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Originally Posted by isis1948 (View Post)
It doesn't seem like the end, does it? I could see a season of hunting Dawn and/or the egg. The first episode could pick up with Barbie repeating his proposal and Julia accepting. That's a must!

This is pretty much a repetition of a post from last night but I still feel this way and also would like some closure on Joe's character. Norrie is going to rescue him with help from the others and I'd love to see that too.

The title of the new series could be After the Dome - Questions Still Remain. Or something like that. I really don't care what they call it - I'm just not ready to say good-bye to these amazing characters.
No, it doesn't seem the end at all! Maybe when they shot the episode they were still planning a 4th season and the plan fizzled out due to the poor ratings. I think this is the most reasonable explanation. Anyway, I hope the producers will change their mind because what we watched in this last episode would make a thrilling 4th season.

Season 4 might deal with reverse positions, a new dome with new people trapped inside (so that the name "Under The Dome" would be still relevant) and Barbie, Julia, Big Jim and the others trying to save them and kill Dawn. Then there is the subplot concerning Norrie trying to save Joe... Yeah, there's definitely enough material for a new and exciting season!
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