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Lindsay 02-12-2022 09:59 PM


Originally Posted by Talula78 (Post 105844157)
The character reference gives me all the feels! :love: :sigh:

:nod: :sigh:

Talula78 02-13-2022 08:04 AM
I love their banter here! :sigh::melt::love:

onebreath 02-13-2022 04:13 PM

Things were finally getting back to normal. The show needs that Luke and Lorelai banter and interaction. Without it, things just didn't feel right.

Lindsay 02-14-2022 07:16 PM

^ So very true.

Talula78 02-15-2022 05:58 AM

We could breathe a sigh of relief as soon as things started to get back on track with them.

Lindsay 02-16-2022 08:42 PM

Definitely. It just didn't feel right when they were at odds.

onebreath 02-17-2022 01:29 AM

Their relationship is such a core part of the show. We need it!

Alexa 02-19-2022 04:03 PM


I really cannot stand Anna. She kept this child from Luke for years and years and then is trying to keep April from him now. And now shes ranting about his life and his dating history like???? Woman, jump off a cliff please, she is the absolute worst! That meeting was driving me crazy, why the heck didnt Luke's attorney speak up for him more! UGHHH. But thank god he still got visiting rights with April at the end there. Anna is so toxic.

Rory's hair was so pretty this episode. I felt bad for her dealing with Lucy. But at least Lucy ended up forgiving her and saw that Rory wasn't in the wrong. It was so nice of Paris to go over and defend her.

I had a feeling Sookie was pregnant again after how she was acting, they made it pretty obvious. I cant believe Jackson told her he got a vasectomy but then didnt??? That is so toxic and creepy. I'm with Sookie on this, three babies is too much heck nooooo. (hell 1 is too much for me personally lol)

Lorelai's letter was nice but nothing that special. I don't really get why Chris was so mad about it, it felt very basic to me lol. But, Im glad. Get mad Chris and leave so we can let this dumb relationship go. He wasnt necessarily wrong about Lorelai's feelings for Luke but it kinda came from nowhere, he should have brought this up or realized this forever ago. Like hello chris, you were her rebound from the beginning! Come on.

That ending! Poor Richard. :bawl:

onebreath 02-20-2022 03:13 AM

Yep, Anna is just awful.

I loved the character references. That line of "Once Luke Danes is in your life, he is in your life forever ever." makes me melt every time. :sigh:

Christopher is pathetic. He ignores the fact the letter pretty much points out he was an absent father, and instead focuses on it being a "love letter"?! God, he is also the worst. Anna and Chris - garbage people.

Lindsay 02-20-2022 11:22 AM

Anna is the worst. She definitely should’ve told him about April and let him decide if he wanted to be in her life. She denied him that. No matter her reasoning, that was wrong.

onebreath 02-28-2022 03:09 AM

The only good thing to come out of Anna's crappy decision, is that we get to see Luke Danes at his best and fight for his daughter.

One of my absolute favourite comparisons on the show, is that showing the difference between Luke and Christopher and their approach to being dads. Luke is an amazing father who bends over backwards for April and fights to get custody to her, after he was denied being able to be her father for almost 13 years. Christopher had the opportunity of being there in Rory's life from day one, but never took it. He chose the path of the deadbeat, despite all doors being open to him. He's always letting Riry down, is there only minimally and 90% of the time when he is there, he's using his relationship with Rory as a means to get with Lorelai. And he never learns, grows or redeems himself.

Alexa 02-28-2022 11:26 PM

Yeah, exactly, stark differences. And I think Lorelai saw that too.


I liked this episode sort of...

Rory telling Logan about her crushing on another guy was just so weird to me. But, I liked Logan's reaction and I also like that he admitted he didn't handle the Marty thing in the best way. I do like this Logan that has matured and is owning up to his mistakes. And him being there for Rory during her dads heart attack was very sweet. I'm honestly surprised though that this Rory relationship lasted this long on the series? I feel like they kinda had some missed opportunities having her date around a little in these later years.

The Christopher storyline finally comes to an end THANK GOD. I loved that Sookie asked if even if Luke wasnt in the picture if it would still work with Lorelai and Chris. And I am glad that Lorelai realized it wasn't just her feelings for Luke that was ruining the relationship. I think they said it clearly, her and Chris always had this "what if" looming over them, but the truth is that that Lorelai just couldn't love Chris in the same way. I am so glad they saw that and ended this relationships finally. It took a bit too long and there was no point in them being FREAKING MARRIED but hey, ill take it.

The Michele storyline was dumb but kinda funny. I guess.

WHere the hell has Lane been? Luke has barely been in this season as well, which is irritating. Even Paris just gets bones.

I dont hate this season, there are parts i like better than season 6, but I wish it was a bit more balanced.

Talula78 03-01-2022 06:20 AM

I agree with everyone about Anna, she drove me crazy! Luke was wonderful fighting for his daughter! I also loved how Logan owned up to his mistakes. That showed true character. :love:

Lindsay 03-01-2022 06:59 PM

Alexa, wasn't all that in 7x14? 7x13 was the hospital ep. But thank goodness CL finally were over.

onebreath 03-02-2022 03:21 AM

There's so much focus on Chris/Lorelai in the first half of the season which makes it drag on, becauae it's annoying to watch, so I think that gives off the impression there's not much Luke. But he's there just as much. It's also probably becauae there's hardly any interaction between Lorelai and Luke in that time (i think there's about 4 episodes in a row where they have no interaction at all). But that changes in the second half. Which is why the second half is so much better.

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