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shinebrighterxx 09-16-2022 07:27 PM

still being annoying :look: looks like it ate my subscription


Yeah I don't blame you

Of course they'd use her to try damage control if it is true

Listening to podcast about the OG Charmed & one of the actors on it made a comment about how you don't say no to Aaron Spelling as he was a big producer at the time. Probably similar situation for Dick Wolf. He's got all the power & you don't say no to him

BlondieLeigh 09-17-2022 02:19 PM


It was kind of validating to see them being appalled by it too, especially with them being general audience. It's not just fandom that see the glaring issues.

Honestly not at all surprising. Wolf knows that Mariska is his company.

Yeah, not surprising. I wonder if there are stories about Aaron Spelling. Never heard anything about him, but there were some about OG Charmed's EP (Brad Kern) a few years back (and CBS fired him when it came out (think he was at one of the NCIS shows at the time), just like they fired Thomas Gibson when he assaulted someone on set, it's almost like abusive people should be fired! NBC can't relate).

shinebrighterxx 09-17-2022 09:11 PM

Yeah I get that

Exactly. She is a brand symbol for him. You see her, you think Law & Order or at least SVU. She is basically his company :nod:

No idea if there are or aren't any. In the podcast I was listening to they were saying good things about him or saying things in a positive way, but I did just find that comment interesting. If you've got a producer who is something big at the time they're in a position of power & how do you say no to that? How do you fight back? Especially when people are clearly around covering things up. At least with Brad Kern CBS investigated & fired him from NOLA as you said. But does that mean they'd do the same for a Dick Wolf show? I do wonder if the FBI sets are safer places just because they're on CBS not NBC, or if all of the sets are risks because they all come under the Wolf Ent. umbrella. Doesn't matter if they're on NBC, CBS, or somewhere else :look:

BlondieLeigh 09-18-2022 01:14 PM

He's got nothing without Mariska and he knows it.

Yeah, Spelling was obviously very powerful but I've never heard anything about him abusing that power. Doesn't mean he didn't, of course, we just don't know.

I think CBS may give wolf way too much leeway, considering they let him bring in an accused rapist as the lead for FBI:MW after Julian left. I do think there's big issues in Wolf ent, though, and that the NBC shows are probably less safe because NBC seem more willing to allow it. With CBS, we have to remember that it's a recent development for them, too, and that they still get it wrong - just look at Michael Weatherly. He should have been gone, but instead they paid off his target, I assume because they figured keeping the show on air would make them more (Gibson was a different issue as Criminal Minds was very ensemble) - so they'll do the right thing unless it will impact their bottom line.

shinebrighterxx 09-18-2022 11:50 PM


Yeah we may never know on that one. Hopefully he didn't

Possibly. It could be CBS is navigating it all & are deciding on a case by case basis. Wolf may have power to push things? I don't know :shrug:. As you mentioned, CBS has made some bad choices too in favor of possibly making more money. This could be another example of doing that. It is possible it happened with NCIS with Mark, although now they've taken the risk & letting NCIS exist without Mark. They just didn't take the risk by firing him when things went bad between him & Pauley. In that case it was the dog that was the issue though & they should've at least forced him to keep his dog away from the set. I found it interesting how they let Michael continue on, meanwhile around the same time they were making the right choice when it came to Brad Kern on NOLA... :look:

BlondieLeigh 09-19-2022 07:29 AM

So Mariska liked a post on twitter of her and Kelli with the person saying they can't believe we're losing that.

The One Chicago cast are saying they were shocked Jesse is leaving (would they be if it was his choice? Seems he would have mentioned it before) and it would leave a void. One of the PD cast members looked miserable on set the other week.

There's clearly something going on at WolfEnt.

I think with CBS it does come down to money, ultimately, and it really shouldn't, the right thing should always come first. Mark definitely should have been told to keep his dog off set if he can't control it.

shinebrighterxx 09-21-2022 03:01 AM

Interesting :look: No surprise, she'd miss her too... but interesting sounding post to like

That's so sad :( They possibly would say those things if it was his choice but came out of nowhere, but more likely it is because it isn't his choice as you'd think he would've given them a heads up

Really wish someone would do a proper investigation behind it all :pout:

Money shouldn't come first. But often still does unfortunately :no: even when it comes to something as serious as assault or people being/feeling like they're in danger

BlondieLeigh 09-21-2022 12:07 PM

It's very obvious Mariska is not okay with this.

The One Chicago casts seem pretty close. They go round each others places for meals etc. It makes sense of course, for those whose families aren't there, but with some of them in particular, I'd be surprised if he didn't at least tell them if he was thinking about it. He's also visited set twice since he finished filming (three weeks ago, med showrunners confirmed), apparently he's shadowing the director, but he hasn't been there every day, he's never really shown any interest in directing as far as we know, and he was hanging out with the technical advisor one one of those days. There's something really strange going on. He definitely seems to still want to be there.

It's necessary. Even putting Jesse aside because we don't know for sure what actually happened there, Kelli's firing was 100% sexist and ageist, they promoted an abuser, hired an accused rapist that got off on a technicality and have a bigot on one of their sets that closely works with black women who seem to leave without any real explanation. It's really shady and needs looking into.

