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Old 04-19-2009, 03:38 PM
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A Day In The Life Of Alex Myers - a 24 fanfiction

A Day In The Life Of Alex Myers
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina had a brother?
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Day One characters/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter One - 4am-5am

What if.... Nina had a brother?

What if.... He was a CTU agent?

What if.... He witnessed the events of the first of Jack Bauer's many longest days?

All characters apart from Alex Myers and anyone from CTU Chicago are property of Fox and the very talented actors and actresses who've played them brilliantly. As for Alex and the good people at CTU Chicago, he's a figment of my own imagination (And yes, he is named after Xander Berkeley). Obviously, spoilers for Season One occur in this story. Some other characters in this story are also figments of my own imagination.

4.20am, Los Angeles, the day of the California Presidential Primary.

The phone assaulted his ears suddenly, rushing him back from slumber into reality. He groaned and picked up the phone, not expecting to hear his sister's voice. "Alex, it's Nina. I'm sorry to wake you up at this hour, but I need you to come in a few hours early. I can't explain too much right now, but we need all the manpower we can get our hands on."

"OK, I'll be there in 30', Alex replied as he yawned, 'I suppose I'm in for a baptism of fire?"

"Chicago will seem like Paradise compared to LA!", Nina laughed before saying goodbye and hanging up.

Alex went to the bathroom and looked at his half-asleep self in the mirror. Like Nina, he was pale, with blue-green eyes and dark brown hair, although he didn't have her angular features or her small frame - unlike her, he was of average height at just under 5 foot 10. He was in his mid-twenties and had just transferred from his home town of Chicago to work with his sister in Los Angeles. It had been her idea, he muttered to himself, because their parents had died long ago and they didn't really have too many other relatives hanging around. As he brushed his teeth, he wondered what he was getting himself into.

4.30am, CTU Los Angeles

Nina put the phone down and sighed. Jack was following up on a lead on San Fernando Road, and he had just called up to ask her to set up a trace. At least he still trusts me after all that little drama earlier, she thought, recalling the earlier incident with the keycard.

4.45am, Alex Myers' car, en route to CTU

He hummed along to the radio as he drove along the deserted road in his dark blue Toyota Prius, which had recently made the long journey down from Illinois along with Alex and all his worldly possessions. He didn't know these roads very well, and had almost gone the wrong way, heading out of Los Angeles. Thank you, sat nav, he thought, chuckling to himself and wondering how far out of LA he might have gone before he realised his mistake.

4.47am, CTU Los Angeles

Another little victory, thought Nina, as the trace was set. However, the phone itself didn't ring, but a mobile phone planted at the payphone. Dammit, she cursed under her breath, I'll never be able to trace that in time. Her attention was split when her brother walked into CTU.

"Alex! Its good to see you!", she exclaimed as he walked towards her station. Tony Almeida, who was working nearby, looked up and watched them. He had met Alex just a few days earlier, when he and Nina had helped Alex move into his new apartment. He had been struck by how different they were personality-wise - Nina tended to be colder and less personal, whilst Alex was more relaxed and talkative.

Nina's phone rang and she picked it up almost immediately after the first ring. "Myers", she replied, before starting a conversation. She must be talking to Jack, Tony deliberated. She's got that tone in her voice that only exists when she's talking to him.

Alex decided to go and meet some of the other agents. He walked up to a small woman who was typing away almost manically. "Hi, I'm Alex Myers, I just transferred here from Chicago". Jamey Farrell, ever the hard worker, didn't look up at him as she spoke and continued with her speedy typing. "I'm Jamey, nice to meet you. You're Nina's younger brother, right?", at which Alex responded in the affirmative. He said goodbye and walked back over to Nina's now empty desk. Just need to wait for her to come back and explain why I've been dragged in here so early. I bet its about Senator Palmer. As a registered Democrat, Alex was happy at how likely it was that a Democrat would be in the White House come November. He had a lot of respect for David Palmer, and considered him to be the perfect man for the job.




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Old 04-19-2009, 03:44 PM
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A Day In The Life Of Alex Myers
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina had a brother?
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Day One characters/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter Two - 5am-6am

5.00am, CTU Los Angeles

As Nina watched the helicopter take off, Tony approached her. "You better stop watching his back, Nina', he warned her, annoyed at her willingness to help Jack each and every time the bastard asked for it,'Where is he going?". Nina instantly turned around and started to walk back inside, then turned around and said, in an unemotional voice "Back off, Tony. You think I'm a lapdog for Jack, when its you who does all the running around like a puppy, running after me!".

