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Originally Posted by kiss the wind (View Post)
I wonder why there are so many versions, though - I doubt she will be performing all of them that often?
perhaps to appeal to a wider audience worldwide?

Except this actually shows some love to Kelly's non-English as a first language speaking fans. Something which they could very well need & appreciate right now given pretty much EVERYTHING Kelly is otherwise doing is US-based.
I think you could be onto something there
Just because it shows that she does still care about Australia or want to show off something from my country.
they did a segment with them last week too about animals in the fire I believe over a webcam connection
Obviously I can't speak for other fans or other countries but to me if they see a song in their native language coming from Kelly that's going to be like a little piece of love she's sending to them. She still sees us fans outside of the US & she still loves us even if she can't tour around the world right now. It could also mean that when she does hopefully get to tour again when she gets to those countries she might just sing those other versions for them.
now that would be cool!

I wonder if she's doing them in other languages than the ones we know about

Well spoken Chelle!

not sure if this is gonna be her EP/Album or if it's another project

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