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Originally Posted by Slayerfan714 (View Post)
It was. But for some reason, I don't completely loathe the idea of Travis having a thing for Bay.

I don't know what's wrong with me.
There's nothing wrong with you!

I don't even mind the idea of Travis becoming Bay's OTP.

Perhaps Bay was meant to learn ASL for Travis and not for Emmett or for Daphne.

Bay would treat Travis right. She would treat him well, too, better than Mary Beth, and definitely better than Daphne.

And Travis would treat Bay right. He would treat her a million times better than Emmett, or Ty, or Tank.

Bay wouldn't feel threatened around all of those baseball groupies, in the way that Mary Beth did.

There would be a certain irony to Bay becoming a baseball wife, just like Kathryn. From the pilot episode, Bay felt so different from Kathryn, as if she could not imagine walking in her shoes.

Plus, Travis could make enough money in the Major League to allow Bay to concentrate on her art.

I'd enjoy seeing Emmett feel threatened by Travis's wild success.

It's not that I think Bay and Travis have any chemistry. I don't.

Their relationship would have to be built on something other than sexual attraction. I guess it would be built on friendship and respect. It's not that they wouldn't have a sexual attraction for each other, too. I am sure that they could and would.

It's just that sexual attraction would not be the foundation of their relationship.

I'd love to see Daphne wonder if she made a mistake letting Travis go. And ditto for Emmett feeling weird around Bay & Travis, whenever they're all together at a family dinner.

And I'd love to see Bay & Travis tell off everyone who tries to rain on their happiness.

Even better than that, Bay has always been an outsider. Emmett used to seem like one, too, because of his Deafness. But Travis has far more in common with Bay, when it comes to feeling like he doesn't belong.

Bay & Travis could be way better rebels against the world than Bay & Emmett ever dreamed of being.

I can imagine a scene, one day, where Emmett opens up an art magazine and sees a feature spread on Bay as a successful artist, standing next to her successful baseball player husband Travis.

The headline would call them Kansas City's new power couple.

I could go for that. It's as good of an ending as any other.
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