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Jackie♥Hyde {379}: Because Nobody's Perfect...Well, Except For Jackie & Hyde, That Is

Welcome To The JackieHyde Appreciation Thread
"Jackie and Hyde, the perfect example of Opposites Attract."

He's aloof.
She's affable.
He likes Led Zeppelin.
She likes ABBA.
The list goes on ...

Despite those differences, though, they have what it takes to make it work. Jackie needs an anchor to pull her back to earth when she gets carried away; Hyde needs someone to care for. They were both abandoned by their parents and never really experienced true love. They don't make the perfect couple, but that's just what makes it even more appealing. The chemistry's undeniable and it's always nice to see the softer side of a self-proclaimed 'badass'. They may seem 'creepy and unnatural' to their friends, but to us they seem just ideal for one another."
-Originally written byLucii-


"While Donna (Prepon) and Eric have had their growing pains as a couple, the far more engaging romance - and the most intriguing direction the show has taken - is that involving Jackie and Hyde (Danny Masterson), seeming polar opposites who are destined to bring out the best in each other. Hyde, the iconoclastic, broken-home refugee, has always been a sort of genius-in-waiting. And poor-little-rich-girl Jackie is the one who might finally give him the direction he needs, now that she's finally given up on cute-but-dumb Kelso."
'Oh How The Years Go By'
Dec 3, 2002 by Steve Robinson
TV Guide Online

Banner by simplybatty

The Zen Ship List;

1. DreamWalker
2. jhlover
3. Rainstorm18
4. blueschild007
5. kayjay (lostinboston)
6. Michelle (luvcali76)
7. Tanith75
8. Christina (jackiehydelover)
9. gah-linda
10. Jenna (simplybatty)
11. Theresa (TrueLoveBeliever346)
12. Chrissy
13. Debbie325
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15. Heather (heatherlea94)
16. Stephen (irishghost)
17. Kithryn
18. Jessica (SpunkiiMonkii7078)
19. Madeline (rummagingforanswers)
20. jennickels
21. PrincessJackie120
22. Joa (lalatina15)
23. DanSon
24. beatle chic98
25. sooki28
26. Leah (fastforward)
27. JF1994
28. glitter doll
29. Amanda (Zenkindoflove)
30. Kate (elphabachan)
31. Beth (TheMusicLives)
32. Californian
33. withafireinside
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52. I Love JennaJameson
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66. Janine (Jackie&Hyde)
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124. Natih_Fate
125. soul_junkie
126. sweetdaisy

Just Shout Out “Puddin’ Pop” To Be Added To The List!
Honorary Shipper's List;

1. Danny Masterson
2. Mila Kunis
3. Ashton Kutcher
4. Michael Kelso
5. Kitty Forman
6. Red Forman
7. Fez
8. Eric Forman
9. Our moms
10. TV Guide
11. Fluffycakes
12. Led Zeppelin
13. Angie
14. WB
15. Nick Nolte
17. Abba
18. Danny's ****
19. Leo
20. Roy
21. The Pixies
22. Danny's Belt
23. Indie 103.1 Head Engineer
24. Jose'
25. youku!

Early Moments of Zen;

Jackie: You know, this whole experience has taught me that I don't need Michael to go to the Prom. I can go with anyone, even you. Thanks.
(She kisses him on the cheek.)
Hyde: Okay, let's not do that.
Jackie: Sorry.


Jackie: It's just that I always pictured Michael and I together at the prom. That's how it was supposed to be, you know?
Hyde: Yeah, I know. Well, hey, Pam's butt looks really big in that dress.
Jackie: No it doesn't.
Hyde: Yeah, no it doesn't.
Jackie: But thank you.

Hyde: Why does she always come to me?

