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A Day In The Life Of Alex Myers
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina had a brother?
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Day One characters/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter Three - 6am-7am

6.00am, CTU Los Angeles

Nina, Jamey and Milo all returned to the bullpen. Jamey and Milo both returned to their seats, whilst Nina walked over to Alex.

“How are you doing, Alex?”, she queried.

“Fine, although I’m tired, which should really be impossible after all the coffee I’ve drunk this morning”, he replied with a grin.

“It looks like we’re making some progress, so things might get a bit hectic around here, Alex” she stated.

“I like the progress, not too sure about the hectic!”. They both laughed at the statement, before Nina returned to her workstation.

Hectic?, Alex thought. I think almost anything could be considered hectic compared to this place!

6.08am, CTU Los Angeles

A blonde man in his mid-thirties suddenly walked into the building, and Nina made a beeline for him. Ah, this must be Jack Bauer, Alex thought. He observed as Nina and Jack had a conversation about the events of the past few hours. Alex then saw a stunned expression on Jack’s face as Nina told him about Alan York. Alex, not yet knowing much about the situation involving Jack, had no idea why Jack would respond to that information in such a fashion. Jack then went up to his office and shut the door.

6.10am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex went up to Tony and, quietly, asked him, “So that’s Jack Bauer, right?”, to which Tony responded in the affirmative.”Whats going on with him? It feels like I don’t know a lot of whats going on here today”. Tony sighed, glanced around him and responded.”Jack’s daughter, Kim, might be in danger, not to mention his wife, ’t ask me why, because I haven’t a clue”. Alex looked up at Jack’s office. He appeared distracted, tired and stressed. I don’t think I could do much better if my family were in danger.

6.24am, CTU Los Angeles

Jack came down the stairs and started to talk to Milo. Moments later, Milo’s pistachios were all over the place and Jack was apologising for knocking the cup over. Alex saw the smug smirk on Jamey’s face and tried not to laugh.

6.29am, CTU Los Angeles

Milo let out a cry of exasperation. Something had gone wrong with the keycard. Jamey appeared more than willing to offer advice. You know, Alex wondered, if those two could actually get along with each other, they might just make the best team in CTU.

6.36am, CTU Los Angeles

Milo calls Nina over to his workstation, and they have a conversation about the keycard. Nina takes a look up at Jack’s office before moving towards it. Alex looked up at the pair as they talked in his office. I wonder whats wrong, he muttered to himself.

6.40am, CTU Los Angeles

Nina and Jack emerge from his office and start to walk out of the building. Alex thought it was strange that Nina was suddenly wearing a jacket. I wonder where they’re going? Do they have some sort of lead on the keycard? He saw Tony confront them and ask where they were going. Jack mentions something about a meeting and leaves with Nina. Ok, that was a little strange, Alex thought.

6.48am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex overheard a conversation between Tony and Jamey. They’re talking about Nina and Jack. Tony asks her to pull some footage from Jack’s office and goes back to his workstation. That was strange.

6.55am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex watched as Tony reviewed the footage. Tony appeared surprised at the events unfolding on his screen. I wonder what went on in those few minutes?, Alex asked himself.




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