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Dumbo Lovers ღ Pandie #107: We're still waiting for their wedding in Venice

"My life began when I met you, Andie."

dumbo lovers | pandie shippers

001. Ellasblues
002. nine-nine!
003. Toscane
004. Cris
005. Brighter Than Sunshine
006. milestogo
007. Deb D
008. pacenjen
009. goodbreakingbad
010. Katie19
011. ReachOut
012. ThornyRose565
013. sweetee
014. JoshandChristinaCursed
015. Liliya
016. True Daisy Lover
017. wistfuldreamer
018. Swamy
019. dinkygal
020. JVDBFan20
021. ~Kissin in the Rain~
023. Josephine Leery
024. angelface211
025. Creative Christy
026. Mylu
027. She screams in silence
028. Beatriz
029. sxy readr3
030. pjdorothy
031. xburningbrightx
032. brookiez69
033. ~*Yuki*~
034. Freshgirlly908
035. Black mamba
036. Murron
037. ale-la-pazza1
038. antisocial
039. Dorkodancer147
040. Califorrnia here I come
041. Girl Wonder
042. Lozza~TheAussieChick~
043. Undeniable
044. andre silva
045. lavenderskies
046. HereWithoutYOU
047. Tes!
048. onetreehill1216
049. Little Angel
050. BrittanyM.
051. Flomp
052. Touldengal
053. Lor-baby
054. IloveJosh
055. Nessa
056. kingjames23
057. jhlover
058. ocfan27
059. KarrieGem
060. simplyAlex_
061. joshuazgirl128
062. Deiaa
063. wingster
064. Ricanyork
065. Sweet Lil Angel
066. Jerry D
067. Crystal Clear
068. *Lori89*
069. CreekBee
070. 10mylove
071. Marcos
072. spacekiddet32
073. courtneybangelcakes
074. rainydays
075. aabf
076. Madison612
077. myla84
078. brendadylan1984
079. IloveGizzy
080. falling slowly
081. natehaley23
082. sailaway
083. :Kat:
084. LPisKiller90
085. lafs1684
086. BrathanSupporter
087. Ali
088. jen4ever
089. AppleBehryGrl23
090. brazilianchick20
091. MissSullivan
092. Pure.Magic
093. Pitty_mione
094. mrs.scott
095. nothing-without-you
096. ShallowxHeart
097. sweetdaisy
098. mondlerlove
099. Cici287
100. ~*¤Amelia¤*~
101. Videl-Chan
102. ExOhErin
103. Xelphia Kenny
104. -x-Lilac-x-
105. Samwise Gamgee
106. SidneyAce
107. LulubeeDavis
108. Natesgal55
109. McQueenFanGirl
110. mattlover
111. cyndie57
112. Trish03
113. ennaxor
114. TobyJenna
115. BepperGirl
116. lilaclullaby
117. WileyDairyGnome
118. TL22
119. Ankatje
120. Lorelai82
121. classictvfan91
122. Musickat18
123. Jaime Bee
124. freedom to believe
125. Captivating
126. DuVe2LoVe
127. la dolce vita
128 speedychatterbox
129. plucky sidekick
130. dreaming_out_loud
131 ana_cmoraes
132 sun kissed fan

133. jasonsgurl310

134. 90210-Steffi
135. chasity05

136. bscgirl99
137. CotWJosh
138. atwoodsmariano
139. **bittersweet**

"Well, I met this girl. Andie's beautiful. She's smart, she's funny,
she's... I tell you, this girl's really something special, Dad.
For whatever reason she thinks I'm special too."