Jackie: You know it's weird, I though that after me and Michael broke up I wouldn't want to hang out here anymore.
Hyde: Yup, that's what we're hoping.
Jackie: But I think if I left you'd really miss me. Right?
Hyde: (coughs) Umm..I umm...suppose that, you know it's important when you have..uh...a bad breakup that you...uh..have friends to uh and..uh..I don't know.
Jackie: Right, so let's go to the mall.
Hyde: No uh...I meant friends like Donna or...not me. (He walks into his room and Jackie follows)
Jackie: But I noticed you're alone a lot and I'm alone a lot, so let's be alone together!


Hyde: Jackie I'm trying to help you out here, so you've gotta just listen to me. You have to know that you can do better than Kelso.
Jackie: But what if I never find anybody else?
Hyde: Oh, you will man, you'll find somebody great. See I myself...don't like you. I find you abrasive...but if I didn't know you and I'd never talked to you, I'd think you were totally hot.
Jackie: Thank you Hyde.
Hyde: Anything for you doll.

Hyde, Fez, Jackie and Eric are playing Monopoly
Jackie: Ooh! Now I've got Park Place and Boardwalk. This game is just like life! I am the richest of all.
Eric: Jackie I've got ninehundred and seventy dollars here, it's all yours if you just GO AWAY!
Hyde: Relax Forman. It's better then having Laurie down here. She's like a big cancerous tumor. And Jackie, she's like a tiny benign cyst.
Jackie:Thank you Hyde! (She hands him some Monopoly money) Here, buy yourself a hotel.


Kelso and Laurie walk in
Laurie: Next time we go hiking make sure you bring a blanket. I think I have a twig in my shorts.
Hyde: What a coincidence, so does Kelso!
Jackie: BURN!
Kelso: Okay, okay, nice burn. Hi Jackie.
Jackie: Oh look, it is Michael and his community chest.
Hyde: Nice!


Jackie: Well then what am I supposed to do?
Hyde: If you really want to get under her skin, you have to be Zen.
Jackie: Zen? Okay, you can't just make up words Hyde.
Hyde: No, man, Zen. At peace, aloof... Zen...
Jackie: Oh. Okay then, Hyde, will you teach me how to be Zen?
Hyde: You can't just teach someone to be Zen Jackie, you can only learn to be Zen.
Jackie: Okay, I don't understand.
Hyde: Exactly. And that's your first lesson.

Jackie: Look Hyde, I just wanted you to know that I'm not a square cheerleader. I am on the wrong side of the law. Because I have this (she holds a bag of weed)
Hyde: Oh no, a paper bag, run! (she opens the bag and he looks inside) Jackie!
Jackie: Oh yeah. I bought it. In the ghetto.
Hyde: Jackie, there is no ghetto here. I mean there's like that one house that needs to be painted.
Jackie: Okay fine, I bought it from my housekeeper. Whatever.
Hyde: So what are you saying? You wanne be like a burn-out now?
Jackie: No, no! Hyde, I just wanne be with you okay? I think you're one of the coolest, sweetest guys I've ever met.
Hyde: No you don't!
Jackie: Yes I do!

Jackie: You know, Steven. This hatred thing you have for me, is just you protecting yourself.
Hyde: Okay.
Jackie: It’s true. You’re afraid to reach the peaks of love, for fear of being dropped off a cliff. Well, I’m your safety line, Steven. So grab me.
Hyde: Go grab yourself, freak.

Jackie: Steven, what happened?!
Hyde: (looks at her, confused and starts muttering) What? Nothing. Just....somebody....and, then a guy....said...."bitch".....and it was nothing.
Jackie: Oh my god! He called me a bitch and you hit him and that's what happened, isn't it?
Hyde: (he stares at her with a guilty pause) No...
Jackie: Liar! I AM the bitch. And you LOVE me!


Kitty: Oh, Steven, I saw what happened. Is your girlfriend okay?
Hyde: (stops short of the door and looks at her) My girlfriend?!
Kitty: Yeah, th-th-the bossy little mean one you're always hanging around with...oh, uh, Jackie.
Hyde: She's not my girlfriend.
Kitty: Are you sure...?
Hyde: Yes, I'm sure. I don't like her. She's shallow and rich and mean and bossy. She's everything that I hate.
Kitty: But Steven, you hate everything.
Hyde: What's that supposed to mean?
Kitty: Well, it means that...that maybe you like her cause...I kinda think you do-oo.
Hyde: No! How could I like her. Because I don't like her! Because I can't like her! Mrs. Forman, if I like her....shoot me.
Kitty: POW!!

