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x♥xBeautiful_Butterflyx♥x 02-26-2019 09:19 AM

Rosalie Hale| Nikki Reed #14: She always looks great, but she is truely a version in white... And then of course her husband too...
by Pure.Magic

Welcome to the 14th
Rosalie Hale|Nikki Reed appreciation thread
by sort of beautiful


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by Pure.Magic

the character

Rosalie Hale

born 1915; former fiancèe of Royce King;
turned vampire by Carlisle Cullen in 1933;
married to Emmett Cullen

"Then you have Rosalie who doesn't like what she is, but she's gonna be better than anyone else anyway because that's what she does." - Stephenie Meyer

the actress

Nikki Reed

Nicole Houston Reed; born May 17th 1988 in LA;
Cherokee-Italian, 12-15 piercings and one tattoo;
wrote the script to Thirteen in 6 days
by Pure.Magic

Rosalie Quotes

"I'm so very sorry, Bella.
I feel wretched about every part of this,
and so grateful that you were brave enough to go save my brother after what I did. Please say you'll forgive me."

"Let me explain.
I don't mean that I have any aversion to you as a sister.
It's just that...this is not the life I would have chosen for myself.
I wish there had been someone to vote no for me."

"Please don't think I'm horrible interfering.
I'm sure I've hurt your feelings enough in the past
and I don't want to do that again.
I'm going to try to tell you
why I think you should stay human -
why I would stay human if I were you.
Did Edward ever tell you what led to this?"

"Would you like to hear my story, Bella?
It doesn't have a happy ending -
but which of ours does?
If we had happy endings,
we'd all be under gravestones now."

"I won't make you listen to the rest.
They left me in the street, still laughing as they stumbled away. They thought I was dead.
They were teasing Royce
that he would have to find a new bride.
He laughed and said
he would have to learn some patience first."

"I waited in the road to die.
It was cold, though there was so much pain
that I was suprised it bothered me.
It started to snow, and I wondered why I wasn't dying.
I was impatient for death to come, to end the pain.
It was taking so long.....
Carlisle found me then
I though I had died when he pulled me from the ground
and ran with me -
because of the speed -
it felt like I was flying.
I remembered being horrified that the pain didn't stop."

"It took some time
before I began to blame the beauty
for what had happened to me - for me to see the curse of it.
To wish that I could have been...well, not ugly,but normal.
So I could have been allowed
to marry someone that loved me, and have pretty babies.
That's what I'd really wanted, all along.
It still doesn't seem like too much to have asked for."

"You know my record is almost as clean as Carlisle's.
Better than Esme.
A thousand times better than Edward.
I've never tasted human blood.
I did murder five humans. If you can really call them human. But I was very careful not to spill their blood -
I knew I wouldn't be able to resist that,
and I didn't want any part of them in me, you see.
I saved Royce for last. I hoped that he would he hear of his friends' deaths and understand, know what was coming for him."

"I was overly theatrical. It was kind of childish, really.
I wore a wedding dress I'd stolen for occasion.
He screamed when he saw me.
He screamed a lot that night.
Saving him for last was a good idea.
It made it easier for me to control myself, to make it slower - "

"You already have everything.
You have a whole life ahead of you - everything I want.
And you're going to just throw it away.
Can't you see that I would trade everything I have to be you? You have the choice I didn't have, and you're choosing wrong!"

Reasons why we love Rose

01. Because her story broke our hearts.
02. Because she is fiercely loyal, to her family.
03. Because she killed her rapists.
04. Because she's totally fierce.
05. Because there is more then what you see.
06. Because she helped Bella keep Nessie when no one else would
07. Because she loves Emmett
08. Because she's pro life
09. Because she would have been an amazing mother
10. Because she saved Emmett from the bear
11. Because she wants to be normal
12. Because she apologized to Bella
13. Because she looks amazing playing vampire baseball
by sort of beautiful

Nikki Quotes

"There’s a parallel to playing someone who’s not exactly human
and living a life
that doesn’t always feel human here in Hollywood.
This is all fantasyland."

"I’ve kind of always been told –
though I don’t know what it means,really –
that I'm an old soul."

"It’s not that I don’t want to be an actor;
it’s that I don’t just want to be an actor,
It’s that I want to do more, because I can.
Not that it’s available to me but that I
know in my mind that I could. I guess that’s sort of what it is."

"The number-one rule of writing
is write what you know - or something like that.
So I wrote about my experiences."

"I wish people could think I was funny.
I think I’m funny. In my circle of friends,
people would say that I’m the comedian."

"I want a long lasting career
and I want to produce, direct, write.
I want to be able to do what I want to do."

"Writing the screenplay wasn't exciting, it was painful."

"I do have a wonderful social life actually.
I stick to my core group of friends here.
No, I'm definitely not like miss social butterfly
and at every party but you know, I did that, so I chose to
live an adult life."

"I didn't know when I finished Thirteen
that I wanted to be an actress.
I went back to high school, and then I realized I missed it.
I had fallen in love with being on the set."
by Pure.Magic

"She gets what she wants. And she's my best friend, so I hope this doesn't sound negative. In the most positive way she's succulous." - Kristen Stewart

Reasons why we love Nikki

01. Because her smile brightens up every room she walks into
02. Because no matter what hair color she always looks amazing
03. Because she's BFFs with KStew
04. Because she is Rosalie
05. Because she did an amazing job writing 13
06. Because she's a real LA girl
07. Because she's gonna be awesome as Mousey in K-11
08. Because she wants to be more than just an actor
09. Because she played an amazing normal girl, Sadie, on The OC
10. Because she plays the guitar
11. Because she is anything but ordinary
12. Because we love her even though she mostly plays the bitchy characters
13. Because she rock her shades
14. Because she looks good even without make up


People ready to turn gay for her

01. Pure.Magic
02. sort of beautiful
03. Alessia20
04. rebeccacullen
05. Motoko Ayoama

Future Titles

Because we got so much of Rose in BD
Because she wants to be more than just an actress
Because there's more to her than what you see
Because she is anything but ordinary
Because Nikki is bring glamor and talent back to Hollywood
by sort of beautiful

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Rosalie Hale|Nikki Reed #7: To know her is to love her.

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Thanks for the new thread

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Add me please :flowers:

Will do...:)

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Thanks Chris

Your Welcome...

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