5.02am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex watched Tony come back into the main bullpen of CTU and sit down at his desk. He let out an exasperated sigh before returning to the tasks Nina had given him. I don't like to be a pessimist, Alex pondered, but there isn't a whole lot right with the relationship between Nina and Tony. He had witnessed them together a few days before, and even after just a few minutes came to the conclusion that Nina and Tony had very different motives for being together. And not one of those is love, at least not in the traditional sense. He logged into his own workstation adn began to do his own work. And here we go, day one of my working life in Los Angeles.

5.05am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex rubbed the bridge of his nose, then finished off what remained of his third coffee of the morning. This job would be perfect for insomniacs, he mused. He looked around the room and saw other people busying themselves with work. The building itself was full of gloomy, dark rooms with fluorescent lighting that didn't exactly fullfill its purpose of lighting up the place. He looked at Nina's desk and wondered what she was doing. Something about a dead body, he had been told. He didn't know anymore, and as far as he was concerned, he didn't want to.

He got up and walked into the break room to get himself a fourth coffee of the morning.

5.07am, CTU Los Angeles

Tony saw Alex walk into the break room and decided to follow. I may as well get to know him a little better, seeing as he'll be working here, he decided to himself. He placed his beloved Cubs mug onto the table as he walked in. "So, regretting moving to Los Angeles yet, Alex?", he said, in an effort to keep the mood, and the conversation, light. Alex grinned and replied,"Not just yet, although its early days yet!".

"I assume you've aware of how much work we're going to have to do today, Alex?", Tony asked searchingly. "Yeah, I am, but as long as we protect Palmer and don't end up dying of a caffeine overdose by tonight, then it should be worth it". Alex finished making his coffee and moved out of the way to let Tony get a drink.

5.27am, CTU Los Angeles

Nina sighed and took off her latex gloves and answered the phone. Looks like I'll need to get Jamey in here to help, she thought. I better get Milo Pressman to come in to replace her. Milo Pressman was an outside contractor, rather than an actual CTU agent, but was great at his job and Nina trusted him fully. She decided to call Milo first, then get Jamey when he arrived.

5.30am, Milo Pressman's apartment, Los Angeles

Like Alex almost an hour earlier, Nina was waking someone else up with a phone call, but in this case, Milo knew exactly who it was. As if anyone else but CTU would call me at 5 in the morning, he grumbled as he answered the phone.

"This is Milo", he answered. "Milo, it's Nina at CTU, I'm going to need you to come in as soon as possible". Milo groaned. He hadn't exactly got anything planned for the day, but a lie-in was long overdue. "Ok, I'll be there soon, Nina", he replied and hung up.

5.37am, CTU Los Angeles

"Jamey?", Nina called as she walked towards her.

"Yeah?", Jamey replied, just as Milo Pressman walked into the building. That's just great, she thought.

"I need your help ID'ing a John Doe", Nina asked.

"What? What about the keycard? Isn't it supposed to be really important?”

“Yes, but Milo is just as capable as you and I need your help”

Jamey muttered under her breath as she passed the card to Milo, who was repressing a victorious grin.

Milo set down his cup of pistachio nuts next to his monitor and logged on. This card better be important, he thought to himself as he began to analyse the data.

5.39am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex looked on as Nina and Jamey walked down a corridor, from where Nina had emerged just minutes before. He looked over at Milo, the new arrival, and wondered what the tension between him and Jamey was. He decided to IM Milo and find out.

AlexMyers - Hello Milo, I’m Alex. I just transferred here. I had a bit of a rude awakening myself this morning.

MiloPressman - That’s nice to know, Alex. I’m sort of busy at the moment, as you can probably tell

AlexMyers - I am too. Nina’s got me working on some lists which right now are not exactly telling me what I need to know

AlexMyers - I don’t wish to be nosy, but whats up with you and Jamey Farrell?