Jackie: Huh. Ok, I didn't feel anything.
Hyde: (thinks about it for a moment and then looks at her) Nothing?
Jackie: No, I mean the kiss was hot, but....well, did you feel something?
Hyde: Uh.... (looks at her. Decisively) No....Well....? No.
Jackie: So....I guess that's it, then. Turns out you were right about us all along.
Hyde: Yep.

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Only A FEW Of The Great Zen FanVids That Have Been Made;

The powers that be can take our finale, they can take our videos, but they will never take our zenlove!
The Last Remaining Survivors of the Blast!
You couldn't get us all!

Jealous Guy
Come On Closer
Little Wonders
The Girl All The Bad Guys Want
Two Princes
Jackie's So Damn Hot
Love How You Love Me
You've Got A Way
Lost In Love
None But The Rain
Far Away
Romeo and Juliet
Lose That Girl
Life For Rent
Goodbye My Lover
Easier To Lie
Who Knew
Brighter Than Sunshine
Read My Mind

Zen Fan Video Of The Moment;

Jackie & Hyde - Brighter Than Sunshine.

By LunitaScott23

I never understood before
I never knew what love was for
My heart was broke, my head was sore
What a feeling

Tied up in ancient history
I didnt believe in destiny
I look up you're standing next to me
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
Brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, i don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine
and it's brighter than sunshine

I never saw it happening
I'd given up and given in
I just couldn't take the hurt again
What a feeling

I didn't have the strength to fight
suddenly you seemed so right
Me and you
What a feeling

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun
It's brighter than the sun, sun, shine.

Love will remain a mystery
But give me your hand and you will see
Your heart is keeping time with me

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine

I got a feeling in my soul

Song By Aqualung
Core Moments of Zen;

Hyde: Finally.
Jackie: Yeah, I thought they'd never leave.
(They start making out)
Jackie: You know, Steven, it was really nice of you to get that ticket for Eric.
Hyde: This usually works a whole lot better when you don't talk.
(They go back to making out)

Jackie: Ok, look, Steven, these last few weeks with you have been really dirty and really wrong.
Hyde: Jackie, talking is for people who have something in common.
(They go back to making out)


Kitty: Oh, good God! You kids switch partners more than square dancers!
Hyde: Um…no, it's not what you think! We're not together.
Kitty: Then what's going on in my kitchen?
Jackie: Um…Eric's in California.
(Kitty looks at them then storms off)
Hyde: Jackie, you just totally burned Forman. That was so badass
(They begin making out again.)

Jackie: Steven, that was way too close. You need to learn to keep your hands off me.
Hyde: Me? You're the one who can't keep her tongue to herself.
Jackie: Oh, please. I let you fool around with me out of pity.
Hyde: You know what your problem is? You're really cute, so no one ever told you to shut your pie hole.
Jackie: ...You think I'm cute?
Hyde: Shut your pie hole!
(They once again begin making out.)

Jackie: It was a few weeks after Donna and Michael left. And Steven invited me over to listen to a new record.
Fantasy sequence:
Hyde: I'm glad you're here. Check it out. (Holds up ABBA record and starts playing it, then speaks all excited and peppy.) Isn't it the coolest? Don't you just want to shake it?
(Jackie and Hyde begin disco dancing. The scene pauses as Hyde speaks.)
Hyde: Wait, time-out on the field. I don't shake it and I don't listen to ABBA.
Jackie: Whatever, it's my story. Anyway…
(Scene resumes with the disco dancing.)
Jackie: I could totally tell he was tryin' to make a move. Then he held me real close and said…
Hyde: May I kiss you, m'lady?
(Jackie nods and they kiss. End fantasy.)


