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Old 08-12-2005, 04:53 PM
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Interpol... stems from 80s influences, I guess, like Joy Division or Echo and the Bunnymen, but combines it with their own innovative sound so that it is modern and beautiful. It's upbeat a lot of the time, but always with a hint of self-amusement. I can't really describe them or compare them to anyone I can really think of. They are from New York, but the music really sounds like they could be British. If you want to sample them, I recommend Slow Hands and Evil.

Nikki - that deluxe edition looks great! You know, I am really pissed off at record companies for doing that - all the rabid fans will go out and buy the new records straight away, and 6 months later they'll put out something lovely like that and all the real fans miss out unless they're prepared to buy the same thing again! I really want to hear Paul and Carlos' remixes though.
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Old 08-13-2005, 07:11 PM
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Record companies are always going to do that. So annoying! Knowing fully well that the die-hard fans/collectors are going to shell out for the other edition.

Cool, thanks for your review on Interpol. It was much more articulate than I could have written. All I could come up with is 'they're really good' or something. I'll check them out!

Just watched "The Haunting" last night, I was tired and in a wanna be scared mood, although it was awfully predictable.

Just submitted my 2 questions for Ask Hanson on their website. Every now and then you can submit only 2 questions, and the top 5 questions with the highest votes get answered. Most of the questions were so lame 'when will I receive my membership kit', 'do you like spongebob'... Really!
Would you ever consider using your status to record a song that delves into deeper and perhaps controversial themes eg suicide, mental health, abortion, murder, runaways, world peace, war, drugs, poverty, sex, rape, anorexia, sexual preference, religion, society, politics, current newsworthy events, infidelity etc to educate, show awareness, tell a story, share personal experiences and voice your opinions on these themes and issues through music, one of the biggest forms of communication?

I believe I was part of a “moment” at the Hi Fi Bar concert. You had looks of bewilderment, which I took for genuine feelings of overwhelm ness. What was going through your minds at that particular moment? It was such a great moment for me personally, to see that my idols whom I have so much respect and admiration for, were touched by the reaction from the Melbourne fans, that you could still be surprised after all of what you have experienced and accomplished.
What do you think? Fingers crossed people vote for it!

What song are you listening to right now? For me, it's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". Gotta love Wham!.
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Old 08-14-2005, 10:33 AM
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New thread
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