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Originally Posted by wickedrum (View Post)
thank you Alex and sum1 (didn't you mod it too Sarah at some point?) as well for keeping the board as long as you could.
You're welcome, Rita. Thanks for always helping us out.

Yes, Sarah was the moderator here before me.

Originally Posted by crash landing (View Post)
Sorry that an additional medical reason has me unable to help with the board but the board opened 2014 and closing 2022 isn't bad of a run I may say so
It's okay, Sarah. I understand. No, it wasn't a bad run. Thanks so much for modding this board for as long as you did, and helping me out after sum1 and I took over.

Originally Posted by Summer Falls (View Post)
I'm so sorry Alex that it is up to thos point , I love the movies and I wish I had more time to lost here but I've been all over the place.

I do agree with the xmen movies not being made or any tv shows it is hard to keep the momentum up its been a few years since the last x men movie . Mcu will have deadlpool and wolverine which is nice so there will be a thread there we already have one in the mcu board cause we had a few people wanting to discuss x men . I love x men so I hope mcu brings them in and uses them well .

You did so well though for all these years moderatoring this board so be proud of it and who knows it might reopen again one day

It's okay, Petra. Thanks.

Yes, I did see the X-Men discussion thread you made on the MCU board. Once the Deadpool/Wolverine movie comes out, the MCU board will take over discussions from there because all future X-Men films will be done by Disney and Marvel Studios as part of the MCU.

Thanks, Petra. Thank you for posting here and helping us out.
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