Donna: Hyde, I had no idea you could be so formal.
Hyde: Come on. She's so full of crap.
Eric: Well, then, why don't you tell us what really happened…m'lady?
Hyde: Fine. Fine. Ok? So, I'm hangin' out in the Basement like I usually do, when Jackie showed up. It was obvious she wanted me.
Jackie: I want you.
Hyde: It´s obvious.


Jackie: That..that's crazy! No, no. You so came on to me first.
Donna: You know, you said that you didn't have a new boyfriend.
Jackie: He is not my boyfriend!
Hyde: I'm not her boyfriend! They just don't get it.
Jackie: No. Why would they? Let's go, baby.
(They get up and leave the basement.)
Eric: I'm leaving, too. This Basement is tainted for me now. (He leaves and Fez follows him.)
Donna: Well…I still want to know how the hell all this happened.


TV Announcer: Evelyn Peabody! Come on down! You're the next contestant on "The Price is Right!"
Jackie: Another old lady. She can't even reach the wheel!
Hyde: I can't watch "The Price is Right" again. I just can't.
Jackie: This summer totally sucks. There's nothing to do.

(Jackie gets up and sits down by Hyde.)
Jackie: Steven, do I really sicken you?
Hyde: No. I sicken me because you're supposed to sicken me, but you don't.
Jackie: Well, I feel the same way. I mean, I like how scruffy you are.
Hyde: Of course you do. Man, you know what? Screw it. Let's just do what we want. Ok?
(He and Jackie kiss.)
Jackie: (Pulling back.) Ok. What about Michael?
Hyde: Details, baby, details.
(They kiss again.)

Jackie: Donna, what is with you?
Donna: Look, I'm sick of covering for your creepy, unnatural relationship, and I shouldn't have to. I mean, Hyde, you and Kelso have been friends forever, and you owe it to him to tell him.
Eric: Yeah, this is way worse than when you stole his headgear and used it to clean out your sink.
Hyde: It's tough love, man.
Donna: You know what? Forget it. You obviously don't care about Kelso or any of the rest of us.
Eric: Yeah, 'cause when this blows up, guess what, we're all screwed.
(Eric and Donna leave and Jackie turns to Hyde.)
Jackie: Steven…do you really think we're a creepy, unnatural couple?
Hyde: Come on. That's a crazy question. I mean, if this relationship wasn't just a little bit creepy and unnatural I wouldn't be in it.
(He smiles at Jackie and she smiles in return.)

Jackie: Hey.
Hyde: Hey.
Jackie: So, did you tell Michael yet?
Hyde: Oh. Yeah, well, I was gonna, but, you know, the timing just didn't seem right.
Jackie: Oh, I understand. I mean, it's kind of's kind of like setting your hair. If you don't wait long enough, it's totally flat and Donna's. But if you wait just the right amount of time then it's perfect, like mine! Steven, are you even listening to me?
Hyde: God help me, I am.
Jackie: Oh, Steven.
(They kiss.)

(Fantasy sequence. Hyde and Jackie are dressed in Cheerleader getups in the Forman driveway practicing routines.)
Hyde & Jackie: 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? Go team! Whoo!
Jackie: All right! Yeah!
Hyde: Jackie, I have the best piece of gossip. Eric Forman doesn't have any school spirit.
Jackie: I'm telling everyone!
Hyde: Too late! I already did!

(Superhero Secret Lair. Donna is sitting on Eric's lap. The Superheroes are all in a Circle.)
Donna: Does this outfit make my butt look fat?
Eric: No. You look…super. (They kiss.)
Kelso: So, uh, Wonder Boy and I are thinking about moving in together. My parents are gonna freak!
(Jackie and Hyde stop kissing.)
Hyde: You think your parents are gonna freak?
Jackie: Yeah, we're twins.

