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Originally Posted by A. B. Normal
ETA: I now think Vin's hot. LOL I'll shallowly admit it was the shower/walking around in only a towel scene that drew me to the conclusion. My god those arms! If I was Lauren, I'd have tried to hang off of them too!
lmao it's amazing how that can draw people into thinking he's hot

Alas, I have to wait over a month now to see the film - though on Arena (pay-tv)the other night at the end of Gilmore Girls they did have an ad for the movie with details of a competition they're running - I couldn't help but chuckle - considering the promo they showed was the original trailer

Re: HSX I use to play it years ago - though I should really go in and see how my stocks are going - of course it would help if I remembered my pword and the reminder pword wasn't sent to my old email addy *g*
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