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  1. Tweeters #8: Hats off to @CoryMonteith for #themostperfecthashtagsever.
  2. ♫ What Cory song are you listening to? #11 ♫
  3. 200,000 Posts Preparation: Celebration to be posted soon when it's ready :)
  4. News & Appearances #9: Cory's been all over lately with 2 movies, his band, and Season 4. We're loving it.
  5. Cory Keepers #5: Our lists are already so long but we'll keep claiming anyway
  6. Perfection (Cory's Hair) #6: Doesn't matter if he's rocking 'the FIN' or short hair with greys, he's still hot.
  7. James Ascher (All the Wrong Reasons S&S) #1: Over 2,500 script submissions for an award & this movie won. We're excited!
  8. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #67: 2 WEEKS TILL OUR NEW YORK TRIP! WOOT WOOT!
  9. FINNtastic (Finn Hudson) #14: "Finn Hudson is Glee's biggest Hero." SUCK IT.
  10. Hate It or Love it #9: Cory getting movie roles? Love. Monchele cuteness at Comic-Con? Love. Season 4 spoilers? Hate.
  11. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #66: "Why is this show weird? WTF just happened? OMG DYING OF LAUGHTER. I love this show!" ~ Us.
  12. Style Icons (Cory&Selena) #4: - "I don't know. I don't want to hit you." ~ Selena
  13. Two for One {Monteith ♥ Michele} #68 ~ "Oh my gosh. I can't work without Cory at this point." ~ Lea
  14. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #65: dogs. cats. new york. ice cream. junk food. HBO GIRLS. LOST etcccc.
  15. Hotties (Finn&Santana/Cory&Naya) #6: "Shooting a really fun scene with Cory! I want to work with Finn all the time!"
  16. Absilicious (Finn&Mike/Cory&Harry) #5: Best Laugh? "When you hear Cory laugh it’s like, what is he laughing about?"
  17. Our Man (General ✥ Appreciation) #11: "Just be you, because that's good enough for me" ~ Cory
  18. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #64: We're watching Girls now thanks to Cory and Lea :)
  19. Les Français #8: We had so much Cory goodness on the French National day...coincidence? We think not
  20. Male Stars (Finn&Blaine/Cory&Darren) #5: "I've taken up mining" "That's a strong choice" So is sniffing up Darren, Cory.
  21. PDA SENSATION {Cory ♥ Lea} #67 ~ Because they don't even bother keeping their hands off each other anymore!
  22. Silly Goose (Cory's Facial Expressions) #1: He's no Jennifer Lawrence but he can also rock the derp and funny faces
  23. Childhood Friends (Cory&Dustin) #1: "He’s calling me out on my bs and I’m calling him out on his bs" "As brothers do"
  24. Trolls (Cory&Jared) #1: They're the ultimate duo for a good laugh, especially when tweeting.
  25. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #63: I'm shining like fireworks over your sad empty town
  26. Monswift (Cory&Taylor) #6: "She's lovely. She's just a passionate person. I think talent is attractive." ~ Cory
  27. Cory I Spy Game #3: We love that there's so many glee cast pictures to play with!
  28. OTP {Cory♥Lea} #66: Monchele things - LOTS OF TRAVELLING. Biking. Vegan restaurants. Hockey games. Broadway shows...
  29. Mondrums (Cory's Music) #5: Because Cory was the lead on what's said to be "Glee's best performance" by critics all over
  30. Cory I Never Game #2: I'll never stop following Cory's career? True.
  31. Posting Bosses (Cory Post Count) #20: We wanna stay up all night and 'post' around until we see the sun!
  32. Cory's Scruff #8: We want to see Finn with a scruff on Season 4!
  33. Ladies Man (Finn Unconventional&Crack Pairings) #6: RACHEL AND CHRIS. Kbye.
  34. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #62: "With great power comes great responsibility."
  35. One Love {Finn ♥ Rachel} #34: "I hope when we look back at it, they will be a legendary couple in television." ~ Cory
  36. Cory Pictures #14: Because he looks delicous in pictures that we want to eat him up.
  37. Les Français #7: Cory is finally in France, enjoy the croissants
  38. Monchele {LoveBirds} #65 ~ Aw, they are in the city of love, holding hands & kissing under the Eiffel Tower! <3
  39. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #61: Let the boy band battle begin!
  40. Cory This or That #7: More unexpected Monchele pics or more adorable Monchele sightings?
  41. Sweethearts [Cory&Dianna] #6: We hope that no matter what, they'll still hang out together!
  42. Montourage Devotion #3: You know you're a Cory fan when... he's happy and you are happy for him!
  43. Frankenasian (Finn&Tina/Cory&Jenna) #4: We are so excited to see them at Comic Con!
  44. Bromance (Finn&Rory/Cory&Damian) #5: He tweeted, "Finn was always my favorite character on the show." We love you Damian
  45. Finn Hudson S&S #33: "His heart is still with Rachel and I think he has a lot of reasons to not be in the Army as well."
  46. Monchele {Girlfriend ♥ Boyfriend} #64 ~ Because they went to hide in English Countryside to have some romance!
  47. New Yorkers {Kurt&Finn&Rachel / Chris&Cory&Lea} #2: "No matter what happens, we're all here for each other."
  48. Cory's Picture Hunt Game #2: A thread full of nothing but pictures of Cory!? This is heaven.
  49. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #60: We are already missing Leyla
  50. Honorably Humble (Finn&Emma/Cory&Jayma) #3: Because Emma believes in him