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Copulators [J+K]: #2008 "Kate and Jack have this much more, sort of sweeter, more trusting, emotional romantic energy - Damon"

Where does a story truly begin?

In life, there are seldom clear cut beginnings, those moments when we can, in looking back,
say that everything started. Yet, there are moments when fate intersects with our daily lives,
setting in motion a sequence of events whose outcome we could never have foreseen ;

Jack & Kate, two complete strangers, yet destined to meet, destined to become the missing piece in the other person's soul.

They crashed on an island, two of forty-eight, but it is in each other that they found their strength. From the start they have struggled to survive, together.

They grew closer, saw things that they thought weren't even humanly possible
went through the hardest trials and tribulations, but they sought support in one another;
they have faced the unspeakable, together.

Their story was never any easy one. Time and time again, chance has separated them.

But we know that in the end,
nothing in the world will keep them apart.
[abc promo]

characters ;

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Reasons + Quotes

Five seasons in, this is still one of their most intimate moments. Kate the fugitive, the ultimate runner,
stopping dead on her feet to help a stranger and Jack, the hardcore surgeon, the fixer,
asking for some fixing himself, giving in to vulnerability. “You’re not running now” would end up being
a milestone in their relationship since Kate has always been with him, while Jack had finally found in her,
his own Achilles Heel. Also, Destiny pulls the strings in LOST, so the first meeting of its original couple being
the first “moment” between the characters makes it all the more epic and meaningful. ZOOM on Charlie’s
'FATE'? You betcha! - Joy
The hug of all hugs! One of their most beautiful scenes. We get how much Kate cares and loves Jack in that episode.
We see Kate heading out on a mission to get them rescued she seems feeling something bad has happened.
She hasn’t know that Jack got himself buried in a cave in yet... when Sawyer said this news she gives up on
the chance of being rescued for Jack and runs to save him. When Kate arrived at the caves
she begins digging and keeps digging despite everyone telling her take a break. She puts all her strength to save him.
When she sees Jack, she runs into his arms and wraps her arms around him in the hug of all hugs.
They share a long hug. Later Kate kneels beside him and says she made him something for him,
she gives him his very fist sling, the sling she made for him.- Eda
"What's a Garden without guava?" He's right you know. Or maybe it's not so much that Jack's right,
but it's the fact that he cares about Kate's garden. He's the unofficial leader, he has a million other things
to worry about. Why should Jack be worried about a garden? Because it matters to Kate. It's a simple gesture,
but those "slimy little blueish-black thingys" say a lot. Jack tells Kate to open her hand,
and she hesitates at first. "You'll like it, I swear." he says. Kate's unsure but puts her hand out anyway.
Jack's hand lingers as he places the seeds into hers, and to Kate's revelation, she thinks they are the passion
fruit seeds from before. But she's wrong. "Guava seeds!" She says, kind of shocked that Jack went out of the way
to do that for her. Sometimes it's the simple things that matter the most. And hey, what's a garden without guava, right? - Shanna


Why do I love this scene so much? Ha! This must be a rhetorical question. It's quite obvious to anyone, I think.
It's not easy to put it in words, though. First of all, I love that Jack was looking for Kate and he finds her in
the heart of the jungle of all places. It felt like he knew where to go, even though she looks isolated
and lost in her own little world more than ever. I love the sense of peace and quietness in the atmosphere.
I love the feeling of the contrast given by the warmth of the colors and lighting, which strongly clash with the fast movements and Kate's emotional tone of voice. I love how she violently bursts her emotions out
and how he carefully listens to her, quite confused and almost scared. I love the way he suddenly reaches out
and grabs her arm in the attempt to quickly close the distance between them. I love the way he embraces her
and she eventually lets him. I love the tone in Jack's voice when he whispers to her ear, and he keeps on while looking in her eyes. But most of all, I love the way she looks at him into his eyes though
her teary eyes. I love the stillness of this moment. I love how she sees truth and finds comfort in his words,
which urges her to keep her walls down and let him get close for a moment more and so with no hesitation
she kisses him. Slowly, deeply, passionately, tenderly, lovingly. I adore when they part their lips but they lean forward,
resting on each other's foreheads, savoring every bit of the moment, and anticipating
the imminent approach of reality and deep meaning in their unspoken words. - Cla

