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Unexpected Allies (Cary&Kalinda) #23 - "Kalinda and Cary are so destined to shag dont you think?" - Alan Cumming

Welcome to the
Appreciation Thread

NO. 23

Honorary Shippers:

1. Matt Czuchry
2. Archie Panjabi
3. Blake Calamar
4. Diane Lockhardt
5. Alicia Florrick
4. Alan Cumming
5. Sophia Russo
01. even angels fall
02. Full Throttle
03. Eternal Flame
04. sLomo
05. cappie_lover99
06. LuHuntzberger
07. AlwaysHoldingOn
08. ln1
09. AllieCat60
10. snatches of sunshine
11. I Love Blondes
12. Justicerocks
13. .:DoDs:.
14. YellowRose
15. BoxingKangaroo
22Ace of Hearts

Season 3 Wishlist

The lightheartedness and desk-scene like banter back
Cary and Kalinda working together.
Cary and Kalinda exploring what type of relationship they're going to have.
Kalinda introducing Cary to her drinking traditions
Cary/Kalinda scenes outside the office and not work related
Kalinda/Cary going to a bar Episode 3x01
Kalinda defending Cary against Will or Alicia
C or K mentioning the kiss
Kalinda bringing Cary back to LG
Cary finding more out about Leela
A Hug or a second kiss

'Reminds me of my old High School' -Cary
'Reminds me of the schools I used to vandalize' -Kalinda
1x03 Home

'You're chipper, aren't you?' -Kalinda
'Dangerously chipper' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

'How much would you imagine we have in common?' -Kalinda
I don't like to talk to people I've a lot in common with!' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

'Okay I have a proposition for you. Find this person and I tell you what ever you want' -Kalinda
[...] -Cary
'And more' -Kalinda
'Okay you just saved Clarence Wilcox life' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

'Listen I lose track here. What about my reward?' -Cary
'What reward?' -Kalinda
'No, no, you know our little words. Just let me think up some really embarrassing questions!' -Cary
1x06 Conjugal

'Okay, then the same thing goes for you. You're not mysterious. By the same logic, you're completely knowable.' -Cary
Cary, you and I have nothing in common. 'cause you and I are from different worlds.
And it's not just Mars and Venus. It's spaghetti and hydrogen. We're different categories. I'm knowable, but not just to you.' -Kalinda
1x10 Lifeguard

'Something you can't do yourself?' -Cary
'Poor little me, I need a man' -Kalinda
1x12 Painkiller

'Do you have a boyfriend?' -Cary
'No' -Kalinda
1x12 Painkiller

'Well, do you need some help with it? Because I know the gamer world.' -Cary
'Lucky you.'-Kalinda
1x20 Mock

'This is nice. Isn't this nice? No big case, no video games, we just did some good here.' -Cary
'Actually Alicia and I did some good. You just drove the car.'-Kalinda
1x20 Mock

'Smart' -Kalinda
1x23 Running

'Do you miss me?' -Cary
'What if I said yes?'-Kalinda
'I would say that sounds about right'' -Cary
2x03 Breaking Fast

"How do you like the prosectors office? It agrees with you. You look taller." -Kalinda
2x03 Breaking Fast

'If I were you, I would be careful' -Cary
2x06 Poisened Pill

"A lot of people leak to you." -Cary
"Yeah. Friends". -Kalinda
"Yeah. Well. They're gonna be scarce." -Cary
"Does that mean you as well?" -Kalinda
2x12 Silly Season

'Kalinda they are starting to suspect you because we are talking.' -Cary
'Kalinda please. I am not protecting myself, I am protecting you! Okay?' -Cary
2x14 Net Worth

'Welcome back to normal' -Cary
2x16 Great Firewall

'Are you comfortable?' -Cary
2x17 Ham Sandwich

'Cary was in on it, wasn't he? He knew what to ask you.' -Alicia
'Cary is a great guy!' -Kalinda
'Ohhhhhhhh listen to you. You and Cary sitting in a tree....' -Alicia
2x17 Ham Sandwich

'I need your help' -Kalinda
'Okay' -Cary
2x18 Killer Song

Quotes by the Actors, Producers, Writers

"Yet, what really helped us is that Archie and Matt are adorable together. T
hey had this patronizing flirtation where Kalinda was like, white boy, suburbanite, jerk.
His growing up at the State's Attorney's Office,
she's thrown by that and finds him, if not desirably sexually,
at least desirable as an adult."Robert King

