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Originally Posted by Iwane
Wait a minute. I've never seen the unaired pilot BUT i have seen the episodes in Spain and he said this "i'm not a narc or anything" and will's father appears in a scene. Did I miss something?
What you saw was the aired pilot. The unaired pilot was shot about a year before that, and half the scenes from it were cut into the aired pilot, while they re-shot some scenes. That's why Jake's hair was sometimes long and sometimes short in the pilot.

The "I'm not a narc or anything" line was in both the unaired and aired scripts, though they had to reshoot it because in the unaired pilot, Will and Scout had a different dorm room set. Will's father was a reshoot, becaue in the unaired pilot someone else played him, and we saw him in Will's dorm room, not out in the truck.

These are all the people I can think of that were different in the unaired pilot and for whom they had to do reshoots:

Kate Fleming
Brian Krudski
Susan Krudski
Charlie Banks
Grace Banks
Nicky a.k.a. obsessive24

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