"You've got a better angle than me, anyway." "Oh, is that gonna be your excuse when I make the shot?"
"When you make the shot?"
The net scene is such an awesome scene, because they're close, really close
(and they're not complaining, you can tell by their faces). Add to that those sexy noises, all the brushing, their little cute banter...
there's sexual undertones all over the place! (And come on, "...and as Kate gets Jack's gun from his pants..."?)
How many of us thought while watching this "God, they really need to resolve all that UST"?
So in my opinion, this proves that Jack and Kate don't need to rip their clothes off to make an scene hot.
They're epic like that. - Laurie

I still remember when Jack told Kate that he wasn’t sorry he kissed her. I was so happy to hear Jack admit that.
He finally admitted through that sentence that he had feelings for her. Kate realized it then
that there were mutual feelings between them both. They went to lean in, all of us Jaters got excited,
then BAM; Michael comes out and ruins everything. However, we still get an importance with
this scene that Jack and Kate truly are falling for each other. - Amanda


"Nothing in the world will keep them apart": these words were used by ABC to promote one of
the best Jack&Kate scenes ever,and one of the most beloved by us. It one of the most touching,
moving scene that Jack&Kate could have and the setting cannot be worse: she came to rescue him only to find out
he didn't need her to rescue him and he was leaving the island and her. Kate delicately touches his hand
he squeezes hers in return, they're both teary, unable to believe this would be the last time
they see each other, and even though Jack wanted her to not come back for him he whispered
"But I will come back for you" leaving a heartbroken Kate behind. - Ale


Some love the dialogue, some love Kate's face, Jack's face, the fact that everyone around them
is witnessing their connection, etc etc. There is so much about this scene that resonates and defines
who Jack and Kate have been all along. Kate recalling the story that has been the foundation of their inexplicable bond.
When Jack asks her to tell him, she immediately cracks{You...were doing surgery on a girl.
And you messed up. You made a mistake
} and you can feel the emotion thats going through both of them.
You know how much this story means to both of them. {You tore something on her back and all the nerves spilled loose.
And you said you were so afraid and you said the fear was so real. And you didn't know what to do
You know that the breaking point is coming, as an audience member, you know there is going to be
that one line that breaks her and him{so you counted to five} and that was it. Kate broke down and you can
see the emotion in Jack's eyes. At this point, you see Juliet turning her head away as if she's uncomfortable
witnessing this very private moment between them and Sawyer, with a look of understanding and dread.
{And then you weren't afraid anymore. Then it was just gone. And you fixed her. You saved her.}
You sort of feel every meaning behind every word that is said in her recollection. You know she's not just
repeating the story, it means something to her. He means something to her. Jack asks her to make him
a promise to never come back here for him because he knows it's dangerous. {I need you to make me a promise, Kate. }
He knows he will die after the surgery and he wants her to be happy and not worry about him. Selfless love at its best.
{Promise me that you'll never come back here for me. Don't come back, Kate.} We all know that she won't sit
still while he's over there but for now, they part ways. In distance, but not in heart. - Carlie

I think Jack telling Kate he loves her is one of the most romantic scenes of the series.
He knows Kate in in a quasi relationship with Sawyer but he's not petty or jealous, he just wants her happy
so he'll even stick up for the man he thinks she chose over him. Kate can't even fathom this kind
of unconditional love so she asks why...and the answer is so simple and pure. "Because I love you."
It's just so sweet and there's such a quiet honesty to it. There was no ulterior motives or fear
and circumstances driving this just was and he needed her to know. To see Jack expose
his heart to Kate without hopes or expectations and just...because makes this scene so beautiful to me. - Alesia

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My heart was beating so fast the moment Jack walked in that room. I knew it was going to be
a beautiful moment between Jack&Kate as always. I was just watching the great moment they shared.
Jack was asking her if he's good at raising Aaron. He cared enough to know what the woman
he loves think of him as a father. & Kate didn't let him down, She trusted him enough to say that he is good at this.
Then comes a great seconds of Jack&Kate exchanging looks, you knew that Jack was going to say something.....
He looks at her eyes deeply & asks her to marry him & to spend the rest of her life with him.....
He pulls out a ring....that made Kate's eyes glow....that made Kate herself speechless.....
& she says 'yes' to spending the rest of her life with the man she truly loves. Which made Jack so happy
to know that they're going to be a real strong couple and a real strong family. - Yara


