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Old 07-11-2015, 05:23 PM
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i finally saw the finale.

personally i liked it. i didnt love it, it wasnt the best finale ever but it was good i thought. it felt a bit more like a season finale but oh well.

i thought the guy coming in with the gun was super random and could have been cut out.

i love that ohara made a reappearance and that she had some tough words for jackie. jackie needed to hear it.

love the zoey/jackie friendship and i love where zoey end up. good for her. their friendship has always been one of my favs but i think it was her rejection that spun jackie off the deep end again.

very happy that eddie confessed, good for him. love that he and gloria had a bit of a moment in the finale but its too bad we didnt get more from her. i also liked eddie and jackie ended up together. also that her and her ex had a nice conversation and seemed to be on okay terms.

the ending did suck. it sucks that jackie took drugs AGAIN after all of that. but i think the life of an addict is always going to be tough and it is a disease that she has to deal with. the writers did say they left it open for people to decide whether she died or not. personally i dont think she did, that smile at the end showed to me she was still alive. but idk, maybe its better if she did die, because the struggle for her is just constant and never ending.

but having a happy ending doesnt feel like it would have fit the series.

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Old 03-11-2020, 08:51 PM
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i watched the shows at the time it came out. for some reasons, i never participated in the thread.

The ending was exactly how I imagine it'd end, her ODed intentionally or not. The story is about addiction. Relapse is part of it so is OD. I never thought the show would have a happy ending anyway. Throughout the show, she struggles with every sphere of her life.
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