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Talula78 03-02-2022 06:20 AM

Woohoo to CL finally being doneskies! :woot:

Alexa 03-16-2022 11:53 PM

Wow, I totally skipped an episode and didn't even realize lmao. :lol: How??? Its interesting you could skip 713 and it wouldnt really matter much timeline wise :lol:.

anyways, i went back and watched 713 today.

I enjoyed just seeing Rory and Lorelai at the hospital just talking and spending time together. The show is the best when those two are together imo.

I cant believe that Chris just ignored all the phonecalls from Lor and didnt even come to the hospital? WTF.

I love that Luke on the other hand, did show up, even though he didn't have to.

Even Logan in comparison was so great being there for Rory. He really has been a great guy this season.

i liked the scene with Lorelai and Emily where Emily broke down, that was a nice scene between them.

"Why doesn't anybody name their kid Bing anymore?" lol.

Lindsay 03-17-2022 08:14 PM

I loved that Luke was there. Such a sweet guy.

onebreath 03-18-2022 03:24 AM

Same. He dropped everything, went straight there and then did all those tasks Emily was demanding without even hesitating. Meanwhile Chris was off being butt-hurt. Pathetic. The episode really hilighted what a better person Luke is than Chris. We already know that, but it was nice to see it played out once again.

Luke truly was the highlight of this episode.

Lindsay 03-19-2022 07:37 AM


Alexa 03-26-2022 07:32 PM


This episode was okay.

I liked the Lorelai/Emily conversation a lot and how Emily seemed proud that Lorelai was independent. It sucked that she kinda went back to her old ways the next morning though.

God, I can't stand Logan's father. He's literally the worst! And then Logan losing his deal... yikes. Why can't something go right for him for once, dang!

I liked Rory's reaction to hearing her parents split up and how she wasn't that surprised. Its interesting that the town knows already too and also Luke. Him laying in bed listening to his sister talk about his feelings for Lor was said, because it was obvious it was true. I really wanted him to pick up the phone and call her dang!

onebreath 03-27-2022 02:45 AM

I think Rory always knew it wasn't right between Chris and Lorelai. She tried to be supportive, but at the back of her mind, she knew it wouldn't last. She saw how much Chris hurt both Lorelai and her over the years, she knew Lorelai wasn't over Luke, so being in that relationship with Chris wasn't healthy for her. Then there's the rushed marriage without Rory being there. I'm glad she said that to Lorelai, that she wasn't surprised.

Lindsay 03-27-2022 08:46 PM

I liked Rory’s reaction too. And yes, you felt for Luke when Liz was talking about it.

Alexa 04-19-2022 11:54 PM


Cute episode, I liked the focus on Lane. Tired of her issues with her mom at this point and it was very unrealistic for her to think her kids were going to be religious and go to church.

Liv and TJ were a holes for selling the boat without even telling Luke, all they had to do was ask him nicely to move it. But I do get Liz's point about him selling the boat and not being like his father, so I was glad when Luke decided to. But then he goes and buys another boat :lol:. Okay. I hope he actually uses it! The convo with Lorelai at the end was sweet though.

We didn't really find out how Rory's interview went did we??

Logan is being a jerk. He didnt tell Rory for weeks about the company going under and then he waits for when she has to leave for the shower? That was a dick move. Then he springs it on her that he's going to vegas without even asking or talking to Rory about it. I don't blame her for being upset. Sure, I get he needs to get away after all he lost but it was super jerky the way he did it. I've been in that situation with a b/f before and its not fun at all. With that said, he's upset, so its understandable but like come on, don't take it out on Rory.

onebreath 04-20-2022 01:11 AM

Agreed. Logan was being a huge jerk. I hate how he does the whole taking off thing when upset (reminds me of Chris), but that is just what Logan is like, so not at all surprsing he does that. He won't change from being that person. But that isn't how you handle things when you're in a relationship. Also, he's just lost all that money and reacts to it by blowing off even more money? Damn Logan get some frggin responsibility.

Lindsay 04-21-2022 08:12 AM

I didn’t like that whole situation either.

Alexa 05-08-2022 08:45 PM

I have so few episodes left, gonna make it my goal to watch 1 a week and no less!


I liked this episode. Definitely didn't remember much of it lol.

Seeing Luke go to dinner at Lane's was a bit strange but it was nice seeing that interaction and it was sweet that they asked him to be a godfather. I feel like there were maybe other options though, and it felt a bit random, but still, sweet.

I loved seeing the three Gilmore ladies bonding together. Of course Emily was stuffy and annoying, but I do understand why she was feeling a bit slighted by the whole thing. But she was just acting so immature tbh.

I do understand why Rory was frustrated with Logan but she was being a tad bit passive aggressive with him. I do like that Logan apologized. He did need time to blow off steam but he didn't need to treat her that way either, idk, I can see both sides in this episode.

I love that Logan quit working for his father! Finally!

onebreath 05-09-2022 01:24 AM

Tbh, I couldn't stand that Logan had to take off again. I don't have any sympathy for him because of how he responds to that situation. To me this shows he isn't capable of changing his ways and he will always fall back to being the guy who takes off to blow money with his friends when things go wrong. Then he shows up at Mia's wedding like that. Idk, he just has this way that I feel like he gaslights Rory in a way and she ends up forgiving him and I don't like that. I do think he had some growth before this, but he ends up just completely regressing so it all seems so pointless.

I love that Lane and Zack became close with Luke this season that they wanted him to be their sons' godfather. It was really sweet and shows how loved Luke is by the people of this town and that it's noticed what a wonderful father he has become to April. He is no longer that guy who people think is anti-kid. Luke's plot and growth is one thing I really enjoy about season 7, when its a season with really not a lot to enjoy.

Lindsay 05-09-2022 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by onebreath (Post 106401486)
Luke's plot and growth is one thing I really enjoy about season 7, when its a season with really not a lot to enjoy.

Yes, I agree.

onebreath 05-10-2022 12:43 AM

After what they did to Luke's character for a lot of season 6, it was refreshing to see the growth from him. He handled the break up from Lorelai in the best and healthy way - focusing on building his relationship with his daughter. Meanwhile Lorelai handles it in the most unhealthy way...

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