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  1. Rant Thread #2: Season 3 of Glee spoilers? This is a time where we're going to be kicking and screaming.
  2. Cory Word Association #3: Chocolate - Dark - Scary
  3. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #10: IT NEEDS TO BE JULY 15TH.
  4. PDA Sensation (Cory♥Lea) #11: Pray that July goes by fast so Monchele can be reunited
  5. Kiss of the Century (Finn ♥ Rachel) #9: Because they are tethered together now and forever!
  6. Finn Hudson S&S #8: Finally, we get female writers for season three so let's hope that they get written right!
  7. Flipcam Buddies [Cory/Dianna] #2: "First person I met on set. First person that made me feel really comfortable."~Dianna
  8. Cory's People (Fan Pictures & Fan Meetings) #2:Oh my! He's more beautiful in person & the camera doesn't do him justice!
  9. Bromance (Finn&Puck/Mark&Cory) #2: We got our Mark and Cory frisbee day, now we just need more Finn and Puck!
  10. Cory Pictures #4: Because Cory on tour = sexy pictures *flatlines*
  11. PDA Sensation (Cory♥Lea) #10: Eye Sex, blowing kisses, and "I love you Finn!"? brb we're planning our funeral.
  12. CM Hot Seat #3: Because we have so many questions for you to answer!
  13. Cory TPAM #5: Because no one's there above me
  14. News & Appearances #2: Everything he does just makes him more amazing and inspiring
  15. Cory/Finn Animations #4: Because you can never have enough of gifs!
  16. Frankenteen (General ✥ Appreciation) #2: Because he has the biggest heart.
  17. FINNtastic (Finn Hudson) #4: He won't settle down, won't settle for less, as long as there's a chance he can have it all
  18. Kiss of the Century (Finn ♥ Rachel) #8: Because when Rachel kisses Finn, it makes him feel like Superman
  19. PDA Sensation (Cory♥Lea) #9: Lea blows a kiss at Cory, Cory catches it, WE DIE! *THUD*
  20. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #9: We've come to the conclusion that having spiky hair and tanned skin just ain't cute.
  21. Cory Monteith 25K Celebration!!!
  22. Tweeters #2: Please never stop taking twit pictures and videos Cory!
  23. Cory 25K Preparation
  24. Cory Hangman | #2
  25. Cory TPBM #3: TPBM loved the Glee finale?
  26. ♫ Cory's music #2: What Cory song are you listening to? ♫
  27. Finn Hudson S&S #7: Lets hope that Finn and Rachel will stay together for good in season three. *crossfingers*
  28. Rant Thread #1: Because 'if you don't like Finn's attitude, then you can get lost!' Come vent.
  29. Hand Holders (Cory♥Lea) #8: "I was melting inside every time I saw Cory in that suit with flowers." - Lea
  30. Happy Endings (Finn ♥ Rachel) #7: "I would have done or given anything to kiss you"
  31. ♫ Besides Cory, who else are you listening to? #3 ♫
  32. Please Welcome Finn & Rachel Source As New Affiliate!
  33. FINNtastic (Finn Hudson) #3: Because no matter what anyone says, we prefer his voice and dancing over everyone else.
  34. Cory Pictures #3: Because Cory wearing glasses and a Vancouver Canucks shirt? Perfection.
  35. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #8: Because we're too busy eating ice cream to think of a proper title.
  36. Rebellious Rivals (Finn&Jesse|Cory&Jonathan) #1: "He’s like the nicest guy on planet Earth." - Cory
  37. Finn Hudson S&S #6: Finn has amazing song-writing skills.
  38. ♕ Happy 29th Birthday Cory Allan Monteith ♕
  39. New York Lovers (Cory♥Lea) #7: "I have SO much fun working with him. So, you know, they’re not keeping us apart." - Lea
  40. Happy Endings (Finn ♥ Rachel) #6: Two strangers learn to fall in love again. I get the joy of rediscovering you ♥
  41. | | ❀ H a p p y ✯ B i r t h d a y ✯ A d i e ❀ | | ~ ♥ WE LOVE YOU! ♥
  42. Cory TPAM #4: Because TPAM is epic
  43. Cory/Finn Animations #3: Because his expressions are so gifable.
  44. Finn Hudson S&S #5: Coming soon - Romantic Finn Hudson to blow your minds, melt your hearts, and save the day.
  45. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #7: You are my fire, the one desire, believe when I say - I want it that way.
  46. Monswift (Cory&Taylor) #2: "We heard you have a little crush on her?" "She still falls in that category"
  47. Finn Hudson S&S #4: THE TIME HAS COME. THAT IS ALL.
  48. Frankenteen (General ✥ Appreciation) #1: Because he's unaware of his affect on us.
  49. Frankenteen's Lair (OT) #6: I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain! What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again
  50. Beach Beauties (Cory♥Lea) #6: "From all of the girls in Glee, who is Cory most close to?" "Lea :)" - Nicole Crowther