01) Because they never gave up on each other (220)
02) Because he was really special to her (210)
03) Because Andie could count on Pacey as a shoulder to cry on (219)
04) Because they had to get the Viper! (203)
05) Because she liked him, she REALLY liked him (204)
06) Because they had that passive-aggressive banter (206)
07) Because she saw his butt and he had nothing to worry about (213)
08) Because Pacey knew that he was so lucky (210)
09) Because she won his vote a few bumper stickers ago (209)
10) Because he fell hopelessly in love with her (211)
11) Because she probably had a perky corinary while anticipating his return from the sea (212)
12) Because Pacey wanted to spend that moment with Andie (206)
13) Because Andie shared Pacey's exact fear (211)
14) Because he loved the way she thought! (206)
15) Because she was proud to love him... (215)
16) ...and he was proud to love her back (215)
17) Because he believed it for her (217)
18) Because he didn't say a word (205)
19) Because he made her wanna do it (210)
20) Because she made him feel like maybe there was hope for his "pathetic existence" (210)
21) Because "the night's in a paper cup" (221)
22) Because he would have liked to scrump with her any day of the week (210)
23) Because she was proud of him (208)
24) Because what he did for her was nothing short of spectacular (208)
25) Because they were so deep (202)
26) Because he was "the luckiest guy in this world" (202)
27) Because they "literally collided" (201)
28) Because Pacey created the fantasy evening for Andie (210)
29) Because Andie was the girl that Pacey loved to hate... (207)
30) ...and she loved to hate him too (207)
31) Because he was one of the priceless people in her life (219)
32) Because he didn't let her push him away (213)
33) Because he was actually the charter member of the Andie McPhee Fan Club (213)
34) Because she was the most important being to ever grace his existence (211)
35) Because the signs pointed to "yes" (202)
36) Because her knees were shaking (206/221)
37) Because his heart was like "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom" (206/221)
38) Because he knew that he could help her, because he loved her (213)
39) Because he missed her so much, it was killing him (222)
40) Because he didn't throw her in front of a bus or anything, even though it was an interesting idea (204)
41) Because he went into the girls' bathroom for her (209)
42) Because they got through it (209)
43) Because they danced (206/221)
44) Because he was her hero (222)
45) Because their wedding was supposed to be in Venice, since it is the city of romance (218)
46) Because she seemed to think he was pretty special (212)
47) Because there were people in Pacey's life who recognized and respected his talent and ability--and Andie was one of them (212)
48) Because we got to witness oodles of quality time (209)
49) Because the week that he spent without her was a living hell and he never wanted to go through another moment like that (215)
50) Because his life began when he met her (220)
51) Because he was her hero on horseback (219)
52) Because a woman like her bothered to care about him (206)
53) Because she didn't think he was a joke (208)
54) Because he made her feel good about herself (206)
55) Because he didn't run screaming from her house when he met her crazy old mother (205/206)
56) Because she didn't know where he got the whole loser complex from (206)
57) Because it was basic Kindergarten psychology (204)
58) Because he held her in his arms as she cried and told her that everything was going to be alright (219, 220)
59) Because he believed that "the family that lays together stays together" (203)
60) Because they certainly had that moment (206)
61) Because it was a wild ride (221)
62) Because she remembered their promise (221)
63) Because she "thoroughly" enjoyed herself (211)
64) Because he had absolutely no intention of letting her go (213)
65) Because Pacey gave Andie strength (219)
66) Because he slept with her and he DID want her (211)
67) Because he didn't turn away from her, especially when she needed him the most (213)
68) Because Pacey was so grateful to Andie (221)
69) Because he made her "randy" (216)
70) Because they did it together (213)
71) Because they held hands (210)
72) Because she didn't want to let him go (221)
73) Because this wasn't a case of teen romance gone sour, he knew what he wanted, he wanted Andie (213)
74) Because he told her to take all the time she needed and he'd be there (210)
75) Because it was all part of his evil plan (210)
76) Because whether she knew it or not, she needed him (213)
77) Because he felt it just holding her in his arms (210)
78) Because they got even (201)
79) Because she accepted his past (207)
80) Because he had his eyes on her (201)
81) Because Andie wanted Officer Witter to give Pacey a hug (222)
82) Because he asked her to kiss him (206)
83) Because they both loved Dumbo! (204)
84) Because he gave her a rose (213)
85) Because that obnoxious pig behavior was sometimes his attempt to flirtation (204)
86) Because they bit the bullet (205)
87) Because she proved to him that he could do anything he wanted (208)
88) Because Officer Pacey came after her (201)
89) Because she did so much for him just by being in his life (210)
90) Because this wasn't a case of "teen romance gone sour" (213)
91) Because she was "a bad, bad influence" on him (209)
92) Because he asked her out politely (205)
93) Because he called her "beautiful" (212)
94) Because Pacey knew what he wanted, he wanted Andie (213)
95) Because he didn't make her nervous, he made her mad and mad beats nervous (202)
96) Because she shut up and let him apologize (215)
97) Because she gave him a magic 8 ball for his birthday (202)
98) Because her sincerity is so appealingly sexy and his sexiness is so appealingly sincere (209)
99) Because Andie was head-over-heals in love with him (211)
100) Because he didn't say a word (205)
101) Just 'Cuz (214)
102) Because she still thinks about Pacey Witter.. wondering what he's doing, if he's happy... (624)
103) Because she was always the first to him (624)
104) Because she always told him exactly what he needed to hear when he needed to hear it (624)
105) Because he thanked her (624)
106) Because it's always worked both ways for them (624)

