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Originally Posted by Kassiek (View Post)
I think it's much too soon to make predictions on anything other than if they will get together and how. And how they relationship could possibly be (not how or if or when it would end). We may not even get this relationship, but we cannot knock out Travis at this point. We have seen that he is a good guy, he can open up to Bay, and attempts to be supportive in all the ways he can. You may like Emmett more, but to say that she will always love him best, I believe, would be a mistake but could be more fully explored in the Bay Emmett thread.
Perhaps, for Bay, Travis could be some deeper and greater love than anything she has ever felt for Emmett, but for me, Travis could not be that.

For me, both Alex (Bay's boyfriend from the Galapagos) and Wilke have the potential to rival Emmett, but Travis could never come close.

But that's just me. Bay is a different person, and for her, perhaps, Travis will be all of that and a bag of chips.

If so, I won't be anymore interested in the storyline, than I was when Bay dated Noah, Ty, or Tank.

Alex and Wilke, like Emmett, both show a certain depth and carry themselves in a leading-man sort of way. For me, Noah, Ty, Tank, and Travis do not.

Originally Posted by Kassiek (View Post)
Uggh I actually really dislike Garrett and have since day one. And I know the actor is supposed to be this semi-famous model, but I don't find him attractive at all. *shrugs* I think he's super one dimensional. I do wonder if they go forward with Travis and Bay, how they will write him off.
I do see depth to Garrett.

Physically, he doesn't wow me, but he is cute enough. He has a certain charm. I find Garrett more physically appealing than Travis.

In my limited personal experience, I have found that models have a lot more depth than people might think. I like how Garrett did not "write off" Bay because of a bad first date. I like that Garrett is open to learning new things, like his research on Salvador Dali, after Bay took him to an art opening.

So far, I like Garrett.

Originally Posted by Kassiek (View Post)
I can't help you find the charm of Travis and Bay, Amy...sorry. I think they'll be more of a slow burn. And they'll be controversial. People will love them or hate them. It depends on their dynamics. I've liked them as friends since the start and enjoyed their interaction, so I'm not that adverse to seeing them. And honestly, I don't love Emmett so wholeheartedly as a lot of you do so it makes it easier for me. I don't wish he was the star of the show and I don't mind not seeing him often. I loved him and Bay together and I adored their relationship, but at this point, Lizzy has really destroyed it for me so I'm looking and open to something fresh and different. And I think Travis could be fresh and different, not what all of Bay's other exs were.
Bummer about the slow burn. That turns me off even more.

With my existing disconnect with Daphne, I truly hope the writers do not go with a Bay and Travis story. I will lose my connection to both girls.

I'm still head-over-heels in love with Emmett. I'll write more on that in the appropriate thread. Instead of Lizzy Weiss destroying the character, for me, she has liberated Emmett.

Originally Posted by teaholic (View Post)
Travis as a potential romantic hero is growing on me.

Initially, he definitely did come across as a not so bright and rather abrasive guy. I think a lot of that was due to his insecurity and defiance because nobody, starting with his family, had ever really expected anything good of him. Remember how floored he was when Melody said she could see him going to college and coming back to Carlton as a teacher? So the goofy/disinterested persona was his way of showing he didn't care what anybody thought. For example, he really liked Daphne at one point, but he still showed up to take her to the prom in a silly t-shirt with a picture of a tux printed on it.

So I think the way he seemed to only care about the food in Mexico was part of the same thing... he's used to assuming this persona by now as a defense mechanism, but he is doing it less often. I don't think it shows that he was more interested in the food than in Bay.
I just didn't see much evidence of his interest in Bay. Oh, well.

Originally Posted by teaholic (View Post)
I agree that Travis's relationship with Mary Beth may have started as a matter of convenience/being flattered that she really liked him, and he definitely screwed up a lot in that relationship (as did she), but he ended up really caring about her and being really hurt when she ended the relationship. I think he learned a lot from that relationship, and it was important that he go through that as a stepping stone to a deeper, more open relationship in the future. In the same way, Bay has learned from her various relationships.
I agree with all of that.

Originally Posted by teaholic (View Post)
I think Ryan Lane can definitely project a deeper passion/longing... we've seen glimpses of that here and there. I think the actor can pull it off if the writers choose to go there for him and Bay. Whether the two will have any chemistry remains to be seen.
I don't agree with that.

I'll be surprised if Ryan Lane can convey deeper passion and longing. I don't see it in him.

I have seen a Season Three picture of Vanessa Marano taking a piggy-back ride on Travis, and it does appear from that still photograph that the two might have chemistry.

I guess we'll see what Ryan Lane does with the role.

Originally Posted by teaholic (View Post)
And yeah, Garrett... I don't like him. I don't like Mingo, either. To me, they both are the sort of glossy, insincere/ungenuine-looking men who are usually cast in soaps. No matter how much their scripts are made to make them seem thoughtful and caring, I just can't quite buy it.
I agree of your assessment on Mingo, even though the writers are trying to show a deeper side to him. For me, it doesn't come across as believable. It's too quick of. a shift from dormitory jerk to sweetheart. In the beginning, Mingo made a strong point as to why he did not want a relationship with Daphne. And now, not only has Daphne changed his mind, but he is being the absolute perfect partner to her.

I cannot suspend my disbelief enough to wrap my head around that 180. It's too much of a change, too soon, for me.

I like Garrett. I don't love him yet, but I like him.

I want Bay & Emmett together more than I've ever wanted any outcome in a fictional story. But if the writers have already decided that they will never allow Bay & Emmett to reunite again, then I would not be unhappy with Garrett. I would find his relationship with Bay intriguing.

I am bored by Travis's potential romantic relationship with Bay. I hope the writers do not go there. I would much rather see Travis be a good friend to Bay and a brother to Emmett.

Bay has yet to have a lasting male friend. Daphne has one in Emmett. I'd love to see Bay have THAT kind of relationship with Travis. I hope Bay will insist on that, when Travis tells her his true feelings for her.
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