Hallway, did you already write this word in your mind? You better, because it's practically the word that resume
"Something Nice Back Home". Of course, there is the proposal, but when you ask me, Hallway always comes first.
Just before, Kate heard Jack telling Alice In Wonderland to Aaron, and you just see her being genuinely happy watching this.
Then, she waits for him, telling him she is glad to have him around, for Aaron, for her.
So he takes her head in his hands, caresses her chin with his fingers and kisses her, because his mind tells him to do it,
because his heart tells him, because he wants it.
They grow closer and Jack lifts her up, as she wraps her legs around him and he leads her to heaven. - Candice


The angstiest of angsty scenes. The best twist in the history of television. The most epic couple in the universe.
Yeah, it's pretty much that awesome. I don’t think I could ever express the pure shock I experienced
watching this scene for the first time. Jack, a broken man; Kate, seemingly together. But things
at first glance don’t really seem to have changed between them. They were still flirting
and smiling just like the many times we had seen them before. And then everything changed,
and it was like looking at a brand new set of people, a couple that had experienced unspeakable hurts,
who had long been separated, but despite everything, still loved each other. With one touch,
Kate melted into Jack, closing her eyes and swaying with him, as they both tried to recapture what
they had had before, as they tried to pretend that the island didn’t have a stronger pull. It was a struggle
for both to say goodbye, but more so for Kate, whose brief encounter with the man that she loved
and then had to lose caused the anger to boil up to the surface. With one slap, Kate portrayed
all the hurt and pain that he had caused her, and showed that without Jack, she was just like him - a broken mess. - Morgan


For the longest time the pilot and the walkie talkie scene had been fighting to get the first spot in my Top Three JK scenes.
And then this scene came, only to make the decision even harder. I can describe this scene in so many ways, this one of them;
I just adore how the scene resembles their first meeting so much. Jack's also hurt here. Kate is also coming
out of the bushes. Kate is also comforting him. Listening to his story. And Jack is also asking for her help.
{are you with me on this} And Kate is also, not running now. {yes}. But then she uses the quote
I've been wanting her to use ever since NIP. {do you remember when I stitched you up?
When we first got here.
} This just confirms again how deep her love for Jack goes. Here they are,
Jack wanting to erase their entire history together, and Kate angry at him. Yet a simple sentence like that for her,
a simple touch like that from her, them going back to that moment together, made everything right between them.
They trusted one another again, they saw that hint of hope for love. Even the way she wipes the blood off his face,
smiles at him, puts her hands on her lap and just goes for his face again, just because she wants to touch him,
makes my fluffy heart burn with love. Also, during this scene I can't stop myself of thinking about Bernard's quote
from earlier {So we die, we only care about being together} and here we have Jack and Kate.
Him about to blow up the island, about to face the end, whatever that may be, and then we have Kate,
not agreeing to anything Jack's about to do, but she remembers Bernard's quote and realizes that
the only thing she cares about is Jack, and being with him. So she agrees. Together, we'll live forever. - Liesbeth


It's always just a look or a word with Jack and Kate that can render the other person speechless,
send their relationship into a new level, and send squees of Jaters' delight across the world.
That was what this scene gave us, with their relationship in turmoil, the little flashback showed us
the moment where Kate comes as close as possible to admitting her true feelings. With Kate's
"I've always been with you", she makes sure Jack understands that through all they have been through,
and even when he thought she was with another man, he had always had her heart,
Jack is left speechless absorbing what she had just told him. But in hindsight, the scene proves
to be much more than that. That one scene would set up an important theme for Jate in season five.
Jack's need to always have Kate by his side, and Kate never being able to not be with Jack.
Being together is not a rational, conscious decision as much as it is an unconscious, inherent even maybe instinctual need.
It is like they can not exist being apart, they are always together, they need to be so, and will always be together as one. - Yas

It's when we love the strongest that we possess the potential to hurt the most.
It seemed like he didn't have a care for what they had, what still existed between them.
Did all that time they had together not mean anything? "All the misery that we've been through,
we'd just wipe it clean. Never happened."
For all the pain they had experienced
it was their wonderful moments in between that made it all worth it.
"What about us? It was not all misery." And perhaps she wondered if he was already too far gone.
Yet the fire in his eyes remained, and the need to serve the greater good still burned in his heart,
but she just didn't understand. Tears stung her eyes, threatening to spill in cascades down her dirt-stained cheeks;
because for her nothing would ever touch what still lingered between them. And there they waited,
both unaware that their feelings were more alike than they could have imagined. Her heart breaking
at the thought of losing him, and his shattered from what he believed he had already lost. - Ash

"I would go with you,,

Where were you today, Jack?
Just taking care of some things.

