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Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)
Work was okay. Ended up moving my arm a lot because kids are hard not to dance with, but it was fine. It's sore now, but I didnt have to teach my last two classes so that was nice. All the kids thoght it was so gross though and I showed them the picture of the hole in my arm, it was kind fun to see everyones reactions lol.
I am glad work was okay! YAY and the reactions had to have been fun.

I called the doctor was able to get more pain meds THANK GOD because i was on my last one. I'm supposed to see the doctor tomorrow but I am very worried about him touching it because its so painful taking out the gauze. So i might just remove it myself before i go in... not sure how he is going to feel about that but well, I dont want him taking it out! Hes gonna re-stuff it before i leave and thats bad enough.
I totally get what you mean. He has to remove it regardless so to save you anxiety and extra pain, you can absolutely did it yourself first. Even just lie and say you did it right before you saw him to save time or something. LOL. He might even appreciate that you saved him a step that way!

How does it feel now? Let me know how tomorrow goes at the appointment!
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