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I truly still believe that this is all a part of a bigger plan. I highly doubt that Gimple would do something to put his job on the line...and considering a lot of people were interested in Beth's storyline...surely he knew that there would be backlash when he planned this season out. Something just continues to tell me that things are not what they seem and that I shouldn't make any rash decisions of whether to truly be angry or not about the show until the show returns. Anything is possible at this point. I still have hope. Things could very well change or be revealed to have always been a part of the plan to begin with. Those easter eggs weren't meant for nothing. I just don't believe that everything that was written in the past will all just go to waste.
I just don't think there is a bigger picture, I think they needed someone to die msf and they thought Hell why not Beth Greene no one will miss her. It reeks of a last minute change to me at least. I honestly think he had no idea there would be so much backlash when he wrote this at the last minute. I'm going logical, while Beth can survive a gunshot to the head in which she has sustained to her head. As I have been told by a couple people it went straight through and it didn't seem to wobble at all and it went right out of the back of her head, There was also very little blood in compare a real bullet to the head and there was no brain matter at all. Now I know this is a tv show but GN is a special effects person is I would think more blood and Brain matter would have been shown, also no one checked her pulse nor did you see her face when she "died" I'm not saying she is alive or she isn't alive all I'm saying is that there are so many holes in this storyline.

The overall ratings won't change at all, the Demos which ever networks tries to get is the women 18-45 and those ratings will drop. I can bet my next $20 on the fact that women are not going to sit around and watch an all male dominated show it just won't happen. I just chalk up the "Gross" talk to the stigma and the fact that people still don't agree with Interracial dating nor do they think same sex couples should happen and this whole age gap thing has been going on since the mid 1800's and with the pedos out there the age gap stigma just has gotten so much worse that people just associate it with disgust. there is never going to be a time where everyone agrees that age gap couples are accepted it just isn't and the bigger the gap the more "creepy" people find it even if the two people are adults.

Beth is Jesus is a little out there.
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