As always, not much has to be said between these two.
In some kind of cosmic way, they just GET each other.

moments ;

It’s not like it’s a secret.
Hard to tell with you sometimes

Kate shoots Jack a sour look -- Jack decides maybe today’s
not the day for this and gives in.
He moves over to her. This woman is magnetic to him --
despite their issues.

[Epic Essay]
click h e r e ;

&Eve ;

Episode 6 "House Of The Rising Sun", a half naked Jack and Kate,
find two bodies in the cave that Locke refers to as their own "Adam and Eve."

Eve was said to have been created from the rib of Adam,
there she came out of the woods,

and stitched up the wound that was left
where the rib was removed...

Kate hates this - disappointing Jack is the last thing
she wants to do, but she has no choice -

I don’t want to be Eve.
No one’s asking you to.

- and there is a part of Kate that wishes, more than anything
else in the world,
that he were asking. But that’s not the part of her that’s calling the shots.

[click on the art for our theory]

THE VALLEY - Where Jack watches the bonfire, thinking of Kate...
THE BEACH ...where Kate stands next to Sayid, thinking of Jack... the sadness of two kindred souls unable to connect.
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What’s a garden without guava?

Jack smiles at Kate. And as always, there’s so much going on
between these two.
But we’ll leave the audience wanting more and go to --
tree ;

6 The Shephards

Meaning of the name: One who cares for and guides a group of people;
someone that shows the way

The Shephard clan, not just a mere group of shattered and broken people, not just a fragmented family.
Though they are often separate, though they wander different paths, they all serve the same purpose,
to live up to their namesake, to be leaders, to give from their hearts. In the end, this family may be the key to it all,
the key to saving the island from darkness. But that’s an answer only Season Six can bring.
Ray Shephard

Meaning of the name: advice; decision protector
Ray or “Rey” in Spanish also means ‘king’.

He was only in one scene this season, and he didn’t do much, but with a few comments and some knowing looks, it really seemed like maybe Grandpa Ray knew more than he was letting on. His name in many ways is suiting; he seemed like someone Jack could come to, someone that Ray’s own son, Jack’s father, could never be to Jack. He was there to supply the thing that Jack had needed most, a pair of his father’s shoes; the ticket to get back to where Jack was destined to be. Could he have been on the island in the 1950s with the American army? Jack sure looked at that U.S. army photo on the island for quite a long time. Did it look familiar? These are some things hopefully Season Six will answer, and we all hope to see Ray again.

Dr. Christian Shephard

Meaning of the name: anointed, follows Christ

Christian is the enigma, the mystery in the puzzle. Is he a villain or a hero? A sinner or a saint? A liar or a leader? His whole adult life he was an alcoholic. He pushed his son, pushed him away and to a purpose, but what was that purpose? To become one of the world’s best spinal surgeons or was it something more? In death, Christian is seen wandering the jungle, a man donning white sneakers and a crisp suit, a man dressed in drab, dark clothing. But are they the same man? Christian has left instructions to several survivors, guided them, and led the way. But is he leading them to where they need to be? Or entangling them in a trap that they cannot foresee? He says he works for Jacob, but do we really know this is true? Could this story be winding down to a show-down between father and son? Only time can tell.
Margo Shephard

Meaning of the name: pearl

Margo hasn’t had much of a major role in the big picture of the significance of the Shephard family. Often she was neglected by her husband and resentful of her son, Jack, for driving her husband even further away. But after believing that Jack may have died in the crash, she welcomed him back with open arms, ready to forget all the pain that their family had experienced.
Dr. Jack Shephard

Meaning of the name: god is gracious
Also called Moses. Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and away from slavery.

He may be the key to it all. Once a man of science, insecure and afraid of the unknown, he is now a true man of faith, doing whatever he can to find his destiny. As the leader of the survivors, he made many mistakes, lost many people, and in many ways, lost himself. Ignoring his path, he went down another and found himself on the brink of death. But everything has changed now. To quote Jacob, all he needed was “a little push”, someone to believe in him. He found that with Kate, but being the unselfish and good-hearted man he is, he sacrificed the thing he wanted most, Kate, to erase all the mistakes he had made in the past. To get a second chance at doing things right. To save all those that had been lost. Next season we’ll discover more of Jack’s path and find out if he will ever get his happy ending.
Katherine Anne Austen

Meaning of the name: pure (first name); grace (middle name)

Austen is the last name of the famous novelist Jane Austen. Her female characters were often strong and independent, two qualities that Kate obviously possesses. With Austen’s heroines, true love often came with arduous struggles and numerous misunderstandings, but in the end, they always lived happily ever after.

