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I didn't really think that Bay or Tank were out of character last night...I know, not a popular opinion. But since day one of meeting him, she was always uncharacteristically open with him. Remember them outside the frat party? And she is the type that goes the extra mile for people she cares about. So I thought it was nice that they were getting back to what they originally were. I think Tank might have seemed a little off because he's showing more backbone. He was hurt, but at the end of the day he is a genuinely good guy. It's okay for him to be mad at Bay, at the end of the day she does deserve it. And it's okay for her to feel bad. She always cared about her and Tank always worked hard to help her when she needed it.

Just my opinion of course.

As for Emmett and Bay...I'm glad they are making it awkward. The characters both got hurt (Bay more) so they will have trust issues. And they took time to grow as people without being together. They have to take the time to figure out how they work together now. They can't have the same exact relationship. They are different people now.
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