Pacey: Why do you like me? I’m a screw up, Andie.
I’m thoughtless. I’m insecure. And for the life of me, I cannot understand
why a woman like you would bother to care about me.
Andie: God, I don’t know, Pacey, because you’re funny and
you’re kind and you don’t judge people.
You make me feel good about myself.


"Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve given to me.
Thank you for forcing me to be the man you made me.
Just thank you. I am so grateful to you, Andie."

s o u n d t r a c k

::Click to Listen::
1. Start of Something New - Daughtry
2. Smile - Uncle Kracker
3. Satellite - Tyrone Wells
4. Sad Eyes - Bruce Springsteen
5. Never Stop (Wedding Version) - Safetysuit
6. Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips
7. Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song (Acoustic) - Matt Hires
8. Paper Cup - Heather Nova
9. Greatest Lovers - Luke Sital-Singh
10. Red - Tyler Ward
11. She's - Ryan Cabrera
12. Stay - Lewis Watson
13. Photograph - Ed Sheeran
14. Breathe Again - Sara Bareilles



Credit to: Beatriz

Credit to: Cris

Credit to: CreekBee

Credit to: Xelphia Kenny

top m o m e n t s

Andie: My knees are shaking.

Pacey: My heart, boom-boom, boom boom.

Bustle summary of the Pandie relationship :
Before Joey and Pacey, there was Andie and Pacey and it was amazing. She pushed Pacey to be the best version of himself and Pacey supported Andie as she tried to cope with her mental illness and the loss of her brother. These two kids could banter with the best of them and no matter how much tragedy got in their way, they always managed to maintain a mutual love and respect for one another.[x]

1. "Come Sail Away" by Elbella...Joey rushes to the dock , but Pacey has already left. (My personal favorite Pacey/Andie story}

2. "Kiss Me" by TL22.....An alternate ending to season four with a twist at the end.

3. "No Amount of Time" by StevieLUVSalex.... StrevieLUVSalex version of the cut scene at the end of season six. Excellent story.

4. "Thanksgiving" TL22...Pacey sailed to the Keys but Joey came home alone.

5. "Every Thing Happens For A StevieLUVSalex.. An unusual little twist, "Everything Happens For A Reason Part Two needs to be read in conjunction with this story.

6."Every Thing Happens For A Reason Part Two" TL22...Needs to be read after "Everything Happens For A Reason.

7. Her Kat Lee.....A nice piece of fluff.

8. "Springsteen" makesmyheadspin....Pacey and Andie run into each other at the airport after many years.

9. Lost in Kat Lee. A little snippet Just read the last paragraph.

10. "One Kat Lee....A nicely written story.

11. "Finding True Love".....By TL22....Pacey and Andie meet in the future, In a very unlikely place. Spain

12. "Fate Is The Hunter" TL22..... Pacey and Andie remember what they mean to each other

13. "It Will Always Be You" from Pacey's point of view.

14. Speedychatterbox.....An alternate ending to season two.

15. "Back In Sync" loveimagination18.....Set four years after the finale. An upcoming wedding brings Pacey and Andie back to Capeside.

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Thank you so much for the new thread!
"I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru" - Lexa kom Trikru to Clarke Griffin
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you’re welcome
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Love the title when I went to Venice 3 years ago, I actually thought about their wedding it would be so romantic and beautiful
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you’re welcome Cyndie

I’ve never been but would love to visit someday

Italy’s been on my bucket list for ages
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Hopefully you will visit Italy someday

Venice has always been on my list, it's so beautiful
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A New Addition 1/3

After a long and grueling day of working at the office, an exhausted Pacey comes home to what he thinks is an empty house...only to be delightfully surprised to see his wife, Mrs. Andie Witter, waiting for him in their bedroom when he turns on the light.

"Welcome home."