Though she is not legally a part of the Shephard family, she was engaged to Jack and was raising his nephew, Aaron, and is now currently back on the island to find Jack’s sister, Claire. She first forged a major connection by delivering Aaron, a baby that may have a bigger purpose than we know. It was through actions like these that we learned to understand the person that Kate truly was, not the criminal, but the kind-hearted and giving woman who stood by her fellow survivors, and became the right hand man and support to their leader, Jack. Kate’s mother and father, bound in an abusive relationship, never gave Kate the support and love she needed; they never were able to show her what true love really was. But through the Shephard family, Kate found a purpose, a life; she found love. Will Kate be able to find Claire? Will she have a child of her own? Amongst these questions there is one constant; she will be there to help Jack find his destiny and purpose and fight beside him until the bitter end.
Claire Littleton

Meaning of the name: clear, bright (first name); small town (last name)

Unbeknownst to Jack until after he finally was able to bury his father, both figuratively and literally, a sister surfaced that he never knew existed, and yet knew all the same. Claire, unaware of her own father’s last name, never makes the connection, and is lost in the jungle, following the man she vowed never to see again and someone who may be dangerous to her own safety, Christian. Once regarded as someone good and pure, now she is something almost ghost like; unconcerned for her own child and calm and content with her new situation. Will she ever be reunited with her son? Will she ever find out that Jack is her brother? Is she alive? Or did she die in that explosion and become something else all together?
Aaron Littleton

Meaning of the name: mountain, shining light, messenger (first name); small town (last name)
In the Bible, he was the brother of Moses and often spoke for him when he was unable to.

There is still much to be learned about Aaron. When Claire was pregnant with him, a psychic warned Claire that her son must be raised by her and only her, so that he may be enriched by her goodness. In the event that she was unable to care for him, horrible things would happen. He spoke of another couple, one in LA, who could raise the child, one that may have very well been Jack and Kate. This is where the mystery begins. Born on the island, Aaron was later left by his mother and adopted by Kate. Jack, both his uncle and his father in many respects, was told that he was not meant to raise him….but could Charlie have been talking of another? In the end, it didn’t matter; Jack left, riddled by insecurity and doubt. Surprisingly Claire, appearing to Kate in a dream, pleaded with her never to bring “him” back. Was Claire talking about Aaron? Will Aaron be an important piece in the puzzle in the end? Or was he just an unfortunate child; a witness to this sad events?

Additional note: Jacob is the great-great-grandfather of Aaron in the Bible. Coincidence? Or Fate?

soundtrack ;


He didn’t want to remember that day he told her to stay behind, but she came anyway. He didn’t want to remember how it felt to see that bag being yanked off, her hair all a mess, to see the gun trained at her head, to see her trembling in that man’s grasp. Because that was the first time he had ever really felt out of control, not just because that man could kill her at any moment, with no remorse, no turning back. No, because in that moment, he realized how much he loved her, and from that there really was no turning back.


He didn’t want to remember a similar day when an identical bag was taken off her head. He didn’t want to remember how his heart hammered in his chest just at the sight of her, how frustrated he was that he couldn’t just reach out through that glass and wrap her in his arms. He didn’t want to remember yelling at her, at driving her away, for asking her to be so strong when she had come to him for help. He didn’t want to remember seeing her wrapped in Sawyer’s arms. Because that was the moment he realized, it wasn’t what he was, it was what he wasn’t that had brought them here.


He didn’t want to remember the day he walked out her door because he remembered a time when he would have done anything to make her feel better (what’s a garden without guava?), a time when he would have physically harmed anyone who had caused her pain (did they hurt you?). But, when he had looked at her with Aaron clutched in her arms, her face shining with the tears she had shed, he had known that he had been the one to hurt her, and that hurt worse than any beating ever could.


He didn’t want to remember the way her hand felt against his skin as she smacked him hard across the face. Because the slap wasn’t what had smarted; it was knowing that the pain she had tried to just cause him was only a fraction of the pain he had caused her. He had felt the tenderness of her fingertips as they danced lightly over his cheek and neck, tingling with the fire of her touch. But this was a whole new kind of fire, and now he just wanted it to burn until all that was left was ash that could be swept off in the wind.


But most of all, he didn’t want to remember that first day when she walked out of the jungle, dressed in white, just like an angel, his angel. Because he hadn’t realized the gaping hole in his life until she had sewn him back together.

