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Found the article which accompanies the audio interview - they just put it online @ Movieweb

Lauren Graham, TV mom on Gilmore Girls, fields a few more offers for films, but few coordinate with the show's schedule. "I'd been trying to work with [director] Adam Shankman and he offered this to me," Graham said. "I knew him a little bit socially. There was another movie that didn't work out either. He's a fan of the show. I knew I'd have a great time and it fit. There was something I really wanted to do last year, but it started a month before the show ended. They tried to work it out. Yeah, it's a crazy schedule."

Graham's role as the nice principal, good cop to Garrett's bad cop, is a departure from her sassy Lorelai Gilmore and Santa fetishist Sue in Bad Santa. "I have this character I do every day so anything is sort of a refreshing change. Anything is such a slower pace. We cram, we do 12 pages regularly on the TV show [daily]. You never have enough time. I talk so much. My brain is working overtime. I'm memorizing. So any new experience, I get a lot out of. The Billy Bob movie was more of a character to build. Here, I'm serving the hero and trying to be real and natural and smooch him at the end. It wasn't so much about creating a character. I really love to work so it was fun."

It will take a few more film roles before Graham thinks she can pick and choose her projects. "I've been the lead in a TV show but never the lead in a movie. That's a different process and I'm not there yet. As long as I can keep working with different people and working my way up then it's really satisfying for me. I think from Bad Santa, all the stuff I'm reading, I'm on top of some guy. It's gratifying because I didn't used to get seen that way before, but once they see you play a ho, then, man, you're in the like ‘Let's get her to play that sleazy role' [club]. But it's fun. The parts for women, you're either like the quietly suffering wife or you're the wild girl. As long as I can do a bit of both, I guess."
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