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I think instead of mourn the loss of the board, we chat about the show, characters, actors, board members...etc. Kind of a reflection.

Felicity was one of those shows...just seeing the preview that I knew I was going to watch. What a captivating hour. The Pilot just sucked me in. Seeing Felicity defy her parents and do something so heinous as follow a high school crush because of what he wrote in her yearbook. To see Keri Russell go through this transformation and see her relationships with Noel and ofcourse Ben. It was so satisfying. And the show felt so real -- you felt like Julie, Sean, Meghan, Elena...these were all people you knew, and wanted to know. When every season started it was like you were catching up with old friends. With the board, I kind of became a casual poster with Episode Discussions when I was watching Felcitiy. When I really started to appreciate the board was two summers back when I was unemployed and had become addicted to Felicity (yet again) through the WE reruns. I remember coming to this board and chatting about Megan/Sean ... Ben/Felicity ... and just my thoughts (episode by episode) and even resurfaced the OT thread where I came to talk of my lazy summer. Good times. I'll miss this board and all the dedicated posters I've chatted with here.



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