The shock of seeing her quickly transforms into an easy happiness, Pacey climbing into bed with her.

"Thought you'd still be at the hospital working late," Pacey hums, unable to keep his eyes off of her, thoroughly admiring her choice of lingerie.

"Got someone to cover my shift so I could come home earlier...which will be happening a lot more often very soon," Andie says in a sing-song fashion, nearly vibrating with what she's about to tell him.

"Meaning?" Pacey asks, tilting his head in confusion.

"You're gonna be a father, Pacey."

In an instant, Pacey throws his arms around Andie, peppering her face in celebratory kisses, sending her into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. The parents-to-be in unison then say:

"Who're we going to tell first?"


A New Addition 2/3

It wasn't the easiest time for Pacey and Andie to have a baby considering their jam packed and time consuming schedules, but through great effort, they were making it work. While on the road during Pacey's business tour, Andie was in the process of transitioning from being a medical doctor to a family counselor for when she gets home in a bid to gain more time for her growing family.

"We just arrived at the hotel now...yep, all in one piece," Pacey replies into his phone, watching Andie flip through the pages of her text book.

"Is that Jack? Tell that mother hen to stop clucking so much, I'm perfectly fine," Andie takes her attention off of her book, giving Pacey and by extension, Jack, a look of laidback confidence. Pacey starts laughing as he lets Jack go, stuffing his phone back into his jeans as he sits down at the edge of the bed.

"Not to start clucking, myself, but how are you doing Andie? I know this time on the road hasn't been easy for you," Pacey leans over, kissing her forehead tenderly, coaxing out a pleased hum from Andie.

"I've been taking all the necessary steps to make sure this pregnancy is a safe and healthy one. Trust me, I'm a doctor!" Andie grins, closing her book for the night.

"Thank god this is our last stop. I want our baby to be delivered back at home," Pacey settles down on the bed, a big yawn leaving his mouth as he closes his eyes. Andie follows him, nestling herself beside him, allowing everything else around them to fade into the background. "If all goes well...I'm in for one hell of a promotion."


A New Addition 3/3

When days that will go down in history happen, they usually begin as just another day, and that's exactly how it started for Pacey and his family. He woke up at seven in the morning, spent a good hour in bed cuddling with Andie, brushed his teeth and took a shower to wake him up, helping Andie feed and change their son before making a cup of coffee and eating a small breakfast.

Then it was off to work for Pacey, Andie staying home with their baby and multitasking between looking after him and her clients over her web cam. Thankfully, today blessed her with a light work load so she could take it easy, inviting one of their neighbors over for dinner. Pacey soon returned home from work, kissing Andie on the forehead while carrying a fresh bouquet of flowers, asking her how her day went as he filled her favourite crystal vase up with fresh water in their kitchen.

As he set the flowers carefully down onto the table, making sure they were in a secure spot, Andie reached over for the TV remote and turned on the news...and in that moment, the entire trajectory of their lives altered course, Pacey standing there flummoxed, unable to proper process it all.

"The final votes have been counted for, and we have official confirmation of who will become America's next President. President Elect, Pacey Witter."

Pacey Witter, the guy nobody thought would escape the confines of Capeside, the quintessential underachiever, had become the youngest American in history to become President of the United States.
"I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru" - Lexa kom Trikru to Clarke Griffin
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Hi all, although I am newly signed up I have been reading these threads and the Dumbo Lovers etc for years. P/A were and actually still are my fav tv couple of all time. I'm still as mad as all of you are at what happened to them. I decided to finally speak up as I am Loving the new fics on here, thanks Xelphia your writing is brilliant and I love the gifs. I check every now and then to see if there's anything new, I've read everything multiple times. There are many stories that I read years ago that I can't find anymore. Does anyone have copies/access to old stories that you could let me have. Basically that can't be found with a quick PA fanfic search.

Sorry to post for the first time with a request. You seem like a lovely community and hope I hope I can become a part of it.
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Sorry I can't help on finding ones that may have been on our Board. It's been a while since I've read any and I don't recall where I read them.

Here is a link to several that are on as well as links to other sites
FB / Twitter / Pinterest /
My love for Josh Jackson knows no bounds

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Thanks so much for these, its really appreciated.
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Thank you so much I didn't know about all of these
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My love for Josh Jackson knows no bounds

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Awww my babies they look so good together
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love that picture of them on the left side
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