Jackie: Wait a minute. You're mad at me for telling Donna a secret? Steven, I tell secrets. It's who I am.
Hyde: Look, all I'm saying is if you're gonna be my girlfriend, you can't go running around shooting off your big, fat cheerleader mouth.
Jackie: You just called me your girlfriend.
Hyde: No, I didn't.
Jackie: Yes, you did.
Hyde: No, I didn't.
Jackie: Yes, you did.
Hyde: No, I didn't.
Jackie: Yes, you did, and shut up, you're ruining it. Okay, now listen to me. (Jackie moves to sit by him and puts one leg over his as she faces him.) I'll keep my mouth shut if you admit that I'm your girlfriend.
Hyde: No, the price is too high.
Jackie: Okay, fine. You know what? I'm telling everybody everything anyways...Starting with the fact that you called me your girlfriend.
Hyde: You're blackmailing me?
(Jackie nods and Hyde grins.)
Hyde: You're coming along nicely. (They kiss.)

{Continuing ...}

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Jackie: Hey.
Hyde: Hey. Look, Jackie, I know that you were worried before, so I just wanna let you know, nothing happened on my end this week.
(Blank look.)
Hyde: I'm not telling you that so you'll tell me what you did.
(Another blank look.)
Hyde: I just wanna let you know what happened with me. That's my report to you.
Jackie: All right. Good to know.
Hyde: Good to know?
Jackie: Did I stutter?

Jackie: Okay, look, you! I've been thinking about all your conspiracy mumbo-jumbo about presents and diamonds and buying me stuff. And I've realized that all your paranoid, delusional crap about romance is just a cover-up for you being cheap!
Hyde: Okay, first of all, it's not paranoid, delusional crap! Advertisers spend billions to make you think I'm a jerk if I don't buy you jewelry. And second of all…you're right. I am cheap.
Jackie: Well, you'd better quit it because I like to get stuff. Especially shiny stuff.
Hyde: Would you settle for a cheeseburger wrapped in tinfoil?
Jackie: Well, for you I will...But just know that I'm really lowering my standards.
Hyde: That makes two of us.

Hyde: So…thanksgiving. We celebrate the subjugation of an indigenous people with yams and Underdog floats.
Jackie: Yeah, I'm mostly celebrating my pretty new dress.
Hyde: And so much for talking.
(Jackie looks at him then pulls him in for a kiss.)

Hyde: Kelso, Jackie’s my girlfriend! We’re together, so get over it!


Hyde: Hey.
Jackie: Steven! You shaved your beard off!
Hyde: I thought it might cheer you up.
Jackie: Oh my God. You shaved it for me! You let your razor say the words your mouth couldn’t speak.

(Fantasy Sequence. A large, posh looking room, almost like something out of the Victorian Era, though more…embellished. A person is playing the piano in the corner with a harp player next to him, and Jackie is listening to them while Hyde stands by the fireplace.)
Jackie: Thank God for your strong S.A.T.s. Now we don't have to be poor.
Hyde: Not poor, indeed. Basic math and verbal skills are the ticket to great wealth, and, therefore, great happiness.
Jackie: Poor Person, bring me a fancy cocktail!
(The poor person turns around and reveals himself to be Fez. He hands Jackie the cocktail on a silver platter.)
Fez: It is my privilege to wait on you, madam.
Jackie: Ohh, quite so, quite so. Okay, enough with the idle chatter, go be poor.

(Fantasy sequence. Forman basement. Hyde and Jackie in their late forties/early fifties are sitting on the couch watching TV. Jackie is fat and Hyde has a beer gut.)
Jackie: Steven, do you think I'm fat?
Hyde: I know you're fat. Go get me a beer.
(Jackie grunts and gets up. As she walks behind him she smacks him on the back of his neck. End fantasy sequence.)

