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Again, please do no copy and paste this to post elsewhere. If you want to share this info, just link to this board.

Like the press release said, the episode is "The Justice League Recombination."

Scene 1 - Guy’s apartment

The four guys are sitting around the table, playing Mystic Warlords of Ka-a. Raj plays a card first, then Howard, then Leonard smiles and plays Lesser Warlord of Ka-a. He starts to take the cards on the table, but Sheldon stops him, and plays Infinite Sheldon, saying that it beats all other cards, and it doesn’t break the homemade cards rule because he made it at work.

There’s a knock at the door. As he gets up, Leonard asks, “Do you ever wonder why people don’t like playing games with you?” On one take Johnny flubbed the line, and sat down again and said “Let me try that again in English.”

First Sheldon’s response was, “Because I always win?” And Howard tells him to try again. Then it was changed to Sheldon saying, “No, but it’s something I’ve been wondering since pre-school.”

Leonard answers the door to find Penny and Zack; Penny gives Leonard a science magazine, and says that it was accidentally with her mail. Zack points at the cover, and says, “This month it’s all about planets.” Leonard tells Zack that it’s an atom, and Zack says “Agree to disagree. That’s what I love about science, there’s no one right answer.” And the rest of the guys look up at just stare at him.

Leonard says to Penny, “So, you and Zack again?” and she says, “Yeah, me and Zack.” And Zack’s confused, and asks “Did we come by here earlier?” Penny says they should go, but Zack says no, he wants to talk science with his science dudes, and sits on the couch. Howard says the science dudes want to talk to him, and asks “What do you want to talk about? Rocks? Dinosaurs? Our big friend the beaver?”

Zack says that he was watching a program on the Discovery Channel, and it turns out you can kill a starfish and it will come back to life. Sheldon asks him if the starfish was wearing boxer shorts, because if so then he might have been watching Nickelodeon. Zack says no, he’s pretty sure it was Discovery Channel, and they also said that dolphins might be smarter than humans.

Leonard says that dolphins might be smarter than some humans, and Sheldon, Raj, and Howard laugh. Zack says maybe they could do an experiment to test it. Sheldon says sure, all they need is a large tank of water, a hoop to jump through, and a bucket of Zack’s favorite bite-size snacks. The guys laugh again, except for Zack, who says he doesn’t get it. Leonard says that a dolphin might.

Zack realizes that they’re making fun of him, and says that they’re “inferring that I’m stupid.” Sheldon says no, they’re implying it, Zack inferred it. Zack asks “what?”, and Sheldon says that maybe they should just say it. Zack’s upset, and gets up and leaves. When they did the scene again, they cut out a few lines, so Zack just left after Sheldon corrects him on inferring/implying.

Penny tells them that for guys who claim to have been bullied all of their lives, they can be real jerks, and says they should all be ashamed of themselves before slamming the door shut. Raj asks, “What did I do?” And Penny opens the door again to tell him “You laughed” before slamming it shut again.

At first I think Raj just looked around at the other guys after Penny’s last line, but then they had Kunal lift his hand quickly to cover his mouth, and the second time he did it he couldn’t keep a straight face and started smiling.

Scene 2 - Same place, moments later

Leonard asks if Penny’s right, were they really bullying Zack. Howard says no, he knows bullying, and Zack left un-swirled and with no underwear in his ass crack. Raj adds that he didn’t have a penis drawn on his forehead either. The others stare at him, and Leonard finally asks “Did someone do that to you?” Raj says yes, at cricket camp, they drew it so his eyes were the testicles.

Leonard thinks they should go over and apologize. Howard says fine, Leonard can, and Leonard asks why him. Howard says that he started it, the rest of them just followed his lead. Leonard says he doesn’t know what he’d say, and Sheldon suggests, “Zack, I’m sorry you’re stupid,” and then offer him Milk Duds; because of their self-deprecating name, and their bland taste, Sheldon says that Milk Duds are the most apologetic boxed candy.

Leonard stands up, and says they should all go over and apologize, but the guys are all looking at their Ka-a cards, and ignore him. Leonard tries to get them going, asking “Who’s with me?” but they don’t move. Then he says that anyone who comes with him gets free comic books, and they stand up and follow him. On the second take, they still ignored the free comic book offer. Leonard finally says that he might get punched, do they really want to miss that? And then that’s what gets them to go.

As they leave the apartment, Raj tells Sheldon that Junior Mints are pretty apologetic too, but Sheldon scoffs and tells Raj to stop embarrassing himself.

