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Originally Posted by Chris (View Post)
Most of us questioned his decision to make Tilly his acting first officer, but when she has the support of the crew, that has to be taken into account too. Michael was demoted because she disobeyed a direct order, not because of her love for Book. If she had been patient, I'm sure the crew would have rallied around her to mount a rescue mission.

This sounds like an excuse for Saru's decision. Stop and ask yourself . . . why did the crew - especially the Bridge officers happily accepted Tilly as the new acting XO? Why were they happy that a mere ensign, who was not even a Bridge officer was promoted over them? This makes no sense whatsover.

I understand that many Trek fans do not like Michael or resent that she is the leading character for certain reasons. But this is ridiculous. First the series regresses her character by two seasons and then remove her from the position of XO not long after she had held it for the first time since the beginning of Season One. This is ridiculous. Is Alex Kurtzman and his writers determined that Michael will never hold a higher position as a Starfleet officer before "Discovery" is over? If so, I have to wonder why.

We are saying on the whole he is a great Captain, yes all Captains have made questionable decisions
Saru's decision wasn't merely a questionable one. Promoting an unqualified officer over those who are more qualified for the position of XO was a BAD one. And this particular decision does not reflect well upon Saru.

Even if Michael regains her XO position before the end of the season, this whole story arc strikes me as badly written and implausible.
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