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Originally Posted by ~*Nikki*~ (View Post)
This feels like deja vu all over again.

I could swear we've had a series finale thread before Kim, lol.
You know, that does sound right.

This episode. I have mixed feelings. It was fine. It had some good moments (like Eric saying that the show wasn't ready to go before, but now it feels right). But then there are some that, like, I can't get my head around. Not that I hate them, they just seriously don't make sense to me.

All right. Ruthie picking T-Bone. Fine. Whatever. I don't get the why. They were building and building, for years depending on how you want to look at it, and she's just like "I'm not really into you anymore. Bye," to Martin. Where did this come from? She seriously thinks she's in love with T-Bone? Never.

What really, really burns my butt is the fact that Kevin and Lucy had to go and question what Eric said about being all right. Why do that? Why bother? I mean, I guess Brenda can argue that that was for if they were to come back, which she wasn't 100% certain of not doing at the time. But I really hate it because we did not get a clear answer, and forever I am going to remember Eric in the last episode that he lied to the family and to the whole town.

And what else do I hate? That they left it so up in the air. Maybe they'd all go to Crossroads. Maybe no one would. Maybe no one wold come back. Maybe they would come back in drips and drabs.

(There was a lot from this season never answered. Jane liking T-Bone? Never acted on. Jane and George? Never brought up again. Simon and the apparent new-girl fiance? Never going to see her. What was Captain Michaels hinting at to Kevin when he was talking about the GlenOak police? What job? We'll never know. I know not everything is going to be answered, but that was stuff that was started and needed to be answered. It's not something you can really fill in the gaps for yourself, you know? Like Lucy and the baby. One is lead to assume that everything will be fine. Those things aren't that.)

The song at the end had me crying, simply because that song was sung by some lady whose name I can't remember in the church. And they played it and I sang along and I cried my little eyes out.

Overall, it was fine. Better than last years, I will agree. But last years, since it was meant to be the complete and total end, was a lot more wrapped up and upbeat. I'm still hung up on a few things.
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