Leonard knocks three times on Penny’s door; Sheldon turns his head, and says “Penny,” quietly. Penny answers the door, and Leonard says that they wanted to talk to Zack, who’s sitting on Penny’s couch. Zack gets up, and Leonard says that they were just kidding around earlier, they do that all the time to each other. Then Leonard turns to Sheldon and says, “You look like a praying mantis” (on the first take Jim started smiling here), and after a beat Sheldon tells Leonard “That was very hurtful.” Zack’s still not convinced, but Sheldon offers him a Milk Dud, which he happily takes, and says they’re good now.

Zack asks if they want to come in and have some beer, but Leonard says no, they’re on their way to the comic book store, and Howard adds that Leonard’s buying. Zack says he hasn’t been to a comic book store in literally, literally, a million years. Sheldon asks “Literally?” but Leonard tells him to let it go.

Zack wants to go with them, and asks Penny if she wants to go, but she says no. Zack says okay, see you later then. Penny says wait, you’re going to ditch me to go look at comic books? Zack asks if she’s mad, and she says well she’s not happy. Sheldon whispers in Zack’s ear, and then Zack holds out the box of candy to Penny and asks, “Milk Duds?”

Scene 3 - Comic book store (pre-taped)

Zack asks where the Archie comics are. Sheldon says they’re with the 10-year-old girls, where they should be. Zack tells him that he must be thinking of old-school Archie; now there are two universes, and Archie’s married to someone different in each one, and some other couple is breaking up. Raj is surprised, and says “No!”

Stuart walks by, and they introduce him to Zack, who’s impressed that he owns the store. Stuart says that he works 70 hours a week and pays himself something like 1.80 an hour; Zack says cool. Stuart asks if that’s sarcasm, and Howard says no, it’s an indictment of the American education system.

Raj says he’ll show Zack where the Archie comics are, so they walk off to the side. Sheldon says that he thinks they can finally fix the weak link in their justice league, which is Superman, and maybe finally win the costume contest at Stuart’s New Years Eve party. Leonard says that he bought just new books which are guaranteed to add 3 inches, and who else could be Superman?

Sheldon says the guy who’s moving his lips as he’s reading Archie. Someone (Howard?) says that Zack’s the only one of them who actually has muscles. Leonard says come on, you can’t replace me with Zack, and Sheldon says that Penny did, and she seems happier for it. Zack comes back, with three comic books, and says he has his bathroom reading for the weekend.

There was a little more to the conversations, but that’s all I can remember since we only saw it once.

Scene 4 - Stairwell

The guys are walking up the third floor. Leonard says that if Zack is Superman, then he gets to be Green Lantern. Raj says that he’s Green Lantern, and Leonard tells him he can be Aquaman. Raj says that Aquaman sucks, he sucks underwater, he sucks fish pee.

On to the fourth floor. Sheldon says that Aquaman uses his telepathic powers to make the fish do their business elsewhere. They run into Penny, who’s carrying a laundry basket. Zack says “hey babe” and Penny says that she’s still mad at him. He says she won’t be when she hears the good news - they’re going to the New Years Eve party at the comic book store, he’s gonna be Superman, and she’s Wonder Woman, and he holds up the package with her costume in it. Sheldon adds that it comes with bullet-proof bracelets and the lasso of truth, but the invisible plane is sold separately.

She says no, and asks Howard why can’t Bernadette be Wonder Woman. He says that she and her lab group are quarantined; at the Christmas party they drank jello shots from Petri that used to contain some disease (yellow fever, maybe?). Penny asks what about Amy, and Sheldon says that she doesn’t believe in dressing up, it’s one of the many boulders between them, including her belief that Snap, Crackle, and Pop are elves when they’re clearly goblins. Then Sheldon’s line was changed to saying she doesn’t believe in dressing up, she’s not as free spirited as he is.

Penny still says that she’s not going to be Wonder Woman. Raj whispers in Howard’s ear, who says that Raj will be Wonder Woman if Penny will be Aquaman.

Scene 5 - Guy’s apartment

Leonard’s sitting on the couch, wearing a Green Lantern costume, reading his new science magazine. Sheldon is dressed as Flash, running back and forth across the room. Leonard finally asks what he’s doing, and Sheldon says he’s pacing, he’s nervous they’re going to be late. Leonard says that he’s jogging, and Sheldon says “this is how the Flash paces.

Originally Sheldon then says that he wishes Leonard would be in character, too, the Green Lantern wouldn’t read a magazine. Leonard asks what if the Green Lantern comes home from fighting crime, goes to the bathroom, and while his tights are down around his feet he wants to catch up on Science Monthly. Sheldon says that he’s bring ridiculous. This whole exchange was cut after the first take, though.

Sheldon says that he’s going to run to the Grand Canyon to yell his frustration, turns to the left for a second, then turns back to Leonard and says “I’m back.”

