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- Because Cary doesn't like to talk to people he has something in common with
- Because Cary wants his reward
- Because Cary makes Kalinda smile.
- Because Cary could learn a few things from Kalinda
- 'Cause schools like his High School Kalinda used to vandalize in
- Because he is dangerously chipper
- Because they make a great team
- Because they smiled at each other when he returned to the office.
-Because she thinks his decision is 'smart'
- Because one day he will figure her out
- Because poor Kalinda needs a man
- Because their scenes at the gym were hot.
- Because he makes her smile even if she would never admit it
- Because he affects her
- Because we like it when she calls him Mr. Statistic
- Because she called him, so he could help her
- Because she starts to respect him
- Because she worked and now he works at the SA office.
- Because they hopefully going to rock season 2
- Because Matt and Archie are friends
- Because Rod Holcomb likes the idea of Kalinda and Cary
- Because av-club season 1 review says
that Cary had an adorable crush on Kalinda
- Because Corinne Brinkerhoff is definitely a fan!
- Because a episode written by Corinne Brinkerhoff
means we get great CK material
- Because we swoon when he calls her Miss Shama
- Because she likes to call him nicknames
- Because she calls him Mr. Moral Clarity
- Because she thinks the SA office suits him
- Because she misses him
- Because their spark is not gone
- Because Kalinda in the court room means bad news
but still he smiled at her
- Because she gave him the evidence
- Because he told her to be careful
- Because she came to him for help
- Because he knows her
- Because they love to to tease each other
- Because Matt loves to talk about them
- Because Matt says they have a mutual friendship
- Because EW calls them a fan-favorite
- Because they have more in common than they first thought.
- Because she is worried about losing him
- Because she looks good sitting on Cary's desk
- Because Cary is worried about her
- Because we like it when he calls her Miss Sharma
- Because they secretly meet at nigh
- Because Cary told her he was protecting her
- Because Kalinda was sad that they had to stop their meetings
- Because Blake said Kalinda was Cary's girlfriend
- Because Blake said Cary was Kalinda's boyfriend
- Because Kalinda works always into his office as she was at home
- Because they KISSED. Yes K-I-S-S-E-D
- Because he made the first move
- Because she gave him her new address
- Because he said 'Welcome Back to normal'
- Because he warned her about the grand jury
- Because Cary is a really great guy
- Because they came up with a plan against Childs
- Because Alicia ships them
- Because Alicia sang about them sitting in a tree...
- Because after Blake and making sure Alicia was safe, the first she called was Cary
- Because when she called he was wide awake
- Because she has no problem to ask for her when it comes to Cary
- Because Cary will never stop protecting her
- Because he likes following her
- Because he knows about her secret (the current one)
- Because Cary is risking his job and his friendship to Andrew to protect her secret
- Because TvFanatic says Cary loves Kalinda
- Because Kalinda is Cary's Kryptonite
- Because the question why Cary helps her is a 'no-brainer'
- Because he would defend her with his dying breath. (tvfanatic)
- Because Matt and Archie want CK to have more scenes in season 3
- Because RObert King would like to develop their friendship in season 3
- Because the writers recognized the love for CK
- Because CBS called their kiss one of the season highlights
- Because he knew she was tired
- Because he withheld the shrinkage joke but she knew was there anyway
- Because he felt he needed to tell her he was staying put
- Because she could blow off his call but knew he would still talk to her
- Because Cary has no trouble touching her now

- Because Kalinda doesn't seems bothered by his touches
- Because he followed her and she obviously liked it
- Because he knew why she was ignoring him
- Because Cary was hurt when he found out the truth about Kalinda and Peter
- Because he was protecting her secret even if it meant getting into trouble
- Because he wanted her help with Will to be able to come back to LG
- Because Kalinda didn't hesitate to tell Will to give Cary another chance
- Because Will called Cary Kalindas 'buddy'
- Because she always puts her smile on his face when she enters a room
- Because he knows the real fuzzy and normal Kalinda
- Because Archie thinks their story is exciting
- Because Archie wants more scenes of them in season 3
- Because Robert King says Cary will always be important to Kalinda
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