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From the last thread:
Originally Posted by quaist (View Post)
I'm not that much of a sports buff, so I don't really watch much of it.

Incidentally though, I saw a bit of the ice hockey game Canada vs. Austria today. Of course, Canada won
Well, Christina... duh

Sorry. That's a bratty response.

But, it's hockey. And, obviously, we're not the only ones who are good at it (far from it).

But those poor players. I wouldn't want to be them if they don't bring the gold home.

Originally Posted by canflam (View Post)
Do you make exceptions for the Olympics? Need help thinking of a new thread title.
Christina I think the question was address to you.

As for the title, once again, I just went with one.

It's from Wayne Gretzky. I liked that it could be applied broadly, since none of us seem to be that into sports.

Also, the last thread had the Olympic motto as the title, which was my first idea.

I didn't want a repeat, so I looked for something else.
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