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Yes, they're great. I think I'm going to see these Ice Castles
at night time. Think they'd be really cool all lite up.

So on Monday Patrick texted me to let me know that he told the other girls that he was seeing that he was only into me now, that we're exclusive now. Then we hung out Wednesday after work and last night after we were talking he asked me if it was ok if he called me his girlfriend. So I guess he's my boyfriend now. I'm super happy about it.

He's coming with me on Saturday for when we go out to celebrate Torrie's birthday, so he's going to meet a bunch of my friends. I'm kind of nervous, he's only meet Torrie so far.

My family is SO loud. We have the tendency to just talk over one another, so instead of waiting until it's quieter, we'll just talker louder and louder, it gets insane. We at the kid's table can always hear the adult's table talking from across the kitchen.

I watched the video Kris, it was really good. It made me intrigued with the show actually. And I loved the song choice and the coloring.
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