Howard opens the door and runs in and says “I’m Batman!” in the deep Batman-voice. Sheldon says that he’s not, because Batman would call when he’s running late. Howard says that he had to walk, because Raj wouldn’t fit on the back of his scooter.

Raj then walks in behind him, dressed as Aquaman riding a seahorse. It’s one of those costumes where you’re real legs and feet are hidden, and it has fake legs on the sides so it looks like he’s sitting on the sea horse.

From the hallway Zack calls, “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” Then he runs into the apartment, and says “I forgot the rest.” Penny walks in behind him, dressed as Wonder Woman, and says let’s go get this over with.

Sheldon asks in what universe is Wonder Woman blonde? Howard’s looking at her chest, and says forget about her hair, look at those… eagle. First Penny told him to look up or that will be the last bird he ever sees. Then it was changed to Penny saying “nice save.” Then it was changed again to Howard just saying, “No one’s gonna be looking at her hair,” Penny punching him in the arm, and Howard saying “Ouch! I mean, ouch!” with the second “ouch” in the Batman voice.

Zack says that the costume came with a black wig, and tells Penny to go get it, but she says she’s not going to wear it. Zack says that it’s for the costume contest, and says “There’s no I in Justice League.” Howard starts to correct him, but Sheldon stops him, saying that Zack’s making their case. Zack tries to persuade Penny, and says that she’s embarrassing him in front of his friends. Penny gets upset, and says she doesn’t want to go anymore, and storms out.

Raj is happy, and steps forward and says it looks like they’re going to need a new Wonder Woman. Howard tells him no, he’s Aquaman, and Raj pouts. Later they cut Howard’s line, though, and ended the scene with Raj being happy.

When they finished taping this scene, before they moved on, they recorded some wild lines with Johnny and Simon, where basically they asked everyone to be quiet so they could get clear audio of a few of their lines. Then they wanted audio of Sheldon’s running, so they had Jim do his “pacing” again, which was hard to watch and stay silent. Then after when they got what they needed, Johnny burst out laughing.

Scene 6 - Hallway

Zack knocks on Penny’s door, but Penny calls out “I’m not talking to you!” Zack asks, “Then who are you talking to?” Pause, looking around confused. “Is there someone else in there with you?” Pause. “Babe?”

Scene 7 - Same place

Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door repeatedly, with no pauses between the knocks, and repeats over and over, “Penny Penny Penny Penny Penny….” She answers and asks, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Sheldon says that he’s the Flash, he just knocked 30 thousand times.

Penny asks what he wants, and Sheldon says he knows why she’s upset. At first, Penny’s surprised, and asks, “Really, you do?” Sheldon says no, not really, he drew the short stick to come talk to her, and Leonard suggested that he pretended to care about her feelings. Penny says sarcastically “great job,” and Sheldon says, “Thank you! He didn’t think I could pull it off.” Penny closed the door in his face, and he calls out, “Penny? Did I fix it? Are you getting your wig? Hello?” with pauses in between, looking around confused sort of like Zack was.

Then it was changed, so after Sheldon says he knows why she’s upset, she asks skeptically, “Really? Why am I upset?” And Sheldon says something like drat, she caught him. She closed the door, and I think he said the same things calling through the door.

Then it was changed again, and after Penny asks why she’s upset, Sheldon says that she’s afraid the costume makes her look fat. She immediately says no she’s not, but then pauses and asks, does it? Sheldon tells her that Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and she’s supposed to be a larger woman. Penny closes the door, and Sheldon calls out that she also supposed to have black hair.

Scene 8 - Guy’s apartment

Raj realizes he can’t sit down in the chair because of his costume, and says “stupid Aquaman.” Leonard and Zack are sitting next to each other on the couch. Leonard tells Zack that if it makes him feel any better, Penny used to flip out on him all the time when they were dating. Zack’s surprised that they dated, and Leonard asks, she never told you? Zack says that she said she’d dated a Leonard, but he didn’t think it was him. Leonard asks who else would it be? Zack says, “I don’t know, someone a little taller… sure, why not you.”

Sheldon walks back in, and says he wasn’t successful. Someone says that they’ll just have to go without Penny, but Zack says that he’s not going without her. Raj says great, no Wonder Woman, no Superman, now they’re just a skinny Flash, an Indian Aquaman, a nearsighted Green Lantern, and a teeny-tiny Dark Knight.

Sheldon says that clearly the Justice League is out, it’s time to get out the Muppet Baby costumes. Raj calls Kermit, but Sheldon says that he’s Ketmit, and Raj can be Scooter. Raj says that Scooter sucks, he’s the Aquaman of the Muppet Babies.