MiloPressman - Its nothing, really. Mostly ego-driven competition. Its what we have in common with each other

5.55am - CTU Los Angeles

The quietness was soon broken by Milo’s one-man celebration. He grabbed his cup of pistachios and walked towards the corridor, which probably meant that he had some good news for Nina. And bad news for Jamey, Milo chuckled quietly.

5.57am - CTU Los Angeles

“And I’m in!”, Milo exclaimed triumphantly as he walked into the morgue. Jamey threw him a look of disgust, as he stared at the body lying on the steel table.

“Jamey!’, Nina spoke,’I think we’ve got an lD for our John Doe. I should call Jack”. She grabbed her mobile and dialled Jack’s number. She waited for him to pick up, but after eight or nine rings she hung up. She shrugged and decided to call his wife, Teri. Nina asked her where Jack was, and was surprised when Teri told her of a phone call that never happened between her and Jack just minutes before. She told Teri the name of the dead man, which distrubed Teri greatly.

If Alan York is dead, then who on Earth is sitting right next to me?, she wondered fearfully. She decided not to do anything that would alert him - at least not until she had good reason to do so.




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A Day In The Life Of Alex Myers
By skycloud86

Summary: What if Nina had a brother?
Rated: PG-13
Characters: Day One characters/OCs
Status: Complete
Chapter Three - 6am-7am

6.00am, CTU Los Angeles

Nina, Jamey and Milo all returned to the bullpen. Jamey and Milo both returned to their seats, whilst Nina walked over to Alex.

“How are you doing, Alex?”, she queried.

“Fine, although I’m tired, which should really be impossible after all the coffee I’ve drunk this morning”, he replied with a grin.

“It looks like we’re making some progress, so things might get a bit hectic around here, Alex” she stated.

“I like the progress, not too sure about the hectic!”. They both laughed at the statement, before Nina returned to her workstation.

Hectic?, Alex thought. I think almost anything could be considered hectic compared to this place!

6.08am, CTU Los Angeles

A blonde man in his mid-thirties suddenly walked into the building, and Nina made a beeline for him. Ah, this must be Jack Bauer, Alex thought. He observed as Nina and Jack had a conversation about the events of the past few hours. Alex then saw a stunned expression on Jack’s face as Nina told him about Alan York. Alex, not yet knowing much about the situation involving Jack, had no idea why Jack would respond to that information in such a fashion. Jack then went up to his office and shut the door.

6.10am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex went up to Tony and, quietly, asked him, “So that’s Jack Bauer, right?”, to which Tony responded in the affirmative.”Whats going on with him? It feels like I don’t know a lot of whats going on here today”. Tony sighed, glanced around him and responded.”Jack’s daughter, Kim, might be in danger, not to mention his wife, ’t ask me why, because I haven’t a clue”. Alex looked up at Jack’s office. He appeared distracted, tired and stressed. I don’t think I could do much better if my family were in danger.

6.24am, CTU Los Angeles

Jack came down the stairs and started to talk to Milo. Moments later, Milo’s pistachios were all over the place and Jack was apologising for knocking the cup over. Alex saw the smug smirk on Jamey’s face and tried not to laugh.

6.29am, CTU Los Angeles

Milo let out a cry of exasperation. Something had gone wrong with the keycard. Jamey appeared more than willing to offer advice. You know, Alex wondered, if those two could actually get along with each other, they might just make the best team in CTU.

6.36am, CTU Los Angeles

Milo calls Nina over to his workstation, and they have a conversation about the keycard. Nina takes a look up at Jack’s office before moving towards it. Alex looked up at the pair as they talked in his office. I wonder whats wrong, he muttered to himself.

6.40am, CTU Los Angeles

Nina and Jack emerge from his office and start to walk out of the building. Alex thought it was strange that Nina was suddenly wearing a jacket. I wonder where they’re going? Do they have some sort of lead on the keycard? He saw Tony confront them and ask where they were going. Jack mentions something about a meeting and leaves with Nina. Ok, that was a little strange, Alex thought.

6.48am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex overheard a conversation between Tony and Jamey. They’re talking about Nina and Jack. Tony asks her to pull some footage from Jack’s office and goes back to his workstation. That was strange.

6.55am, CTU Los Angeles

Alex watched as Tony reviewed the footage. Tony appeared surprised at the events unfolding on his screen. I wonder what went on in those few minutes?, Alex asked himself.




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