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  1. The Drew Crew #7- What happened to all of that cake?
  2. Dynamic Trio {Bess & George & Nancy} #5- It's like the writers see them hanging out in real life and are like "eh close enough"!
  3. Thread Titles #1- Post your ideas here now, so we don't forget later!
  4. Other than Nancy Drew, what are you watching/listening to? #12- "Meet me at Midnight." ~ Taylor Swift
  5. Co-Bosses {Nick❤George} #13- "When did all our lessons start to look like weapons pointed at my deepest hurt?"
  6. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #38- "You wanna walk me home?" ~ Nancy
  7. The Not-So-Silent Partner {Ned "Nick" Nickerson | Tunji Kasim} #8- "No! We are not performing an autopsy in your kitchen!"
  8. The Keeper {Bess Marvin | Maddison Jaizani} #7- "Get on the Bess bus if you want to live!"
  9. The Sleuth {Nancy | Kennedy} #13- "You were a little badass when you were a kid. Not that you aren't now, of course." ~ Ryan
  10. The Claw [OT] #21- "August slipped away into a moment in time." ~ Taylor Swift
  11. Nancy Drew's News {News/Media} #9- We're all 58 at heart!
  12. The Billionaire Inventor {Tom Swift | Tian Richards} #3- "I have an outfit for every occasion."
  13. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #37- "Their openness & ability to lean on each other is at an all time high." ~ Kennedy
  14. Tom Swift 1x10 Episode Discussion: "...And the Cost of Forgiveness" {8/2/22- SERIES FINALE!}
  15. Tom Swift 1x09 Episode Discussion: "…And The Night to Remember" {7/26/22}
  16. Tom Swift 1x08 Episode Discussion: "…And His Two Men and a Baby" {7/19/22}
  17. Tom Swift 1x07 Episode Discussion: "…And The Book of Isaac" {7/12/22}
  18. Tom Swift General Discussion Thread #3- "What do you have on?" "Ass whooping clothes."
  19. Tom Swift 1x06 Episode Discussion: "…And The Benefits of Bondage" {7/5/22}
  20. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #36- "There's nothing to be afraid of." ~ Ace
  21. Virtual Hugs #12- “Hi, I'm Olaf! And I like warm hugs!”
  22. The Hacker {Ace | Alex Saxon} #14- "Don't worry I speak the language." ~ Ace
  23. Co-Bosses {Nick❤George} #12- "People who are meant to be together find their way back. They may take a few detours, but they're never lost."
  24. Tom Swift 1x05 Episode Discussion: "...And the Crashed Cotillion" {6/28/22}
  25. Tom Swift 1x04 Episode Discussion: "...And The Chocolate Cowboys" {6/21/22}
  26. Nancy Drew General Discussion/Rant Thread #6- It's hot as hell out here on these streets. Meanwhile, it's still snowing in Horseshoe Bay.
  27. Junior Dad {Ryan Hudson | Riley Smith} #6- "Fresh start here I come." ~ Ryan
  28. Tom Swift 1x03 Episode Discussion: "...And Nine Inches of Danger" {6/14/22}
  29. Tom Swift 1x02 Episode Discussion: "...And the 4b Curl" {6/7/22}
  30. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #35- "Are you awake?" "God, I hope so."
  31. The Claw [OT] #20- "I went to the Upside Down and all I got was this Strange T-Shirt!"
  32. Tom Swift 1x01 Episode Discussion: "...And the Liftoff to Saturn" {5/31/22- SERIES PREMIERE!}
  33. The Sleuth {Nancy | Kennedy} #12- "Did anyone get my sorbet?"
  34. Nancy Drew's News {News/Media} #8- "Nancy Drew is about a bunch of kids in a small town in Maine solving ghost stories in a crab shack." ~ Noga Landau
  35. Three Word Post #7- Season 4 Soon!
  36. What Time Is It? #16- "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana." ~ English Proverb
  37. The Boss {George | Leah} #7- "No girl. I am the Fan!" ~ George
  38. Other than Nancy Drew, what are you watching/listening to? #11- Youtube forever! {♥‿♥}
  39. Tom Swift General Discussion Thread #2- Swagger is a science ★
  40. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #34- "I'm not lacking anymore." "You never were."
  41. The Not-So-Silent Partner {Ned "Nick" Nickerson | Tunji Kasim} #7- "It's not on us to shake him up. Our job is to look at the facts." ~ Nick
  42. Nancy Drew General Discussion/Rant Thread #5- We don't care that this is not your grandmother's Nancy Drew.
  43. Co-Bosses {Nick❤George} #11- "You and me, we got nothing but time." ~ Nick
  44. Mr. D {Carson Drew | Scott Wolf} #5- "I was trying to honor your mom's wishes. I thought I was doing the right thing, but maybe I wasn't."
  45. Nancy Drew Board 75K Celebration Thread!!
  46. The Nice Guys {Ace & Nick} #4- The best relationship you don't see!
  47. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #33- "They love you. I'm with them." ~ Ace ♥
  48. Nancy Drew Board 75K Planning Thread
  49. The Drew Crew #6- Supernatural Avengers Assemble!
  50. The Hacker {Ace | Alex Saxon} #13- We always have Ace on the brain!