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For the tour it is hard to know what she's saying, she kinda seems to contradict herself. The first answer seems to be saying no or they just haven't really looked into that yet. But then the second part seems to be saying yes in the summer she will be. Which then explains her vague comments about The Voice as she'd know she'd struggle to do both since they film then. I do wonder if 'the way I’m going to do it may not be the norm, but I’m going do it anyway' means limited dates in certain cities, or it simply will be more spread out or only in the summer. Maybe limited dates in 2023, then other limited dates in 2024? I can't imagine at this point she's in a position to go outside of the US but it'd be nice if she did Summer 2023 as select cities around the US, then Summer 2024 select dates in places like Canada/Europe/Oceania & maybe a few more US dates. Especially since the MoL tour only was within the US.

whether it will be like a storyline/theme album, each song connects in an certain order
That could be interesting
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