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Submitted Aaron for the polls; even if we don't get a lot of votes, maybe it'll draw attention (his name will be first on the list, oop ). Worst case scenario is we won't be able to submit for 3 months if its less than 10 votes but that'll be in time for Graceland (give or take a month) so it's all good.

Originally Posted by Mysteria (View Post)
As soon as I'm awake enough and it's not the middle of the night, I'm watching that clip. Damn my timing getting online
I'm the same, my sleeping pattern is ridiculous.

Yes, I really can't wait for Graceland, all the promotion is great.
So happy it's getting promo! I really want the show to do well. They have some great people on there.

Originally Posted by Stay Strongღ (View Post)
"A Girl Walks Into A Bar"? Is that what it's called? I still need to watch that!
Bahhh yeah "Girl Walks Into a Bar" is funny. Random as hell but I like it. I watched it for Kevin Zegers not knowing Aaron was in it at all, but turned out there was waaay more Aaron than Kevin and I wasn't complaining.

Audrey, you said you made that one picture your phone wallpaper. Um, yeah. I just did, too!
I'm waiting for my new phone so I'll have to put it on there. But it's the Samsung Galaxy so imagine the creepy looks I'll get cuz that thing is monstrous.
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