Jackie: Okay, Steven, about your vision of our future with you swilling beer and me being fat? That's not gonna happen, because I'm not gonna be fat. It's genetic!
Kelso: That's true. Her mother drinks two bottles of wine a day and she looks damn good. I've seen her vacuum in her underwear.
Hyde: So what's your point?
Kelso: My point is she's fricken hot!
Hyde: Not you.
Jackie: All I'm saying is that I've become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. And if you would just live up to your potential…
Kelso: I don't know why you're talking to 950-guy over there. I got a 130, I got 80 more potential.
Jackie: Yeah, but Steven has my heart. Which is why I want him to be rich. I mean, think about all the stuff you could buy for me!
Hyde: Jackie, why don't you earn your own money, and buy those things yourself?
Jackie: Myself?
Hyde: And I'm not like Forman. I have no problem mooching off your success. You know, you leave the room, I steal some money out of your purse. You pretend I didn't, but we both know I did....That's the future I see for us.
Jackie: Oh, Steven, that's beautiful.

Red: I warned you once about this crap. And now I have no choice. You’re out of the house.
Jackie: No, wait! That stash isn’t his, it’s mine.
Hyde: Jackie!
Jackie: Let me talk.
Kelso: Yeah, Hyde, let her talk.
Jackie: Look, it´s just...I’ve been having such a hard time since my dad’s been in jail, that I was looking for anything that just might make me feel better. Mrs. Forman it’s just like you with your menopause and all that wine you’re always drinking.
Kitty: ..Well...You shut your dirty little mouth!
Red: Steven, you tell me the truth right now, is this yours or not?
Hyde: Mr. Forman, I´m telling you the truth, is not mine. So, I snuck up here behind your back, we have a huge fight and then you do something nice for me? This is like when the Grinch stole Christmas, but all the little Whos sang anyway.
Jackie: I don’t know, that’s what people do for people they care about.
Hyde: Nobody I ever knew.
Jackie: That’s because you were poor and poor people are bad. But look, it’s like I was talking about before, I sensed you were in trouble and I looked for a way to help without you having to ask me.
Hyde: Jackie, to be fair you heard Red say “Hyde, you´re out of the house” not “Hyde, you´re going to a doll expo.” Well, anyway, thank you.

Jackie: It didn't mean anything!
Hyde: So that's your story? It didn't mean anything?
Jackie: Right! Right! you just need to get over it.
Hyde: Oh, yeah. Don't worry, I'm over it...
(he pauses)
Hyde: ... in fact, I'm over you.
(Jackie looks confused and then hurt)
Jackie: Wait, Steven, what are you saying?
Fez: (speaking fast) He's saying he's breaking up with you. You're not paying attention? 'Cause I'm at the edge of my frickin' seat here!
Jackie: ... Steven?
(Hyde just looks at her and shrugs)
(Jackie runs out of the basement)


Jackie: Steven, I have to tell you something
Hyde: Well, if it's 'Get off my boyfriend', don't worry 'cause I already heard it.
Jackie: No. I have to tell you that you were right. When I said that, it did mean something, and I thought it didn't because sometimes I just want things because other people have them. once, I made my dad buy me a pet rat because my cousin had one. But then, the rat got so disgusting, I made my kitty cat hunt it.
Hyde: I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Who's the rat? Am I the rat--?
Jackie: No, no. Steven... Look, okay, I spoke to Annette. She made me realize that-- okay, you know, maybe I do have some leftover feelings for Michael, and then she said that if I wanted him, I'd have to fight for him. But Steven, I know in my heart the only person I want to fight for is you.
Hyde: Really?! Oh, boy! You like Kelso, but you like me a little bit more? What a bunch of crap! You know I think, Jackie? I think the only reason you were with me in the first place was to get back at Kelso!
Jackie: Steven, how can you say that?! Okay, fine, you know what? Maybe I do have feelings for Michael, but what am I supposed to do? He was my first boyfriend! And you know what? You're going to have to learn to deal with it! And if you can't and you're going to have to break up with me because of that, then I can't stop you! But I think it's a real waste because I love you!
Hyde: I'm not saying it back!
Jackie: I. Don't. Care.
Hyde: Damnit! So are we going to go to the dance or what?
Jackie: Oh, Steven.

