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Originally Posted by fly me to the moon (View Post)
Yeah, not like something over 80 pound which I did before and boy, that hurt like hell.. But at least I have appointment on 25th..

Yeah, bec of my client's parent don't have permanent work schedule as long I can be in the house w/ their child until they arrived home which that was fine w/ me.. But I always let them know the day and time I have appointment..

Honestly, I never pay attention to storage until now which that's why I should get larger one..

Damn, and at least no more humidity!

I suppose to go to pick up my glasses since they call me today, but I already too comfort in home, so I will pick it up tomorrow..
I don't think it's anything serious otherwise you really won't be able to do anything if your elbow is too painful.

How long does your work schedule usually last? Like is it a whole day or half a day (or it depends)?

Yeah the newer tablet and phone models have a large storage size. My phone has a 256 GB storage and I can never use it all up because I don't download games in it. They're all on my tablet.

It's still humid here when it's typhoon season but nothing like the humidity levels when it's summer which I hate so much.

HAHA! Oh btw, Speaking of glasses, I was at my mom's a while ago. She was asking me to get her glasses from the dining table and was busy writing something on her tablet when she was instructing me to do this. When I said I can't find it, I went to her and saw that she was already wearing her glasses so I was like "Mom, you're wearing it." and she just laughed but I was like WTH. My mom is too absorbed when she's busy with her tablet playing games or chatting with some of her friends so I feel like if there's fire inside the house, she wouldn't notice.

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