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Originally Posted by Kassiek (View Post)
I didn't really think that Bay or Tank were out of character last night...I know, not a popular opinion. But since day one of meeting him, she was always uncharacteristically open with him. Remember them outside the frat party? And she is the type that goes the extra mile for people she cares about. So I thought it was nice that they were getting back to what they originally were. I think Tank might have seemed a little off because he's showing more backbone. He was hurt, but at the end of the day he is a genuinely good guy. It's okay for him to be mad at Bay, at the end of the day she does deserve it. And it's okay for her to feel bad. She always cared about her and Tank always worked hard to help her when she needed it.

Just my opinion of course.
I agree that Bay was open with Tank from the beginning and that Bay goes the extra mile when she cares for someone.

But it seems strange for Tank to go from being rather self-centered (excusing the dog fight, making Bay feel guilty for not wanting to have sex, being upset with Bay for talking to Emmett about Ty's lie) to being a man who is selfless and forgiving of Bay's transgressions.

When Tank finally stood up to his dad, it was as if a switch flipped. He became a different character. It's not that he wasn't always a good guy, because you are right, basically Tank IS a good guy. But as they were exiting that restaurant, Tank became Prince Charming.
Tank: I'm sorry to put you in an awkward position.
Bay: It's okay.
Tank: No, it was really cool of you to come, especially after I was such an ass the other day.
Bay: I totally deserved it. And I'm really sorry for how everything ended. Can we go back to being friends?
Tank: Yeah, I would love that.
By the way, it's so sad to me that Bay and Emmett never communicate that effortlessly. I guess that's because of their language barrier. Or maybe it's something else. But it's sad to me.

As for Emmett and Bay...I'm glad they are making it awkward. The characters both got hurt (Bay more) so they will have trust issues. And they took time to grow as people without being together. They have to take the time to figure out how they work together now. They can't have the same exact relationship. They are different people now.
Yes, awkward IS real.

And yes, Bay & Emmett cannot return to the same exact relationship. (I wouldn't want them to do that anyway.)

But would it have hurt the writers to show us one more Bay & Emmett kiss in the last SEVEN episodes? We've only seen one kiss, since they became a couple.

Or would it have hurt the writers to show us one more conversation?

Bay & Emmett had a couple of sweet moments together in Episode 3x14. Their words to each other at the end of that episode held a lot of meaning.

But at the beginning of that episode, Bay pushed Emmett away the first two times he tried to kiss her. Emmett managed to sneak one quick kiss, and that is the only kiss they have shared as a couple this season (3B).

I understand that in 3x15 Toby returned and there wasn't room for Emmett's character in that episode.

I understand that in 3x16, Angelo was dying and Bay expressed more anger at Emmett than anything else.

I understand that in 3x17, Bay went to Chicago and didn't see Emmett.

I understand that in 3x18, Bay was feeling guilty about cheating on Tank and alleviating that guilt took precedence over celebrating Emmett's admission to Gallaudet.

But last night, Travis said that they are three weeks away from their high school graduation. Bay & Emmett made love last fall (winter at the VERY latest).

So in all of this time, Bay couldn't tell Emmett that she didn't get into Pratt? It was obvious he doesn't know.

Bay couldn't text Emmett (perhaps while she was in Chicago) to say, "I miss you," or mention him to Daphne or Toby.

Oh, I know, we are supposed to assume that Bay did all of that. But would it hurt the writers to let us see evidence of SOMETHING?

We have no indication one way or another as to whether Bay & Emmett have even continued their sexual relationship. Yet, last night, we saw an indication that Daphne & Nacho are starting one. Ditto Lilly & Toby.

If the writers do not want to show us Bay & Emmett on a date at a restaurant, I can understand that. After all, Bay & Tank's dinner advanced the plot and further developed the characters.

But I would like for ONE of the characters to at least mention in dialogue that Bay & Emmett are doing things together. For instance, Kathryn could tell John that Bay's over at Emmett's house one evening.

Just something would be nice. Anything.

We have now seen Melody & Gabe kiss more than Bay & Emmett this season. Cameron & Debbie have kissed more than Bay & Emmett. Mary Beth & Travis have kissed more than Bay & Emmett. Daphne & Nacho have kissed more than Bay & Emmett.

Heck, next week, Regina & Kathryn will have kissed as much (and maybe more) than Bay & Emmett.

I'm disappointed.

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