"Cary is very different with her, she is different with him and what that allows for is to see these two characters
in a unique way which I think the audience will really respond to"Matt Czuchry

“I’ve seen it grow into a mutual respect and admiration and a friendship.
My character has protected Kalinda in a lot ways when she’s been vulnerable" Matt Czuchry

"He's proven he's a great lawyer, and Kalinda's watched him get better and better,
They develop a friendship and you realize they have more in common than they first thought." Archie Panjabi

"On most shows, if they kiss the show is over.
In our show, it just began." David Zucker

"A lot of people responded to the Matt Czuchry and Archie Panjabi relationship.
I think we would try to show more of that and try to create even more drama there.
We felt that was slightly a backburner relationship.
It was there, but it didn’t cook as high as we could [have].
Robert King

"I hope they continue to develop its relationship with Cary, which I find really exciting."
Archie Panjabi

"There's something about Cary that is always very important to her"
Robert King

"They've had a moment. Whether that develops into something serious, who knows? You just never know with Kalinda."
Archie Panjabi

"That relationship is fun to watch, because you're never quite sure if they're going to help each other out or screw each other over."
Matt Czuchry

"kalinda and cary are so destined to shag dont you think?"
Alan Cumming

Previous Threads:

#1 - Sometimes you find friendship where you least expect it!
#2 - Because they have all we want: Good chemistry, snarky comments and good looks.
#3 - 'Cause we wouldn't mind seeing them working-out again!
#4 - Cause it were Matt and Archie who wanted them to get closer!
#5 - Because she calls him Stat. Boy and we like it!
#6 - Because Cary is not a guy who gives up easy, we count on it!
#7 - 'Cause Kalinda finally started to respect him!!
#8 - 'Cause on television 'nothing in common' means 'hooking-up' in the future
#9 -'Cause Cary misses her, and WOW, Kalinda misses him too..
#10 Because if not desirably sexually, she at least finds him desirable as an adult
#11 ~ "Cary has protected Kalinda in a lot ways when she’s been vulnerable." Matt Czuchry
#12 - Kalinda please. I am not protecting myself. I am protecting you!'
#13 - Welcome back to normal! ღ
#14 - "Right now it's friendship" Matt smirks "But friendship can grow"
#15 - 'Ohhh, listen to you- you and Cary sittin’ in a tree...' - Alicia, #1 CK Shipper
#16 -Because Kalinda is his only weakness, his very own kryptonite
#17 - "On most shows, if they kiss the show is over. In our show, it just began." DZ
#18-"Their scenes work because it doesn’t force the idea of attraction. It's just there." -MoT
#19 - "You guys really love your Cary and Kalinda, don't you?" TGW writers
#20 - Spaghetti&Alfredo - It's not just Yin and Yang, it's Spaghetti and Alfredo!
#21 - "I’ve seen it grow into a mutual respect and admiration and a friendship" - Matt
#22 - "There's something about Cary that is always very important to her" - Robert King

Future Thread Title suggestions:

~ These two can make lemonade out of stones!
~ 'Cause they're like Spaghetti and Hydrogen!
~ Because unusual couples make the best couples
~ Because Rory/Logan, Chuck/Blair, Logan/Veronica are the best prove that these two will hook-up
~ Because the show wants us to root for them!
~ Because they look good together!
~ Because Matt and Archie have chemistry. Yes it's that simple!
~ Because he is dangerously chipper and she likes it
~ Because he wants to figure her out
~ Because we want scenes!!! Yes, it is that simple!
~Because Cary and Kalinda are fan-favorite connection" - Entertainment Weekly
~ "Forget Will and Alicia. Team Cary and Kalinda all the way" - NYMagazine
~ "Something wicked is happening between Cary and Kalinda. Wicked chemistry, that is." Eonline
~ "If I'm 'shipping for someone on this show, it's Cary and Kalinda! MAKE OUT MORE" Avclub
~ Because 'Interesting' is the understatement of the Year Matt!
~ Because 'Cary loves Kalinda' -tvfanatic

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Matt Czuchry is the epitome of perfection
intertwined with complication in his role as Dr. Conrad Hawkins"
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