Hyde: Jackie, Happy Birthday.
Jackie: Oh Steven, you shouldn’t have.
(She opens the box to find a T-shirt)
Jackie: It’s a Led Zepplin T-shirt!...And it’s used..!
Hyde: Yeah, it’s my favorite one. You’re with me now so I want you to have it.
Jackie: Oooh, Steven, I love it! ... Do I have to wear it?
Hyde: No
Jackie: Ah, Steven, I love it! Oh!

Red: Who the hell do you think you are? Bringing a girl into my house in the middle of the night!
Kitty: And right in our basement. We keep our Christmas decorations down there...Baby Jesus was watching!
Hyde: Told you to look where you were goin’.
Jackie: Well what idiot leaves a Lego set right in front of the door?
Eric: You knocked over my Space Command center?!...I spent three hours building that!
Red: Alright. Now what is going on in my basement?
Hyde: Jackie’s been sleeping here the last couple of weeks.
Kitty: Couple of weeks? This is not the Playboy mansion you know!
Hyde: Look, nothing was going on.
Eric: Nothing was going on? Umm...Space Command centers were ruined!!
Red: Would you please go put some pants on? This is where I eat!
Hyde: Jackie’s only been staying here ‘cause her dad’s in jail and her mom’s still not back yet.
Jackie: Steven! Look, that’s private.
Kitty: Your mom’s not back yet? You told me she came home.
Jackie: Look, can we not talk about this? I’m fine. Okay? Everything is fine.
Kitty: But if you need a place …
Jackie: No, no, no, I don’t need anything. Look I’m only here ‘cause … I am such a tramp. So I should just go home and try to control my dirty urges.

Hyde: ...I’m really sorry okay. I promise it’ll never happen again.
Jackie: You know, that’s exactly what Michael used to say.
Hyde: C’mon Jackie-
Jackie: No, you know what Steven, I´m sorry. It’s over.
(She gets out of the car and walks away)
(Hyde turns the radio on. It’s a country music station.)
Hyde: Huh (pause) Finally get country music.

(He is looking at the floor she is looking at her magazine.)
Hyde: The thing is I’m really sorry.
Jackie: Yeah, you said that already.
Hyde: C’mon Jackie, I made a mistake, okay? It was a stupid one time thing.
Jackie: You know what Steven? I’ve heard it all before, from you, from Michael. God, just do me a favor and leave me alone.
Hyde: (Frustrated) Whatever. Jackie...I love you.
Jackie: Yeah, well I don’t love you.
(she leaves)

Jackie: Steven! are you okay?
Hyde: Why?
Jackie: Well, I heard someone fell of the water tower and I thought it could be you and I just-
Hyde: No, It was Kelso
(A look of relief on Jackie’s face as she sighs)
Hyde: Wait, you came down here cause you where worried about me
Jackie: ... No, I didn't
Hyde: ‘Cause you still care about me
Jackie: Nuh-uh
Hyde: So I still have a shot with you
Jackie: No, no you don´t! I mean okay, I don´t know..
(Hyde smiles and just stares at her)
Jackie: Steven, stop staring at me or I´ll kick you.


Kelso: All right, so what do you want to do? We play air hockey, give Fez a wedgie?....Oh! my brother just got a new stereo, we can throw it off an overpass!
Hyde: Actually, I changed my mind. I'm gonna get Jackie back.
Kelso: What? Wait! What about our third grade pact?
Hyde: We also made a pact to invent a formula for invisibility but that fell through, too.
Kelso: Because you gave up!
Hyde: Look Kelso, I never felt this way about a girl before, okay? And that pretty much beats our third grade pact...I'm sorry, but I wanna be with her.

Jackie: Wow.
Hyde: Yeah, I´m a good kisser.
Jackie: Mmm-mm.
Hyde: Here´s your gum back.

Jackie: You know, I wish someone would rub lotion on my shoulders. Think they're getting a little red.
Hyde: Yeah, you should be careful. Looks like you're starting to scab.
Kelso: Oh, that's a burn about a burn, that's a second-degree burn!!

