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Originally Posted by ollibear (View Post)
I agree. Max Adler does bring happiness and charisma to SAB.

Bay needed a friend like him. I was worried that the writers might try to have Emmett fill that role, and it just wouldn't work for me. Emmett cannot listen to Bay objectively, the way that Tank can. Emmett cannot give Bay the perspective that Tank is able to give her. It's really much better that Bay has a friend like Tank.

Mary Beth is a great friend for Bay, too, of course, but I feel like Bay can be more real around Tank. There's something missing from Bay and Mary Beth's friendship. It's not just the secret between them. I am not sure what it is. Perhaps they are in some ways competitive? I'm just throwing that out there. I really don't know what it is, but it just feels as though something is missing. It's almost as though Mary Beth is jealous of Bay, or maybe Bay is jealous of Mary Beth. I don't know.

But I like Bay and Tank's friendship a little bit better. It is so nice to see Bay comfortable enough to be herself.
Max Adler oozes of charisma.

It is good that Bay has a friend like Tank. I am glad Bay and Emmett can be friendly, but I wouldn't want them to be in that best friend mode. It wouldn't work for me either. Tank can offer Bay a perspective that Emmett can't.

The only thing I am worried about is if Tank does develop a crush on Bay, what will happen if she only wants to stay friends. Obviously Bay & Emmett's relationship is different as they dated and, as such, there's a permanent line there, a boundary that you shouldn't cross i.e. talking about new relationships/old ones. It's an expectation, but when you have a friend who you only view as a friend, a friend you've never considered as anything more than friend, and one you don't think you've given any signals to, then what becomes of that relationship?

It's not like Bay is asking for Tank to develop feelings for her, but if he does, it's tricky. They never dated so there's not that boundary there or that expectation, but it muddies the waters. I guess it could be argued if this happens, unless Tank verbalizes his feelings, Bay should continue to confide in him. But if he does, does she stop confiding in him?

It's interesting. One side of the coin says yes, but the other says if Tank is going to continue being friends with Bay knowing she doesn't have any more than platonic feelings, if he can't handle that, he shouldn't stay her friend. If he does, than he can't really draw that line or hold it against her. Or maybe he should draw the line and say they can be friends and she can confide in him, but not about guys. But then that's the whole point of a friendship is that you want to be able to talk about things. By all intents and purposes, she certainly doesn't owe him a relationship since it didn't start out as a romantic thing. Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don't.

So, I don't know.

I agree that Bay and Mary Beth's friendship doesn't feel like they are super close. There is a divide between them and it could be jealousy. I'm not sure.
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