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I thought she [Satine] meant something to you.
Source: starwarsfilms

Anakin - and to an extent Ahsoka - value personal loyalty over loyalty to an institution, such as the Jedi/Republic. Or at the very least in Ahsoka’s case, she believes individuals should not come at the expense of preserving said institutions. (For those of you familiar with Star Trek, Obi definitely upholds the Vulcan philosophy that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”)

I loved the moment where Bo-Katan basically called Obi-Wan out on that mindset re: Satine, and Anakin’s expression here. He’s reminded that Obi-Wan does not value personal loyalty/devotion the same way he does, and it reinforces why - even though Anakin knows that Obi-Wan knows SOMETHING is between him and Padmé - Anakin tragically feels unable to confide in him about his visions of her. Obi-Wan chose to walk away from the woman he loved, and was unable to prevent her death - utter anathema to Anakin. No wonder he feels he can’t/won’t trust Obi-Wan.
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