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Saw the movie twice. The first time I was preoccuppied with the I-was-right-there moment. The playground scenes between Lauren and Vin and Vin and Brad I kept pointing out to my friends where I was right at that moment. The background was a bit hazy but I know I was there. There was a moment. I can now lay claim to a one-second fame of being in the movie with Lauren. Alright, it was hardly, very hardly, noticeable but, hey, I'll take anything. Waffles is happy.

The second time I was more focused on the movie, although my mind still wondered off to dreamland when the scenes I was on set came on. The movie was fine. My friends liked it. Nothing spectacular, really. All I can say is, the screen surely lit up whenever Lauren was on. And I'm a sucker for touchy-feely thingies. The Vin/Brittany bonding got me. Brad was annoying. It was weird for me because I remember him being amiable and pleasant on set before and after doing his scenes.
Ellevee: Hi, Lauren,; Lauren: Oh, hi... (smiling sweetly)
Ellevee: Sorry to bother you...Could I possibly get your autograph?
Lauren: Oh, sure (still smiling)... You should let it dry for a while then it'll be okay.
Ellevee: Yeah...Well, thank you so much Lauren. You don't know how much this means to me.
Lauren: (Smiles and nods) Bye Ellevee. Take care. Ellevee: Bye Lauren
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