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The truth shall be told that I firmly thought it sucked. It sucked the life out of all that I once enjoyed about 7th Heaven. This wasn't so much a series finale as so much of a series finale as if this season was the only season to the series. It showed care only for those characters who built this season. It paid next-to-no homage to the rest of the actual family nor even the more crucial characters still on the canvas, like Martin. Everyone right down to Stanley was welcomed into the family on this trip, but Martin, simply because Ruthie didn't choose him, is left out!?! He was a part of this family and more over he's family to Sandy and his daughter who were on the trip. The complete disrespect for Martin this entire season has burned me.

And shall we list out the long list of loopholes here? None more obvious then how they glossed over what would happen to their homes. The Camden house is properity of the church afterall. And yes all those unanswered questions just dangling in the air never to be answered. I like a certain bit of open-endedness in the sense of allowing us to paint our own furthering journey for these characters (much like they did last year with Simon&Sandy) but this is just ridiculous.

It's strange how I can enjoy and buy into more easily all the core married couples having twins per last season finale, but I can't buy into everyone joining on this trip. Mainly Mac and Ruthie felt so out of character. Where was Ruthie's selfish need for independence? And why was Mac so willing to latch on the Camden family when for so long he fought to build his own life?

And it's not that I couldn't buy Eric and Annie leaving for the open road. But I couldn't buy them not even waiting one week to say goodbye to their congregation, which many of the church members have likely been a part of since Eric first pastored.

As a viewer I felt taken advantage of. I was strung along only to be let down in the very end. Why? Because it's finally perfectly clear that the season wasn't in any way meant for the viewers or their pleasure, but simply the pleasure of a selfish, ego-driven, writer well past her prime.
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