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All I heard was that it was rumored but they are the ones that said there wouldn't be a BB season this summer and after the rumors, the show said nothing when they usually go on and on about a new season. So going by everything that was said, thought that meant there would be no season this year *shrugs* From that list I would love to see Bayleigh, Haleigh, Kaycee, and Danielle R (This is the rumor I hope for the most, especially when they act like people on the show before BB8 don't exist. I freaking love BB3 Danielle, she was robbed in both seasons she was on. Please come back!) Still hope Donny comes back one day, or hopefully he is one not on the rumor list and he's a surprise. At least I don't see trifling Frankie there. I was just shocked to see Danielle R. so I hope hers is true and she gets in the most out of everyone. She is one of my favorite BB players *crosses fingers*

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