….and then it was gone.

He just wanted to forget.

Fan Fictions + Jate Magazine

chemistry ;

"I have to savor that for every single day that I'm here.
Every single day that I get to be working with Matthew Fox,
because without him, Its gonna be damaging."

threads ;

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She wanted to remember that day when her world had fallen to pieces, when she thought she had gone crazy. She wanted to remember the way he grabbed her and brought her close, murmuring softly into her ear that she would be alright. She wanted to remember the feel of his stubble on her fingertips and the taste of his lips and tongue. She even wanted to remember running away. Because, even though the world was spinning and she didn’t know which way was up as she ran through what felt like an endless row of trees, she had known one thing for certain. She never wanted to run from him again.


She wanted to remember that night in the game room. She wanted to remember his indifference, even though it had chilled her to see him treat her so coldly. She wanted to remember how he relaxed to her touch, how he grasped her hand firmly in his, how he scanned her face with his haunted eyes. Because it was only then that she realized how her actions had affected him, that you can break someone’s heart without ever saying a word. And when he leaned down and whispered in her ear, so close his breath tickled her neck, she knew that even though he was distant, he would never abandon her (but I will come back here for you), and that was the first time in her life that she didn’t feel alone.


She wanted to remember the day they called for rescue. She wanted to remember the blister she got on the bottom of her foot from the rock in her shoe even though she had walked a full mile without even realizing it was there. She wanted to remember the way he tried to make her feel better about Sawyer when in actuality, she was upset because of him, because of the kiss he had shared with Juliet. She wanted to remember the kamikaze look on his face as he dove in and said those words (because I love you). Because she never thought she would have a second chance, but he had offered so much forgiveness that he trusted her with his heart.


She wanted to remember the year they lived together as a family. She wanted to remember the early morning coffee in the kitchen before he kissed her and went off to work. She wanted to remember the days at the park with Aaron when Aaron would squeal with laughter as he pushed him higher and higher. Aaron used to say, “Mommy, Jack can make me fly!”, and she never said it, but she always thought, “me too.” She wanted to remember the night he woke her up and asked her to marry him. Because she had never felt so loved as she had that night when he crawled into bed and brought her close, the last thing she saw before she drifted back to sleep being the shimmer of the diamond in the dark.


But most of all, she wanted to remember that first day when she walked out of the jungle and saw him. Because he had seen her. After so many years of trying and most of the time succeeding at being invisible, he saw her, every bit of her. And when he said “you’re not running now” she somehow got the feeling that he knew her better than she even knew herself. Months later, as she gripped a walkie in her raw hands, she had told him, “you fixed her, you saved her”, but she had really meant herself. Because on that first day, he had shown her all she could be, and day by day helped her to believe it. She wasn’t broken anymore.

….yes, yes I remember!

She never wanted to forget.

It’s funny how long forgotten memories sometimes float to the surface, even the ones that may have influenced us the most in our lives. A scar long ago faded still tells a story, even if the wound no longer hurts, even if the memory of the pain remains hazy at best.

It’s funny how life can change in the blink of an eye and yet still give us those moments where time seems to stop. When all there is is you and this other person and everything else just sort of fades away.

It’s funny how something as small as hope can shine as bright as a lighthouse in a storm, promising shelter and a reason to go on, when before all there was was darkness.

People always say love is blind, but in my experience, love is what opened up my eyes for the first time. It takes time to adjust to the brightness, but once you do, what you see is so beautiful, you never want to close them again.

There is always a light in the darkness, and all it took was one man to give me the eyes to see.

Yes, yes, I remember….


This is one memory I’ll never be able to forget.

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Now you've to post the third part or cancel the post!
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Nooooooo! We have to go back!!!!!!

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omg i ruined the last thread (this is so sad THERE WONT BE A LAST THREAD! NEVAHHHHHHHHHHHH)
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Franci, just fix it, I'm going out
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stop it. i'm crying reading this OP. LAST THREAD NOOOO

tftnt btw!
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The last Jate thread
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ok i will Ale.... or i will be remembered as the one who messed up the thread

Ciao Ale the board will remember u
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am I gonna be that person right now? yeppp

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Cinzy bb! thanks for the message!! I missed you so much!

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I didn't want to be the person posting gifs when the OP was still on the same page and slowing down everyone's loading... but I couldn't help it
"That’s not just a series of coincidences. It’s destiny. And I never doubted you were mine.
And never doubt that all I want, forever and always, is for you to be happy."[Jane x Michael]
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