{Continuing ...}
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Jackie: Oh, Fez you like? (Looks at Hyde) Yeah, got a toe ring.
Fez: On the little piggy that went to the market...
Jackie: Steven what do you think?
Hyde: (thinking) Can't.resist.toe ring! Whatever

Kelso: Okay here we go, lets make up.
Jackie: Alright, look Steven I heard what you said.
Hyde: Yeah I heard what you... wait a minute, you heard what I said?
Jackie: Yeah, Michael told me. And just so you know I'm sorry too.
Hyde: Too? No, you're not sorry too, you're sorry one, I'm sorry too!
Jackie: Wait, what, no Michael said that-
Hyde: Yeah he said that-
(They both turn to look at Kelso)
Kelso: Whoa! I did my work, you two gotta clean this mess up yourselves!
Hyde: So nothing's changed then?
Jackie: Guess not.
Hyde: Forget this.
Jackie: Fine.
(They begin to walk off but Kelso grabs them)
Kelso: Okay enough. Look, you guys, who cares who apologised first? Look, Jackie obviously wants to be with you, and you're here which means that you wanna be with her. And I don't blame you cause with that rash you ain't got a whole lotta choices!
Jackie: Alright, look Steven do you wanna be with me?
(Hyde shrugs)
Jackie: No, no a shrugs not gonna cut it! Steven, I need you to say something. Alright look, I'll even go first. Steven, I wanna be with you. And you...
Hyde: I... Can you hang on a second?
(Hyde turns around to look at Kelso)
Hyde: Would you get outta here? (Punches him in the arm.)
Kelso: God, if you want me to leave, all you have to do is say "please"!
Hyde: Fine, please! (Punches him harder.)
Kelso: Ow! That's better.
Hyde: Jackie I do wanna be with you.
Jackie: Because you love...
Hyde: Don't push it.
Jackie: Okay.

{More To Come ...}

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Because Even In Daytime Soaps, the "Jackie and Steven" Belong Together!
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Because Danny Can Call Us Zebbies If He Wants To.
Because you shook me.
Because we may be burnt out, but JH still own our shipper souls.



For All Of Your Zen Shopping Needs

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Post Away! Jackie and Hyde Don't Bite Unless You Want Them To!

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New thread!!!!
Thanks hon.
Wow, our OP is long.
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Long but so beautiful
I think my preview is about to be ready
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Santana Lopez
"Legend has it when I came out of my mother I told the doctor she looked fat."

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YouTube - Jackie♥Hyde (Zennies) ~ Run {PREVIEW}

Hope you can see it in HQ because the option doesn't show for me and it's such bad quality
damn, the VOs at the end appeared louder when I did it
but what are you gonna do?
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Its so great Cordy. And awesome song choice.
I love how the background is all fuzzy. I know I didn't describe that right and I hope you understand me.
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"Legend has it when I came out of my mother I told the doctor she looked fat."

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Thank you
And I got what you meant
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Oh good.
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I'm gonna leave soon
I was so bored I wanted to leave early
but I also wanted to post my preview
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thanks. I'm boring you.
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"Legend has it when I came out of my mother I told the doctor she looked fat."

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Our OP is sooooo fricking pretty, it's ridic.

And, yayyyy, the preview's up! You chose Run. I'm about to go to bed, but I'll make sure to watch it tomorrow.
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#379 BABY!!!

#400 is getting ever closer....
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New Thread!!!

From last thread....

Yeah. Just like randomly my throat starting hurting and I've sneezed like a trillion times in the last hour.
That's what I have! And it came out of nowhere on Friday night! I hope you feel better!

That just sounded really dirty to me. But that could be because I watched forgetting Sarah Marshall and then the history of Sex tonight
So did I! Both! I watched FSM and I couldn't sleep even though I took NyQuil and so I watched The History of Sex. It was very entertaining. And very graphic.

Angela, we were like twins last night!

Yay! The video is great!!!
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