These companies need to do better.

shinebrighterxx 09-21-2022 06:42 PM

But is probably silenced even with the power she does have

Yeah I thought they were close. Doesn't make sense for him to have not told them before
hmm that's strange... maybe he's looking at getting involved but in a different way? But seems strange if he hasn't shown interest before

Just how much there is right now on the different sets is disturbing. Why are people letting this go on & not doing something about it? :mad:

they really do :blank:

BlondieLeigh 09-22-2022 04:02 PM

Yep. It's not right.

You'd think he would have at least mentioned it if he was thinking about it. It seems to have come out of nowhere for them, too.

Honestly the idea that he will take bts because he wants to be there makes me sad, but if the rumours are true it makes sense.

There's just so much! There's another one now, too. A character exited Med last night. No idea why he's leaving, but he is a black man.

I think Kelli opened the floodgates, so to speak. It was very obvious the reasoning was sketchy as hell, and people started asking questions. The Jesse thing just made it all so much bigger. This is all very concerning. It's not a small list, either.

Rachel DiPillo (MED)
Jamie Gray Hyder
Demore Barnes
Kelli Giddish
Diane Neal
Jill Hennessey - in the sense that they knew she wanted to come back and didn't even tell her her character was being killed off before it aired.
Annie Ilonzeh (Fire)
Adriyan Rae (Fire)
Lisseth Chavez (PD)
Elias Koteas (PD) - included because the rumour is he wasn't even told he was fired until he got the script where his character died.
Sophia Bush (PD)
Norma Kuhling (Med)
Colin Donnell (Med) - we know it wasn't his choice based on vague comments he made on social media just before the news dropped.
Jon Seda (PD) - They messed him around. Giving him a spin off, promising they'd bring him back if it was cancelled, bringing him back only ro refuse to renew his contact. His new show is amazing though, and Wolf has nothing to do with it.
Guy Lockard (Med)
Charlie Barnett (Fire)

Potentially Torrey DeVitto and Yaya Dacosta (Med) because as much as we assumed it was their choice, I now realise it was never actually confirmed, just implied. Yaya is now back in a recurring capacity. I would maybe even include Monica Raymund, because although we know it was her choice, her character wasn't given a proper exit because, despite her giving them months notice, he decided she was lying about not renewing her contract, and has admitted to essentially hassling her into coming back for guest appearances (which she has, twice, so there doesn't seem to be hard feelings but him just deciding she was lying is not okay).

Rachel's exit in particular is very concerning to me in retrospect. She supposedly asked to be released from her contract before season 4. Never made a statement about leaving, and seems to have stopped acting entirely since.

In better news though. PD's ratings for last night are in. Down by a million viewers based on their last season average and had a series low demo. Fire and Med were also significantly down, but PD (where an abuser was directly promoted) had a like, 17% drop from last season's average.

shinebrighterxx 09-23-2022 12:29 AM

At least it is something but really sad if it is that he has to go bts to be able to work there still

What? :eek: What is happening on all of these shows?

That list alone is terrible :no:

Looks like already they are suffering. Fans won't be silenced, they'll just walk away

BlondieLeigh 09-23-2022 01:56 PM

So the PD showrunners have been very silent on the Jesse situation. The Med showrunners and actors though, not so much :lol: The med showrunners confirmed the episode he leaves, Nick stated what exit he doesn't get...


and also kind of all but confirmed it wasn't Jesse's choice. He said something like "These things happen in our industry." So not outright, but the implication is there.

The guy that left Med literally only joined as a regular last season. No way was his contract up.

Honestly it's horrific that there is a list, it being so long makes it worse, and that's likely barely a drop in the ocean (I didn't include Lauren German, although she has confirmed it wasn't her choice). Not at all surprising either that the vast majority are minorities and women.

Sure it will likely go up in the +7s, but they've also moved streaming all onto paid peacock, which people don't want to get, so probably not as much as it usually does, and everyone knows the lives matter most anyway. Losing 17% from your season average for a premiere is not a good sign.

PurpleLily 09-23-2022 10:46 PM

There should not be a list but that list is too long and unfortunately would be a small piece of a far larger picture of racist, misogynist, ageist, and probably other forms of discrimination all by Wolf Ent.'s hands.

That is interesting that Chicago ratings were down. It doesn't look like L&O ones took a hit just yet, but it is only a matter of time. I imagine when PD and SVU get to the departure episodes they will suffer a blow, or at least PD will. SVU fans claim they will be leaving after Kelli's final episode, so time will tell if that does occur and if it is enough to be a noticeable drop.

BlondieLeigh 09-24-2022 12:18 PM

Yep, there's likely so much more, especially going further back.

I'm hoping they stay down. PD have the double whammy of what looks like them firing their most popular actor, and promoting an abuser. PD's average has, iirc, steadily gone up every season since season 5, so losing a million viewers and hitting a demo low for a premiere definitely doesn't bode well for them.

L&Os may have not gone down because it was a crossover, but they also weren't up, where they? Which they usually would be for crossovers.

shinebrighterxx 09-24-2022 07:33 PM

Interesting that Med is actually talking about it while PD are quiet. But I guess PD are the ones with something to hide


"These things happen in our industry."
These things should NOT just happen & leave it at that, accepting it. It isn't acceptable behaviour.


Honestly it's horrific that there is a list
Valid point

I can't imagine there will be that significant change in the ratings even when they look at the +7s. Then L&Os probably will drop next week after the crossover :nod:. I think it was average ratings? No rise or fall from last year? I think SVU was normal but OC & maybe L&O got a rise?

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