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Lennie1984 06-26-2019 09:23 AM

Himesh Patel #1: "What I’ve done since EastEnders hasn’t been defined by ethnicity."
Himesh Patel
appreciation thread

Born: Himesh Jitendra Patel
13 October 1990
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England UK

Himesh began his acting career playing Tamwar Masood in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. His first appearance was in the episode shown on 1 October 2007.
Patel also appeared as Tamwar in the 2010 spin-off series EastEnders: E20 and co-wrote an episode of EastEnders: E20 with EastEnders
co-star Charlie G. Hawkins. Patel's departure from EastEnders was announced on 12 March 2016.

In 2014, Patel starred in the short film Two Dosas[8] as Pavan.

He played the role of social worker Nitin in Channel 4 sitcom Damned from 2016 to 2018. He is a member of the National Youth Theatre.

He is set to appear in the 2019 films The Aeronauts and Yesterday.

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Himesh Patel - IMDb
Himesh Patel - Wiki


Year Title Role Notes
2007–2016: EastEnders - Tamwar Masood (566 episodes)
2016–2018: Damned - Nitin (12 episodes)
2017: Climaxed - Amit Episode ("Festival Sex")
2017: Motherland - Mr. Glencuddy (1 episode)
2019: The Luminaries - Emery Staines (TV Mini-series)
2020: Avenue 5 - Jordan Hatwal (Main Cast)


2019: Yesterday - Jack Malik (Debut film role)
2019: The Aeronauts
2014: Two Dosas (Short) - Pavan

2011 EastEnders: E20 (TV Series) (1 episode)
- Episode #3.1 (2011)
2016 - The Good Immigrant (Book) Short Essay

2017 My Pure Land (associate producer)
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Lennie1984 06-26-2019 09:31 AM

Meet Himesh Patel, Breakout Star of Yesterday - Vogue Magazine
Himesh Patel: ‘It’s weird to think about a Beatle watching me sing their songs’ - The Guardian
Yesterday star Himesh Patel: 'What I’ve done since EastEnders hasn’t been defined by ethnicity' - London Evening Standard
Meet Himesh Patel, the Beatles-singing 'Yesterday' breakout who's 'just a bloke' - USA Today
Yesterday Star Himesh Patel Is Taking a Break from Karaoke - LA Mag
Meet Himesh Patel, the British-Indian actor you’re about to see a lot more of, starting with Danny Boyle’s Yesterday - GQ India
Himesh Patel: ‘Ed Sheeran was very nice to my dad’ - Time Out London

Comedy Short Film | Two Dosas

heartღaflutter 06-27-2019 01:45 PM

thanks for the new thread :) I can't say I am familiair with him

Lennie1984 06-28-2019 11:28 AM

Lennie1984 06-30-2019 08:04 AM

heartღaflutter 06-30-2019 09:33 AM

how cool!

have you seen the film yet?

Lennie1984 06-30-2019 04:30 PM

I am going tomorrow to see it but i do have the soundtrack purchased already.

heartღaflutter 07-02-2019 04:42 AM

cool! Let us know what you think!

Lennie1984 07-03-2019 11:27 AM

I watched it on Monday. I liked it. Its a charming movie.

Also Himesh was excellent, use to watch him on EastEnders (UK soap) but i never knew he could sing, what a voice. Lily was good too. I liked their chemistry.

heartღaflutter 07-04-2019 02:33 AM

glad you enjoyed it :D

Lennie1984 07-05-2019 12:00 PM

heartღaflutter 07-06-2019 11:35 AM

good for him!

Lennie1984 07-07-2019 07:23 AM

Its nice to see him getting these opportunities and being in one of Armando new shows/

Firecrest 07-08-2019 01:08 AM

Love the OP! :thud:

Lennie1984 07-08-2019 05:05 PM

Thanks :)

heartღaflutter 07-09-2019 12:30 AM

cool shots!!

Lennie1984 07-15-2019 04:04 PM

himeshjpatel: Our film @yesterdaymovie is out today.
I hope you love it.

himeshjpatel: Thank You so much for all the warm and joyous reactions to @yesterdaymovie. It means the world.
Here’s one from Liverpool last year...

heartღaflutter 07-17-2019 06:26 AM

nice shots!

Firecrest 07-19-2019 02:55 AM

Love the post! :thud:

Lennie1984 07-19-2019 08:11 AM

Lily isnt in the video, but their duet is on the soundtrack, they sound good together :)

heartღaflutter 07-21-2019 08:05 AM

that's a lovely song :sigh:

Lennie1984 07-29-2019 12:26 PM

Introducing BBC Children in Need: Got It Covered. An album of covers

Lennie1984 08-07-2019 04:05 PM

heartღaflutter 08-08-2019 01:48 AM

Thanks :D

Lennie1984 08-16-2019 02:58 PM

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