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stellar_dust 05-30-2022 02:29 AM

That moment when Lorelai holds baby Doula was so sweet. Then Chris appears and ruins it by being Chris.

onebreath 05-30-2022 04:47 AM

Chris just ruins everything. :lol: But yes, it was such a sweet moment and Lorelai looked genuinely happy than she had done in months. No fake being happy in that moment with Luke.

stellar_dust 05-31-2022 05:30 AM

Yes she was happy because she had a moment with Luke. She wasn't hiding her feelings and was able to have the genuine moment of happiness.

onebreath 06-01-2022 12:55 AM

Exactly. It was a brief, but wonderfully happy moment.

stellar_dust 06-01-2022 08:33 AM

Chris of course has to make it about himself later. But I don't allow his gross actions to ruin that moment for me.

onebreath 06-02-2022 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by stellar_dust (Post 106550306)
Chris of course has to make it about himself later. But I don't allow his gross actions to ruin that moment for me.

Yes, ew, I don't let him destroy what is one of the sweetest moments of the whole season.

Alexa 06-08-2022 12:19 AM

After YEARS I finally finished my 2nd rewatch! YAYYYYYY. Took forever. :lol:

721 :
Sookies method for remembering things is exactly what I do lol.

Luke getting the necklace for Lorelai was so adorable. :love:

I felt a bit bad for Logan, because they have been dating for a while and seem to be in love, so I get why he wanted to propose. But the way he acted over Rory’s rejection was just so strange to me. To break up over it because she wasn’t ready was ridiculous. That’s not what happens in a mature relationship. I am so happy she didn’t say yes.

Rory is right that they’ve done long distance before. But I also see Logan's side in that he's ready for a real relationship and doesn’t want to do the long distance thing. But I still think it's a bit hasty to just end things like that. I don't get that mentality at all. if you love someone enough to propose then how in the world could you let the relationship just end??? It's not like Rory NEVER wanted to get married, she’s still young. They both are. I think that is very unfortunate for their fans though? To have them together that long just for it to end like that?

Luke and Lorelai are freaking frustrating dancing around each other! WTF! I wish they would have kissed at the end of this episode instead so we knew 100% they were back together in the finale.


I love that this time, I don't have to feel sad watching this finale knowing it’s the last episode because I have the revival to look forward to! YAY!

Lor and Rory realizing that it was their last dinner was sad. :(

The Rory graduation re-enactment at the diner was hilarious.

I know Logan fans were probably upset he wasn’t in the finale, and he should have had an optimistic scene with Rory, imo, but I also was kinda glad he wasn’t in it because I wanted Rory to be single and go off on her own independently.

Where the heck was Paris???

I’m so glad we got a Lane and Rory scene together, that was cute. I find it odd we didn't see Lane's mom in this one.

“It takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this.” So cute. The line, 'It's not as if the two of you are saying goodbye' was so sad. :bawl: Because it was his last episode with the actor so that's so sad.

It was so cute that Emily wanted to loan Lorelai money just to spend time with her, and then Lorelai asked her mom to talk at dinner. :bawl: So sweet.

I defintely teared up in the final scenes.

It was so cute how Luke made sure the party happened for Rory. If I had to watch this episode live and realized there were only 5 minutes left I would be FREAKING OUT!

“I just wanted to see you happy.” sfdsfsdfdsfsd AND THE KISS YASSSSSSSSS.

Again, thank goodness we have the revival because otherwise I would be so sad we didn't get more LL as a couple. It is interesting though that people debated whether LL were actually back together or not because hello, after that kiss and their looks at the diner, I think it was pretty obvious they were.

I love the ending so much though! At Lukes and then him working in the background as they talk over coffee, so cute.

onebreath 06-08-2022 01:06 AM

Rory turning down Logan's proposal was one of the best decisions she ever made in her life and will remain so. Go Rory! You don't need to be married into that kind of life. I'm so glad Logan wasn't in the finale. Rory was free and done with him and ready to go off on her new adventure. The characters that mattered were there.

I LOVE the LL reunion! I can't believe some didn't think that meant they were back together?? LOL it's obvious that was them reuniting. I'm gonna guess the ones who thought that were the people of the fandom lacking in taste because they wanted Lorelai to end up in a marriage with a man she wasn't in love with. ANYWAY. I do wish that reunion had happened the episode before or even a couple episodes before, so they were fully together for the finale. The whole Luke thing of him organising the party, "I just like to see you happy" etc would still have worked with them as a couple.

stellar_dust 06-08-2022 08:41 AM

I agree with both of you. I was so glad to see Rory turn down Logan's proposal. I thought it was unfair of him to propose to her in public at her graduation party. It was very selfish of him to take over her night like that.

I love, love, loved Luke and Lorelai reuniting the way they did. It was a beautiful moment. But I do agree that I would like to have seen it happen in either the previous episode or a few episodes before the finale.

Alexa 06-10-2022 05:06 PM

I was no Logan/Rory fan and not really that into Logan in general but he was still an important character that was prominent on the show since season 5.

I wont be selfish and gladly accept the LL reuinion after the atrocious season 7 mishap with Chris hah.

onebreath 06-11-2022 01:10 AM

Eh, I wouldn't say he was as prominent or nearly as important as Paris and she wasn't in the finale. I'm just glad they ended the Rory and Logan relationship in the ep before and didn't have that clouding the finale. I appreciated they didn't have her all upset over the relationship ending and didnt focus on that.

stellar_dust 06-11-2022 07:49 AM

It's a little funny how un-phased she was by the relationship with Logan ending. But I guess there just wasn't time for that and no need to focus on it.

Alexa 08-01-2022 03:22 PM

Im glad it didnt cloud the episode either but I dont think their closure was great at all lol.

I didnt get why Paris wasnt in the finale!

stellar_dust 08-02-2022 07:48 AM

I agree it wasn't great closure but since I hate them together, I like that's how it was done. :lol:

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