spader] #16: "I don’t live a lie. I may once have had another identity, but that identity no longer exists."
  18. The Double Agent [Samar Navabi | Mozhan Marnò] #9: "I said before I didn't trust your instics. Now they scare me."
  19. The Blacklist Anti-ABCs #23: Terror - Useless - Vanish
  20. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  21. Criminal & Profiler [R&L|J&M] #20: "Agent Keen, in this world, there are no sides. Only players."
  22. The Boy Scout [Donald Ressler|Diego Klattenhoff] #12: "I left you once to clean up a mess. I'm not gonna leave you alone again."
  23. The Blacklist - Last Letter Game #25: OliveS - SliM - MoneY
  24. Minor Characters|Guest Stars #11: If I die, at least I will go to my grave knowing that I did what I did to protect my own.
  25. The Boy Scout & The Profiler [Ressler&Liz|Diego&Megan] #14: "You're a knucklehead and a dipstick and you're someone I rely on for like, everything."
  26. The Post-Office [Off-Topic] #23: Because it's me again to open the new one...
  27. The Blacklist Wishlist #10: There is a still a long list of wishes we want to see come true.
  28. The Blacklist Survivor #15: Ressler and Liz Season 2 scene survivor (Winner announced)
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  30. Main cast thread #9: "Go on, tell the kids about Operation Washtub."
  31. The Blacklist ABC's #25: Kirk - Love - Meal
  32. The Cavalry [Liz&Aram|Megan&Amir] #9:"I'm sorry about what happened with Samar. I feel like I gave you bad advice." "It wasn't bad. It was terrible."
  33. The Blacklist Anti-ABCs #22: Pervert - Quite unpleasant - Rage
  34. The Blacklist Word Association #22: Name - Pseudonym - Cryptic
  35. The Blacklist - Last Letter Game #24: YounG - GuilD - DriveR
  36. The Tough Alaskan [Alina Park | Laura Sohn] #1: "I’ll let you in on a little secret. I died once in Alaska. I didn’t come back to do it again."
  37. The Criminal & The Bodyguard [Red&Dembe|James&Hisham] #11: "My only regret is, after all we've been through, our friendship has to come to this."
  38. The Tech [Aram Mojtabai|Amir Arison] #10: "Do you know why I’m preparing this salmon?" "If this is about your libido, I’m– I’m good."
  39. 7x19: "THE KAZANJIAN BROTHERS" Episode Discussion Thread (05/15/2020 @ 8PM)
  40. The Blacklist Fan Art|Icons #11: "Picasso said it took four years to paint like Rafael, but a lifetime to paint like a child."
  41. Besides The Blacklist, What Are You Watching #18: We won't let the corona virus ruin the fun of watching tv shows!
  42. The Keens [Tom&Liz&Agnes | Ryan&Megan] #11: "You're gonna make it. Please, you have to make it. I can't live without you.
  43. 7x18: "ROY CAIN" Episode Discussion Thread (05/08/2020 @ 8PM)
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  46. The Bodyguard [Dembe Zuma | Hisham Tawfiq] #10: "He is the light in the darkness. Living proof that there is another way. That life can be good."
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  49. The Secretive Operative [Tom Keen|Ryan Eggold] #12: "I know it sounds cold but my father, my mother, whoever they are,I am not really interested."
  50. 7x15: "GORDON KEMP" Episode Discussion Thread (04/17/2020 @ 8PM)