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  1. Goodbye My Lover, Cory Monteith
  2. The Montourage Lounge [OT] #164: Because we've had good times and bad on this thread and board and now it's time to say goodbye.
  3. Cory's Anti-ABC #13: Coward, Dumb, Egotistical
  4. Possible Board Closure Discussion: Please Read and Respond!
  5. Forever {Cory♥Lea} #136: "Love from above... #hawaii ❤️"
  6. Posting Bosses (Cory Post Count) #40: Because we know Cory would be proud of us!
  7. Hot Stuff (Cory's Body) #10: We miss staring at him with oogly eyes.
  8. Cory Hangman #9: Why don't we sing the alphabet to make the game go faster?
  9. Last Letter Game #9: Cory - Young - Genuine
  10. Havoc Reigns!
  11. The Montourage Lounge [OT] #163: Reason to watch Teen Wolf: Two words, Dylan O'Brien.
  12. Cory Word Association #14: angel - Cory - fans
  13. I Love/Hate It When.... #2: I hate it when I have school the next day.
  14. Cory TPAM #26: The Person Above Me is crashing on her keyboard
  15. Cory Pictures #25: Pictures that still reminds us that he may be gone but he's here with us.
  16. Cory I Never Game #5: I never met Cory Monteith.
  17. Style Icon (Cory's Fashion) #8: Because we got new outtakes, and he look handsome in the clothes he was wearing.
  18. Cory's ABC #12: Vlogger, Wonderful, Xtraordinary
  19. ✰ Cory Monteith Three Year Celebration ✰
  20. The Montourage Lounge [OT] #162: Because goodbye 2013, hello 2014! Let's hope it's a better year!!
  21. Cory's Anti-ABC #12: Brat, Clumsy, Dreading
  22. 3 year preparation thread!!!!!!
  23. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  24. Besides Glee, what are you watching? #3
  25. Posting Bosses (Cory Post Count) #39: Cory's gone but we're here to stay
  26. Forever {Cory♥Lea} #135: "We had a full life, and that had lots of different details that will be ours forever, for only us to know"
  27. The Cliché [Finn♥Quinn] #5: "I'm so happy to be here with you, it's what I've always wanted."
  28. FINNtastic (Finn Hudson) #24: "He was our Quarterback."
  29. Cory Three Words #10 : We love Cory
  30. The Montourage Lounge [OT] #161: Because One Direction's new album is coming out this week! Super Excited!
  31. Please Welcome sparksღfly As Your New Moderator
  32. Cory TPAM #26: The Person Above Me wants to play some more.
  33. Les Français #26: We don't want to find a title for this thread.
  34. Tethered {Finn♥Rachel} #55: "Before Finn, I used to sing alone so this song is for him."
  35. Moderator Opening Announcement
  36. Remembering Cory
  37. Rant Thread {Spoilers Inside} #14: Because we're just done. Done with this show. Done with everything.
  38. Style Icons (Cory&Selena) #7: "This hurts. I love you Cory. Rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you"
  39. Cory Monteith Board [Introduction | Guide | Birthdays] #7: Please introduce yourself & post all new threads here! :)
  40. The Montourage Lounge [OT] #160: Because real life makes it impossible to catch up on our favorite TV shows!
  41. Finn&Sue (Cory&Jane) #6: "Cory was the most empathetic, heart-centered person I've ever met. He's missed big time"
  42. Cory's Emmy Tribute and twin
  43. Tell a Lie #2: Come tell the opposite of what you think, how you feel, or what you're doing.
  44. Ladies Man (Finn Unconventional&Crack Pairings) #9: There are many people that he could have had great chemistry with!
  45. Femma (Finn&Emma/Cory&Jayma) #6: "He was such a fun guy to be around."
  46. Team Badass (Finn&Santana/Cory&Naya) #11: "He was a special part of this world and will forever be missed."
  47. Cory GPOY Game #7: Who knew that a simple gif would express emotions worth a thousand words? ;)
  48. The Montourage Lounge [OT] #159: Because Rads and Sara don't get ABC cancelling OLTL but keeping GH.
  49. Forever {Cory♥Lea} #134: "I wanted to dedicate this award to Cory. He was very special to me, and also to the world."
  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEYLA (ღfaithfully) - August 21st!!