Howard tells Leonard to go try talking to Penny. Leonard asks why him, and Howard says that he got Penny to sleep with him, clearly his superpower is mind control. Leonard says, “Let me get this straight, you want me to go talk to my ex-girlfriend and convince her to go to a party with her new boyfriend?” Sheldon says yes, and pushes him towards the door.

Scene 9 - Penny’s apartment

Penny’s sitting on her couch, drinking wine, when Leonard knocks at the door. She says “Go away, Sheldon.” Leonard says, “It’s Leonard,” and she says, “Oh. Go away Leonard.” He asks if he can talk to her, and she says sure, come in, it’s open.

When he comes in, she immediately says, “I’m not going to that party.” Leonard tells her she doesn’t have to wear the wig, they’ll win anyway just for bringing a girl. Penny says that it’s not the wig.

Leonard asks if he did something wrong. He says he tried to be nice to Zack, like she wanted, which was hard “because you and me used to be… you and me, and now you and him are… you and him.” Penny says, “Me and Zack aren’t really me and Zack.” Leonard asks what are they, and she sighs and says she doesn’t know, and she only got back together with him so she wouldn’t be alone on New Years Eve, and asks “how pathetic is that?”

Leonard says that pathetic is dressing like this (pointing at himself) to go to a party at the comic book store. Penny smiles and says he makes a cute Green Arrow. Leonard corrects her that he’s the Green Lantern. Penny says there’s no difference. Leonard says there’s a big difference, and says “arrow” as he strikes a pose like he’s pulling an arrow back into a bow, and then says “lantern” and lifts his hand like he’s holding a lantern.

Penny says, “If Zack and I had just gone to a regular club it would have been fine, but all of this, with the costumes, and you-” and Leonard quickly asks, “What about me?” There’s a long pause, where Penny’s just looking at him, thinking (and there’s no way I can properly describe this look that she gives him, but you can tell that the feelings are there), and she finally just says, “Nothing, let’s go to the party.” She stands up and puts on the wig, just sticking it on so all her hair’s still in plain sight underneath it, and asks, “How do I look?” And Leonard sort of considers, and then says “You’ll be the prettiest girl there.”

Scene 10 - Hallway

Howard’s leaning against the door, eavesdropping, while Sheldon, Raj, and Zack stand nearby. Howard steps away, and tells them the good news is they have a Wonder Woman. Sheldon asks what the bad news is. Howard says that Superman’s not getting laid tonight. Zack looks around for a second before remembering that he’s Superman, and then says “damn it,” and asks Sheldon if he wants to change costumes.

Scene 11 - Comic book store (pre-taped)

Stuart’s announcing the winner for the group costume contest. He says it’s the Justice League, but there are two other groups dressed as the Justice League (not nearly as well), so they’re all still waiting. And then he says that it’s them, and Sheldon runs up to accept the (small) trophy. He starts to give a speech, but it’s almost midnight so everyone starts counting down, and Sheldon tries to yell over them, telling them to stop, because he has a speech ready.

Everyone ignores him of course, and then when they celebrate at might night Sheldon says something like, “I’m not going to say another word until you all calm down!”

Leonard’s smiling, celebrating, but then he sees Zack kiss Penny, and he frowns. After the kiss Penny meets Leonard’s eye, and looks uncomfortable, and smiles awkwardly.

Scene 12 - Some sidewalk outside (pre-taped)

The group is walking back after the party. Zack says that this was fun, and they should dress like this all the time. Then they stop suddenly when they see a couple guys breaking into a car across the street. Someone asks what they should do, and Sheldon says they should turn around slowly and walk away. So they all do, except for Zack, who’s hesitating as he considers. But then he decides no, and runs after the others.

Now some random stuff with the cast:

Johnny was teasing the woman with the clapperboard near the start of the show, standing really close to her before one take, and then on another leaning his head on her shoulder.

Between takes as they were taking Polaroids of the cast, Kaley leaned in next to Johnny for one of the pictures. Then Johnny had gotten up, and woman was going to take one of just him, and Kaley jumped up from her seat on the couch, and was disappointed when they took the picture before she could get there.

There was a big group in the audience (like, 12 of them?) who were all wearing shirts that said either “Team Penny” or “Team Sheldon.” Mark, the warm-up guy, was talking to a couple people from their group for a bit, and asking about their shirts, and then Kunal called out “What about Team Raj?”

Johnny got into his air guitar for a bit on one of the songs; when the song started he looked up and waved to the DJ, like he was thanking him for playing it. Kunal and Brian (Zack) both were dancing to some of the songs later between takes. Brian especially really got into one of his dances, and had the whole audience cheering him on.
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