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Terra Nova Board Ideas & Activities #1: Ideas for the board and upcoming activities

Ideas for the board and upcoming activities!

Like some of you guys may have seen we are planning on holding some
activities on the board to boost posting, but also to have something to
do in the wait for news about season two. Hopefully we will get a second
season and then we will need something to talk about in the wait for it to
start! So if anyone have any ideas for what we should do on the board,
please feel free to speak up.

Upcoming Activities

Will be held on weekends.

Re-watch of season one

March 11th: Genesis
March 18th: Instinct
March 25th: What Remains
April 1th: The Runaway
April 8th: Bylaw
April 15th: Nightfall
April 22nd: Proof
April 29th: Vs.
May 6th: Now You See Me
May 13th: Within
May 20th: Occupation and Resistance

March goal; close in on 13K posts
As of right now we have less then 100 posts left to hit 12K, so the goal for
March is for us to get closer to 13K!

Where's Guzman?
300 places and activities that Guzman could be doing when he's not
on screen. Or we could talk about where he was when certain activities
were going on in the episode.

Open Caption
Take a pic of something from Terra Nova and put words or a caption to it.
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